Word on INDIVIDUALITY ••••••••■•■•••••■•

It is obviously impossible for a firm producing massproduction cars to build to any particular owner’s individual requirements—we, however, have always made a speciality of this, and moreover (of Some importance these days) the Frazer Nash is relatively cheap. We have no hesitation in asserting that for a moderate expenditure we can build you a de luxe fast tourer model Frazer Nash to your own specification—attractive in appearance, lavishly equipped, and a better motor car in every way, than it has been possible to obtain in the past for a considerably higher figure. The New Frazer Nash is genuinely fast with an outstanding road performance, a smooth and silky engine developing considerable power, efficient transmission incorporating silent and direct drive on all

gears, built by hand to last and thoroughly well constructed as regards both chassis and coachwork. Years of practical racing and competition experience have influenced the design of the car.

In trials the New Frazer Nash worthily upholds; and has enhanced, the reputation gained by the older models. We have been successful in considerably increasing the maximum speeds obtainable— the non-supercharged Tourist Trophy model (an absolutely standard job) is capable of well over 90 m.p.h., and is without a doubt the fastest standard 1i-litre car in the country. A non-supercharged car of this type has lapped Brooklands at 92 m.p.h.

Of all cars road-tested by ” The Autocar ” from October, 1930, to November 6, 1931, the Frazer Nash ” Boulogne II ” model had the finest acceleration figures of any car tested, irza=i1)..e‘. of Jwrse

powe’ or price. We do not say you cannot have this or that (a practice followed even by makers of really expen

sive cars) and we are at all times very glad to incorporate modifications to your personal specification. We want you to derive the utmost pleasure from owning and driving a Frazer Nash. Salient features of Frazer Nash design which, amongst others, are subject to your personal decision, are;

Long, or short, chassis, with provision for quickly increasing, or decreasing, ground clearance.

Gear ratios to choice—and fitting of alternative ratios for trials, hill-climbing or track work.

Three, or four, forward speeds.

Gear and brake levers in any position.

Side valve, or overhead valve, engines, of varying horse power. Supercharged, or non-supercharged.

Low, or high, geared steering. Light, or heavy, operation of clutch.

A most varied selection of coachwork is available.

Such important details (from the driver’s point of view) as driving position ; rake of steering column and position of steering wheel ; seating arrangements ; position of controls and layout of dashboard instruments ; height of windscreen, and whether single ” flat-folding,” two or threepanel type ; fitting of larger, and/or reserve, oil and petrol tanks ; equipment, etc.

Colour scheme entirely to choice throughout.

Even if you decide to purchase one of our standard productions, any of the above modifications can be carried out subsequently at extremely moderate cost. Extracts taken at random from technical reports on the Frazer Nash, which have appeared in the motoring press, must afford. convincing proof that The three-four seater Fraser Nash de luxe model, costing 4425. (s.v. ” Intercepter ” engine), or £450 (o.h.v. ” Intercepter ” engine). Illustration shows the efficient all-weather equipment ‘supplied with the car. Illustrated catalogue, with (detailed specificadiOns of all models, sent on reruest. Two-sealer model £325 : :