rirHE ” Anti-climax ” is an extremely difficult motor to start. Even if you succeed in pulling it over compression, it

will be either too rich or too weak. A rich mixture is usually denoted by a sort of muffled bang which has little or, no effect, while a weak mixture causes a loud ‘backfire which usually sets the motor on fire. To obtain the maximum spark the timer lever should be advanced fully, but this will cause the motor to ” kick ” and probably whisk the

cord out of your hand and smite you on the back.

The best position for the timer can therefore, be found by experiment.

When the motor has eventually been persuaded to start, there is no occasion for alarm, for it will only run for about 10 yards. Next pull, however, there really is a possibility of the motor going ; so make sure that you have a clear course about 200 yards long and 40 yards wide, in front of you. Now pull, and, chucking the cord over board, leap for the wheel. If you miss it there will be some sort of accident but should you land on it all right, keep the boat in as straight a line as possible and proceed at full

throttle. Any attempt at closing down will immediately cause “oiling up.”

To Stop. “

The ” Anti-climax ” can be relied upon to stop of its own accord at irregular intervals, but should the driver wish to stop suddenly, and is unable to wait for one of these, the throttle can be closed by means of the big toe. To locate the infinitismal throttle lever, it is necessary to jam the toe on to the hot right hand cylinder and move it slowly along towards the crankcase. On reaching the throttle lever, give a smart kick and immediately climb out on to the front of the boat to prevent the wash from sinking you. Now bail out.

Maintenance. ” “

” Anti-climax ” engineers have at last produced a motor that requires little or no maintenance.

There are a few points, however, that require watching. The underwater gear housing must be filled with oil after every twenty minutes running. The engine must be decarbonised twice a week whether it is used or not.

The “Anti-climax “is made almost entirely of a special salt water resisting alloy known as 4 corrodeite.” After a run in salt water, however, it is advisable to chip the ‘barnacle like” growths off the gear housing and send it to the nearest engineerworks to be

This will preserve the appearance of the motor.

Should the owner contemplate using his motor for racing, he should see that it is collected as soon as possible after rounding the first buoy, and the water drained out of it to prevent rusting.

Hints and Tips.

The lubrication of the “Anti-climax is automatic. You just mix a quart of petrol with every gallon of oil and pour it into the petrol tank.

For racing purposes the proportion of oil can be increased, but care must be taken to see that there is some petrol present, or the starting qualities may be seriously affected.


The London agents of the ” Anticlimax ” Corporation Inc. can supply most spare parts from stock. Spares, however, are very rarely required for these motors and it is only in cases of accident or emergency that you are likely to have need of them. If, for instance, you should be faced with the necessity of stopping by means of the throttle, a new throttle lever can be supplied at once, and at fabulous cost, so you must bring your money with you.

Bigger, better business, is our motto.

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