The "Sea Snipe."



The “Sea Snipe.”

THE engine of the Humber Snipe —a six cylinder unit of 23.8 h.p. R.A.C. rating, developing 72 h.p. on the—has been adapted to marine purposes by Messrs. Thornycroft, who have marketed it under the name of “Sea Snipe.” Certain modifications have, of course, been necessary to adapt the engine to this purpose, but the bare power unit remains as fitted to the car. For marine use, an extension of the crankshaft is made to contain a special Thornycroft reverse gear, with single lever control, and adjustment of either ahead or astern clutches is effected through a large inspection cover.

The weight of the complete engine and reverse gear is only 670 lbs., and the price, with skin fittings, spares and tools, is £225. An additional £12 covers the cost of the stern gear. This new departure has caused much favourable comment in yachting circles.

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