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MASERATI 1,100 c.c. two seater in 100% condition, 6,860 kilometres, just recellulosed, complete with Triplex windscreen, disappearing hood. Ready for the road or track. Cost this year 21.300 Now offered at the remarkable price of 2750.

MERCEDES 36/220 super charged four seater sports touring car, passed by makers, recellulosed, and in wonderful condition 2750.

MERCEDES 36/220 super charged four door saloon by Freestone & Webb, finished grey with black wings and wheels, passed by makers. A really handsome example of a four door four seater saloon body on this famous chassis. 2750. MERCEDES 36/220 s.s. super charged four seater sports touring car, in remarkable condition throughout. Passed by makers some few weeks ago and only done a small mileage since. Price only £795

ALVIS 12/60 1931 super sports four seater finished black with brown upholstery, tonneau cover, mileage to date 3,030, in immaculate condition throughout. £345.

RILEY 9, 1931 2 carburettor sports four seater touring car, finished black, brown upholstery, tonneau cover, in faultless condition throughout. Mileage about 4,500. One owner. £225.

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