British. Armstrong-Siddeley Motors, Ltd., Coventry.

12 h.p. 6 cyl., 56.5 x 95.24, 1,434 c.c., 12 h.p. Tax £12. Side valve. 4 bearing crankshaft. 1 Claudel-Hobson down-draught carburetter. Rubber engine-mounting. Self-changing gear-box, steering wheel control. Ratios, 1st 20.83, 2nd 12.01, 3rd 8.07, top 5.5 to I. Prop. shaft in torque tube. f floating axle. 1 elliptic springs. Luvax shock absorbers, Worm and nut steering. Semi-servo brakes. Battery 12v. 51 a.h. Rear 8 gall. tank. Fuel pump. Disc or wire wheels. Tyres 4.75 x 18. Wheelbase 8′ 9″. Track 4′ 2″. Price, Sports saloon 015.

15 h.p. 6 cyl., 63.5 x 114, 2,169 c.c., 15 h.p. Tax £15. Gear ratios, 1st 19, 2nd 11, 3rd 7.4, top 5.1 to I. Tyre sizes 5 x 19. Wheelbase 9′ 2. Track 4′ 4″. Rest of specification as 12 h.p. Price, sports saloon £388. Long 15 h.p. as 15 h.p., but 12 gall, tank, wheelbase 9′ 7″ and track 4′ 8′. Price, sports saloon £465. 20 h.p. 6 cyl., 73.x 127, 3,190 c.c. 20 h.p. Tax

£20. 0.h.v. Gear ratios 1st 18.4, c.c., 10.37, 3rd 6.17, top 4.1 to 1. Tyre sizes 5.5 x 19. Wheelbase 10′ 21*. Track 4′ 8″. Rest of specification as 12 h.p. Price, sports saloon £565.

Armstrong Siddeleys have proved their worth as cars of good performance in many rallies and trials, and the latest range of 12, 15 and 20 h.p. are fully in keeping with this tradition. Wilson-type pre-selective gear boxes are standardised, indeed the Company was one of the very first to realise the benefits of this transmission. The 20 h.p. model was tested in the July issue of MOTOR SPORT, and we found it to be a comfortable touring car capable of 75 m.p.h.


Austrian. T.C.H., 122a, High Road, St. ,lohn’s Wood, London, N. W.8.

25-120 h.p. Mobley. 6 cyl., 82 x 115, 3,614 c.c., 25 h.p. Tax £25. 0.h.v. 3 bearing crankshaft. 120 b.h.p. at 3,500 r.p.m. Pump and fan cooling. 2 Zenith carbretters. Single dry-plate clutch. Normal 4 speed gear-box, central change. Maximum speed, 93 m.p.h. in top gear. Fixed rear axle, independently sprung half axles to central tubular chassis. f elliptic front springs, independent transverse elliptic and cantilever rear. Double-action, doubleanchorage shock absorbers. Turning circle 45′. Cable-operated brakes. I 2v. battery. 22 gall, rear tank. Pressure feed. Consumption 14 m.p.g. Wire wheels, Tyres 6.50 x 20. Wheelbase, short 10′ 6′, long 111 6′. Track 4′ 10″. Ground clearance 8″. Weight 23 cwt. Price, chassis £795. Subject to exchange variation.

32-100 h.p. Alpine 8. 8 cyl., 80 x 115, 4,624 c.c., 31.8 h.p. Tax £32. 0.h.c., 9 bearing crankshaft. 100 h.p, at 3,000 r.p.m., 115 b.h.p. at 3,600 r.p.m. Pump and fan cooling. Double down-draught Stromberg carburetter. Single dry-plate clutch. 4 speed gear box, central change, third (Erect, top silent constant mesh. Maximum speeds, 1st 23, 2nd 40, 3rd 64, top 85 m.p.h. Transmission, suspension and rear axle as 25-120 h.p. model. Brakes operated by fluid pressure. Battery 12v. 90 a.h. 22 gall, rear tank. Consumption 13-17 m.p.g. Pressure feed. Wire wheels. Tyres 6.50 x 20. Wheelbase 12′ 21′. Track 4′ 9′. Ground clearance 8′. Weight 271 cwt. Price, chassis £975, subject to exchange variation. The Austro-Daimler holds a very high place in the esteem of all lovers of thoroughbred motor-cars. The present models are continued more or less unchanged from previous years, the chief features being o.h. camshaft engines and the famous tubular chassis construction, with independent rear springing. In actual practice this system results in fine suspension and complete from body-rattles,

for the coachwork is not subjected to normal twisting stresses. Both models are very fast, and can be quoted as examples of advanced automobile design.


French. Citroen Cars Ltd., Slough, Bucks.

Light Twelve. 4 cyl., 75 x 100, 1,767 c.c., 13.9 h.p. Tax £14. Side valves. 3 bearing crankshaft. 2 pointrubberenginemounting. 1 Solexdown-draught carburetter. Single dry ‘gate clutch. 4 speed gearbox, Synchromesh third and top, central change, free wheel. Ratios, 1st 19.7, 2nd 11.3, 3rd 6.8, top 4.7 to 1. Spiral bevel final drive. Worm and sector, steering. Turning circle 36′. Semi-elliptic springs. Hydraulic shock absorbers. Duo-servo brakes. Battery 12v. 57 a.h. 81 gall. rear tank. Mechanical fuel pump. Rudge wire wheels. Tyres 6 x 16. Wheelbase 8′ 101″. Track 4′ 44″. Ground clearance 7’. Weight 23 cwt. 3 qrs. Prices : open sports 4 seater £275. Sports coupk 4 seater £305. Light Twenty. 6 cyl., 75 x 100, 2,650 c.c., 20.9 h.p. Tax £21. Other engine and chassis details as Light Twelve, with following exceptions : Gear ratios, 1st 17.7, 2nd 10.3, 3rd 6.1, top 4.3 to I. 134 gall. rear tank. Tyres 5.50 x 17. Wheelbase 9′ 64″. Track

4′ 42″. Ground clearance 71″. Prices : open sports 4 seater £305. Sports 4 seater coupe £340.

The plain fact that Citroen holds more world’s records than any other makerand all made with stock cars-is sufficient to warrant the closest investigation of all sporting motorists. The epoch-making runs of ” Rosalie ” and ” Petite Rosalie ” are still fresh in the minds of our readers, the last named car, a 10 h.p. model, actually covered 186,411 miles in 43 months consecutive running, thereby establishing 191 International Class and 106 World’s Records. This experience has been used in the production of the Light Twelve and Light Twenty sports models, smooth, fast and reliable cars which should have a strong appeal to those who cover an abnormal mileage during the year.


French. J. Smith 6Co. (Motor Agents), Ltd., 27/28, Albermarle Street, London, W.1.

04. 4 cyl., 77 x 77.5, 1,480 c.c., o.h.v. Pump and fan cooling. 4 speed gear box, normal, central change. Open prop. shaft. Helical bevel final drive.

Independent front springs, 4 elliptic rear. Cable and rod operated brakes. Battery 12v. 75 a.h. Rear tank. Vacuum feed. Disc wheels. Tyres 5 x 17. Wheelbase 9′ 2″. Track 4′ 6″. Prices : Chassis £375. Standard saloon £495.

06.11. 6 cyl., 75 x 75.5, 2,149 c.c. Other details as D4. 17 gal, rear tank. Tyres 4.5 x 14. Wheelbase 10′ 0/”. Track 4′ 10′. Other details as 1)4. Prices : Chassis £450, coupk £550. Long chassis £495. Sports (E.P. fuel feed) £525.

D8.15. 8 cyl., 75 x 75.5.2,668 c.c. Tyres 6.5 x 18. Wheelbase 10′ 8′. Track 4′ 10″. Other details as in 1)6.11. Prices: Chassis £675, standard saloon £875. Long chassis (wheelbase 11′ r) £925, sports (track 4′ 6″, £750.

08. 8 cyl., 77 x 109, 4,050 c.c., 4 elliptic springs front and rear. Servo cable and rod operated brakes. 21 gall. rear tank. Tyres 7 x 18. Wheelbase 10′ 10″. Track 4′ 8″. Road clearance 81″. Other details as in D8.15. Price : chassis £795, coupe de vile £1,695.

088. Special sports. Track 4′ 10″ x 4′ 8″. Other details as in D8. Prices, chassis £975. Drophead coupe £1,675.

Two entirely new models have been added to the pelage range for 1934.

These are the 1 litre 4 cyl. D4, and the 2i litre D8.15 eight cylinder. The other cars, of course, are the already wellknown 2 litre 6 cylinder model, and the famous DS and DS’S eight cylinder cars. The latter is one of the few 100 m.p.h. cars on the market to-day.

An outstanding feature of the D.4, D6.11, and D8.15 models is that they have independent front-wheel suspension, thus bringing them into line with the latest automobile practice.


Italian. Fiat (England), Ltd., Lancelot Road, Wembley. Balla. 4 cyl., 65 x 75, 995 c.c., 10.48 h.p. Tax £11. Side valves. Comp. ratio, 5.5 to 1. 3 bearing crankshaft. 22 b.h.p. at 3,400 r.p.m. Thermosyphon and fan cooling. 1 Zenith down-draught carburetter. Flexible engine mounting. Single dry plate clutch. Normal 3 speed gearbox, central change. Maximum speed 55 m.p.h. Open propl. shaft. Setni-floating rear axle. 4 elliptic springs. Hydraulic shock absorbers. Worm and wheel steering. Turning circle 29′ 6″. Hydraulic brakes. Battery 12v. 38 a.h. 6 gall. tank on scuttle, gravity feed. Consumption 35 m.p.g. Disc or wire wheels. Tyres 4 x 17. Wheelbase 7′ 44″. Track 3′ 104′. Ground clearance 71″. Weight of complete car 134

cwt. Prices, 2 seater £190, tourer £210, 2 door saloon £210, Pillarless saloon £280. Ardita. Choice of engines : 15 h.p., 4 cyl., 78 x 92. 1,758 c.c., 15 h.p. Tax 415, or 82. x 92, 1,944 c.c., 16.7 h.p. Tax £17. 10s. extra. Side valves. Comp. ratio 6 to 1. (Sports 7 to 1). 3 bearing crank, shaft, 40 b.h.p. at 3,500 r.p.m. (17 h.p. 45 b.h.pat 3,500 r.p.m. Sports 54 b.h.p. at 3,600). Cooling by impeller and fan. I Zenith downdraught carburetter. Flexible engine mounting. Single dry plate clutch. 4 speed gearbox, synchromesh silent 3rd, central control. Maximum speed, 15 11.p. 26

ni.p.11., 17 h.p. 65 m.p.h., sports 72m.p.h. Transmission, springs and brakes as ” Ballila.” (Sports : friction shock absorbers). Turning circle 34′ Battery 12v. 51 a.h. 15 gall. rear tank. Vacuum pump. consumption 25 m.p.h. Wire wheels. Tyres 5.25 x 17. Wheelbase 8′ 102″. Track 4′ 7. Ground

clearance 7r. Weight of complete car 201 cwt. Prices, short tourer 4360, short saloon 4375, sports saloon (17 h.p. only) 4475. 20 h.p. 6 cyl., 73 x 106, 2,516 c.c.,19.3

Tax 420. Side valves. Comp.ratio 5.9 to 1.7 bearing crankshaft. 60 b.h.p. at 3,500 r.p.m. 1 vertical Solex carbnretter. Rigid engine mounting. Transmission, brakes, and springs as other models. Turning circle 39′. 12 gall, rear tank. Vacuum pump. Consumption 18 m.p.g. Wire wheels. Tyres 5.50 x 18. Wheelbase 9′ 11″. Track 4′ 9. Ground clearance 7r. Weight of complete car, long 311 cwt., short 26 cwt. Prices : short saloon 4410, long saloon (7 seater) t 575.

Contrary to the general practice of the majority of car maimfacturers to-day, the Fiat Company is concentrating mostly on high-efficiency 4 cylinder models. Certainly the ” Ballila ” and ” Azdita” power-units are extraordinarily smooth, owing to their immensely rigid, carefully balanced crankshafts.

The essence of Flats is their road-worthiness.

Engine, brakes, steering and suspension are all developed Hi a land of long gradients, rough surfaced, and hairpin bends. They command the respect of .all motorists.

HILLMAN. British. The Hillman Motor Co., Ltd.,

The Hillman Motor Co., Ltd., Coventry. Mr* Minx. 4 cyl., 63 x 95, 1,185 c.c., 9.8 h.p. Tax cm Side valves. Comp. ratio 6.3 to 1.3 bearing crankshaft. Thermo syphon and fan cooling. 1 Stromberg down-draught carburetter. Rubber engine mounting. Single dry plate clutch. Normal gearbox, silent third, remote-control central change. Ratios, 18, 12.6, 7.5 and 5 to 1. Road speed at 1,000 r.p.m., 1st 4.25, 2nd 6, 3rd 10.2, top 15.5 m.p.h. Maximum Speeds, 1st 20, 2nd 30, 3rd 50, top 70 m.p.h. Open prop. shaft. Spiral bevel final drive. 1 elliptic springs, front 33, rear 45′. Luvax shock absorbers. Turningcircle 34′. Bendix-Perrot brakes. Battery 6v. 63 a.h., 8 gall. rear tank. A.C. fuel pump. Consumption 30 m.p.g. Rudge wire wheels. Tyres

4.5 x 18. Wheelbase 7′ 4″. Track 4′. Ground clearance 51″. Weight of complete car 161 cwt. Price, streamlined saloon 4245. foursome £255, tourer £225. The Hillman Aero Minx is not merely a. tuned-up edition of the standard Hillman

Minx. Extensive alterations have been carried out, notably in the chassis, which is 4 inches shorter than normal, and has a dropped front axle and underslung rear axle. Engine modifications include a raised compression ratio and a special induction system in conjunction with a down-draught carburetter. Finally the rear axle ratio has been raised to 5 to 1.


British. Humber, Ltd., Coventry.

Twelve. 4 cyl., 69.5 x 110, 1,669 c.c., 11.9 h.p. Tax £12. Side valves. Comp. ratio 5.7 to 1.3bearing crankshaft, 42 b.h.p. Impellor and fan cooling. 1 Stromberg carburetter. Rubber engine mounting. Single dry plate clutch. Normal gear box, silent third, central change. Gear ratios 19.2, 13.5, 8 and 5.33 to 1. Road speed at 1,000 r.p.m. 1st 4.2, 2nd 6, 3rd 10.2 top 15.5 to I. Maximum speeds, 3rd 45, top 65 m.p.h. Open prop. shaft. Spiral bevel final drive. f elliptic springs, front 34.sv, rear 46″. LUVEM shock absorbers. Turning circle 38′. Bendix brakes. Battery 12v. 63 a.h. 10 gall. rear tank. A.C. fuel pump. Consumption 28 m.p.g. Wire wheels. Tyres 5 x 18. Wheelbase 8′ 21″. Track 4′ 3″. Ground clearance 71″. Weight of complete car 22 cwt. Prices : sports tourer £285.

Snipe 80. 6 cyl., 80 x 116, 3,498 c.c,, 23.8 h.p. Tax £24. Side valves. Comp. ratio 6 to 1. 7 bearing crankshaft. 77 b.h.p. Rest of engine and clutch details as “Twelve.” Synchromesh gear box, central change. Ratios, 16.8, 11.2, 6.6 and 4.5 to 1. Road speed at 1,000 r.p.m., 1st 5, 2nd 7.5, 3rd 12.5, top 18.5 m.p.h. Maximum speeds, 3rd 55, top 75 m.p.h. Transmission and brakes as “Twelve.” Springs, 1 elliptic, front 35″, rear 50″. Turning circle 41′. 14 gall. rear tank. A.C. pump. Consumption 18 m.p.g. Battery 12v. 63 a.h. Wire wheels. Tyres 6.5 by 17. Wheelbase 10′ 4″. Track 4′ 9″. Ground clearance sr. Weight of complete car 33i cwt. Price, sports saloon £550.

Humbers have been renowned since the early days of motoring for a very high degree of workmanship and good material, and the latest “Twelve” and” Snipe 80″ sports models are well up to this standard. The first named is a lively” four,” with a generous chassis capable of carrying roomy coachwork. The “Snipe 80” is a fast, medium priced car which is deservedly popular, and the sports saloon is a most handsome vehicle.


British. Invicta Cars, 11, Albemarle Street, London, TV .1. 41 litre. 6 cyl. 88.5 x 120.64, 4,467 c.c., 29.12 h.p. Tax £30. Push-rod o.b.v. Comp: ratio 6.5 to 1. 4 bearing crankshaft. 110 b.h.p. at max. revs. Pump cooling. 2 S.U. carburetters. Bolted engine mounting. Single dry plate clutch. Normal gear box, silent third, right-hand control. Ratios, 1st 10.4, 2nd 7, 3rd 4.9, top 3.6 to I. Maximum speeds

1st 20, 2nd 40, 3rd 75, top 95 m.p.h. Open prop. shaft. Spiral bevel final drive. 1 elliptic springs. Telecontrol Hartford shock absorbers. Marks steering. Turning circle 41′. Mechanical brakes Battery 12v. 75 a.h. 20 gall, rear tank. Pressure and pump feed. Wire wheels. Tyres 31 x 6. Wheelbase 9′ 10′. Track 4′ 8′. Ground clearance 6′. Weight of complete car 31 cwt. Price, chassis 4800, sports tourer £925. The 4i litre Invicta is continued practically unchanged for 1934. It is a fast,

very low built machine which has performed consistently well in trials, rallies and races during the last three years. Beyond its low build there is nothing unusual about its construction, the manufacturers relying on the combination of orthodox design and a good power-toweight ratio. The resulting performance certainly bears adequate testimony to the soundness of their production.


Italian. Lancia (England), Ltd., Alperton, Middlesex. Augusta. 4 cyl., 69.85 x 78, 1,196 c.c., 11.9 h.p. Tax £12. Oho,. Pump cooling, thermostatically controlled shutters. 1 Zenith carburetter. Engine mounted on laminated springs with shock-absorbers. Single plate dry clutch. 4 speed gear box, silent third, central change, tree wheel. Open prop. shaft. Hyphoid final drive. Independent front springing,

elliptic rear. Hydraulic brakes. 10 gallon tank in scuttle, gravity feed. Consumption 25/26 m.p.g. Battery 6v. 57 a.h. Disc wheels. Tyres 140 x 40. Wheelbase 8′ 8. Track 3′ ii l”. Ground clearance 61″. Weight of complete car I si cwt. Price, saloon £390.

Artena. 4 cyl. 82.55 x 90, 1,924 c.c., 16.9 h.p. Tax £17. Rest of specification as in Augusta with following exceptions : No free wheel. Max. speed 65/68 m.p.h. Battery 12v. 48 a.h. 14 gall. rear tank, electric fuel pump. Consumption 23 m.p.g. Cable brakes. Tyres 14 x 45. Wheelbase 10′ 3. Track 4′ 7″. Ground clearance 7″. Prices, chassis £495, saloon /675.

Asters. 8 cyl., 74.6 x 85, 2,972 c.c., 27.6 b.h.p. Tax £28. 5 bearing crankshaft. Specification as Artena, with following exceptions : Maximum speed 78 m.p.h. Vacuum servo brakes. Consumption 17 m.p.g. Wire wheels. Tyres 15 x 45. Wheelbase 10′ 10″. 1 rack 4′ 7. Ground clearance 7}’.

Dilambds. 8 cyl., 79.3 x 100, 3,800 c.c., 30 h.p. Tax £32. Specification as Astura, except : Battery 12v. 75 a.h., 19 gall. rear tank. Tyres 16 x 45. Wheelbase 11′ 5″. Track 4′ 81″. Ground clearance 71″. Chassis weight 23i cwt. Prices, chassis £985. saloon £1,285.

There are four distinct models in the Lancia range for 1934, but their difference lies mainly in engine capacity. Certain fundamental Lancia features are common to all, such as the narrow V ‘ cylinder castings in two banks, slightly offset, and the famous independent front-wheel suspension. An interesting point of the smaller models is the system of suspending the engine on laminated springs, 41ssisted by shock absorbers.

On the road, no car handles in quite the same delightful fashion as the Lancia, in steering, springing and road-holding for fast corner-work.


German. British Mercedes-Benz Ltd.,

.r.r2-, Grosvenor Road, London.

8.8. Supercharged 6 cyl. 100 x 150, 7,020 c.c., 37.2 h.p. Tax £38. 0.11.e. Comp. ratio 4.7 to 1, B.h.p. at 3,200 r.p.m., 160 without supercharger. 200 with supercharger. Pump and fan cooling. 4 speed gear box, synchromesh, central change. Choice of 3 direct drive ratios, 3,09, 2.76 or 2.5 to 1. Other ratios 1st 1.275, 2nd 1.15, 3rd 1.12 to 1. Maximum speed (according to stop watch) 110 m.p.h. Torque tube. Helical bevel final drive. 4 elliptic springs. Hartford shock absorbers. Turning circle 24′ 4. Battery 12v. 60 a.h. Vacuum brakes. 120 litre rear tank. Consumption, 26 litres per 100 kms. Mechanical fuel pump. Wire wheels. Tyres 7.x 20, or 6.50 x 30 balloon. Wheelbase 11′ 2″. Track 4′ 8°. Ground clearance 7′. Weight of chassis, 324 cwt. Weight of complete car, 41 cwt. Price, chassis £2,695, open car £3,085, subject to exchange variation.

8.8.K. Supercharged. Comp. ratio 5.75 to I. B.h.p. at 3,200 r.p.m. 170 without supercharger, 225 with supercharger. Wheelbase 9′ 10″. Weight of chassis, 311 ewt. Weight of complete car 334 cwt. Rest of specification as SS. Price, on application. Type 380. Supercharged. 8 cyl., 75 x 100, 3,796 c.c., 30.2 h.p. Tax £31. Pushrod o.h.v. 5 bearing crankshaft, Comp. ratio 6 to 1. Power output at 3,400 r.p.m. with blower 120 b.h.p., without blower 90 b.h.p. 4 point engine suspension. Sump and fan cooling. Single plate clutch. 4 speed gear box, synchromesh, giving 1st, 2nd, top (direct drive) and over-top gears. Central change. Torque tube. Helical bevel final drive. Back axle ratio 5.11 to I. Independent springing fore and aft. Hydraulic brakes. Battery 12v. 60 a.h. 85 litres rear tank. Mechanical fuel pump. Wire wheels. Tyres 6.50

x 17. Wheelbase 10′ 3i”. Track 4′ 81″ in front, 4′ 10′ In rear. Ground clearance 7″. Weight of chassis 251 cwt. Prices, chassis £1,140, saloon £1,534. Subject to exchange variations.

The sports models of the Mercedes-Benz range for 1934 are the S.S. and S.S.K. 7 litre models, and the recently introduced Type 380. The older car is vnzhanged from previous years, except for the addition of a synchromesh gear box, and the S.S. and S.S.K. ” Mercs ” occupy a secured place in the sports car field.

The new Type 380 is quite one of the most interesting new cars of recent years. It is significant that independent springing should have been adopted by the Mercedes engineers, while the 3i litre straight-eight supercharged engine is the last word in up to date automobile practice.


Italian. L. C. Rawlence & Co., Ltd., 30/40, Sackville Street, London, W 15-45. 6 cyl., 65 x 100, 1,991 c.c., 15.7 h.p. Tax £16. Side valves. Comp. ratio 5 to 1. 4 bearing crankshaft. 45 b.h.p. Thermo-syphon cooling. Single carburetter. Single plate clutch. 4 speed normal gear box, central change. Torque tube. Spiral bevel final drive. 11 elliptic springs. Hartford

shock absorbers. Worm and sector steering. Mechanical brakes. Battery 12v. 60 a.h. 16 gall. rear tank. Autovac feed. R.W. wire wheels. Tyres 5.28 x IS. Wheelbase 10′ 2″ or 9′ 2″. Track 4 6′. Ground clearance 84″. Weight of complete car 161 cwt. Prices, chassis £595, open tourer £795, saloon £895.

18/85. Supercharged version of above. 65 b.h.p. at 4,000 r.p.m.

18/85. Supercharged. 67 x 105, 2,200 c.c., 16,7 h.p. Tax £17. 0.h.v. Comp. ratio 6 to 1. 85 b.h.p. at 4,000 r.p.m. Rest of specification as 15-45, except : weight of complete car 17 cwt. PriceS, chassis 4925. open car 41,125, saloon £1,425.

16/96. Supercharged. 67 x 110, 2,350 c.c., 16.7 h.p. Tax 417. Specification as 16/85, except : wheelbase 8′ 11″. Weight of complete car 162 cwt. Prices, chassis £975, open tourer £1,175, saloon £1,475.

For many years the OM. has been firmly established as a sports car in this country, being notable for first-class workmanship and a fast, silent performance. Both supercharged and unsupercharged cars are available, with either overhead or side by side engines.

British. Swallow Coachbuilding Co., Ltd., Holbrook Lane, Coventry.

I. Choice of two engines : 6 cyl., 65.5 x 106, 2,143 c.c., 16 h.p. Tax £16 or 6 cyl., 73 x 106,2,663.7 c.c., 20 h.p. Tax 420. Side vales. 7 bearing crankshaft. Pump and fan cooling. 4 speed gear box. C entral control, synchromesh 2nd, 3rd and top. Open prop. shaft. Helical bevel final drive. Battery 12v. 63 a.h. 12 gall, rear tank. Mechanical fuel pump.

elliptic springs. Cable operated Benclix-duo brakes. Wire wheels. Tyres 18 x 5.50. Wheelbase 9′ 11′. Track 4′ 5′. Road clearance 8″. Weight of complete car 241 cwt. Prices, sports coupe, 16 h.p. 1335, 20 h.p. 4340, sports saloon’ 16 h.p. 4340, 20 h.p. 4345, open 4-seater, 16 h.p. OM 20 h.p. £340.

II. Choice of two engines : 4 cyl., 63.5 x 106, 1,343 c.c., 10 h.p. Tax ,410 or 4 cyl., 69.5 x 106, 1,608 c.c., 12 h.p. Tax £12. 3 bearing crankshaft. Pump and fan cooling. Side valves. 4 speed synchromesh gearbox, central change. Open prop. shaft. Helical bevel final drive. 4 elliptic springs. Cable operated Bendlx Duo-servo brakes. Battery 12v. 51 a,h. 8 gall, rear tank. Mechanical fuel pump. Wire wheels. Tyres 18 x 4.75. Wheelbase 8′ 8′. Track 3′ 104″. Ground clearances”. Weight of complete car 154 cwt. Prices, sports coupe, 10 h.p. £260, 12 h.p. £265, sports saloon, 10 h.p. £265, 12 h.p. £270..

The S.S.1 has a good many minor improvements included in its specification for 1934, among them being a little more powerful engine, re-designed inlet and exhaust manifolds, a new ribbed aluminium suxup, increased oil capacity, synchromesh gearbox, a more rigid frame, a wider track, redesigned brakes, wider springs and a new radiator. A new model is the saloon with panelled rear quarter lights, a very handsome car. The S.S.II has been completely re

designed in order to provide comfortable accommodation for four passengers. It is now available with a choice of either a 10 h.p. or 12 h.p. engine.


British. Sunbeam Motor Car Co., Ltd., Moorfield Works, Wolverhampton.

Dawn. 4 cyl., 72 x 100, 1,627 c.c., 12.8 h.p. Tax £13. Push rod o.h.v. 3 bearing crankshaft. Pump and fan cooling. 1 Zenith downdraught carburetter. Cushioned engine mounting. Pre-selector gearbox, steering wheel control. Ratios, 1st 23.08 2nd 13.1, 3rd 8.54, top 5.77 to 1. Open prop. shaft. Serai-fioating spiral bevel rear axle. Independent front springs, 40 long, elliptic rear springs, 48′ long. Shock absorbers, front and rear thermostatically controlled. Worm and nut steering. Turning circle 40′. Hydraulic brakes, hand mechanical on rear. Battery 12v. 60a.h. 12 gall, rear tank. Fuel pump. Wire wheels. Tyres 4.75 x 18. Wheelbase 9′ 2. Track 4′ 4′. Ground clearance 6′. Weight of complete car, 25 cwt. Price, saloon £485. Speed. 6 cyl., 75 x 110, 2,916 c.c., 20.9 h.p. Tax

The Future of the Targa Florio. The news that the famous Florio

The news that the famous Targa Florio may not be held in 1934 cannot fail to disturb all followers of motor-racing. Last year there was every inducement for drivers to compete, but only a poor entry was attracted. It is to be devoutly hoped that the race will take place after all.

Will Monza be used again ?

It is rumoured that the Italian authorities are seriously considering the idea of holding the Grand Prix of Italy on the Pescara circuit, instead of at Monza. This proposed circuit lies on the shores of the Adriatic, and is the one over which the Coppa Acerb° is annually run.

The Semmering Hill-Climb. The

The Semmering Hill-climb, organised by the A.C. of Austria is one of the oldest events of this nature on the sporting calendar. This year the meeting took place on September 24th, and was won by Count Premoli driving his specially constructed B.M.P., who covered the 10 kilometre course in 6m. 26.63s., at an average speed of 58.193 m.p.h. An 11.6 Midget, driven by Robert Mayer, won the 750 c.c. sports class.



750 c.c., R. Mayer (M.G.), 8m. 4.94s. 1,100 c.c., Sorak (Amilcar), 9m. 9.84s. £21. Push rod o.h.v. 4 bearing crankshaft. Pump cooling. 1 Zenith downdraught carburetter. Cushioned engine mounting. Single dry-plate clutch 4 speed normal gear box, right hand change. Ratios, 1st 19.6,2nd 10.9, 3rd 7.1, top 4.9 to 1. Torque tube. Rear axle, steering and brakes as on Dawn. springs

elliptic, front 37′, rear 50′. Turning circle 44′ 6″. Battery 12v. 75 alt. 14 gall, rear tank. Fuel pump. Wire wheels. Tyres 5.25 x 20. Wheelbase 10′. Track 4′ 41″. Ground clearance 6′. Weight of complete car 33 cwts. Price, chassis £525, saloon £825.

A new Sunbeam is always an event of note, and the ” Dawn ” attracted a crowd of admirers at Olympia. The new car is a roomy 4 cylinder touring machine with an engine of 1,627 c.c. Its preselective gearbox should enable full use to be made of the o.h.v. power unit, while its most striking claim to distinction probably lies in its independent front suspension.

The Speed Model 6 cylinder car remains unchanged for 1934.

1,500 c.c., Ruesch (Alfa Romeo), 7m. 17.06s. 2,000 c.c., Norton (Alfa Romeo), 7m. 54.22s. 3,000 c.c., Tadini (AIM Romeo), 6m. 27.89s. Unlimited, Masse (Talbot), 8xn. 32.32s.


1,100 c.c., Riha (Amilcar), 7m. 5.09s. 1,500 c.c., 1, Ripper (Bugatti), 7m. 14.82s.; 2,

Veyron (Bugatti), 7m. 19.49s. 2,000 c.c., 1, Berione (Maserati), 7m. 31.04s.;

2, Hunger (Bugatti), 7m. 23.07s. 3,000 c.c., 1, Balestrero (Alfa Romeo), 6m. 42.2$s. ;

2, Pohl (Bugatti), 7m. 11.75s.

Unlimited, Premoli (B.M.P.), 6m. 26.63s.

The Prince of Piedmont Cup.

The race for Prince of Piedmont Cup is run on the lines of the famous town-totown races of the early days of motorracing. It starts and finishes at Naples, taking a wide sweep of 780 kilometres of unguarded roads in its course. That this system is not good is proved by the fact that there were two fatal accidents. In the first, the Swiss driver C.rosch crashed into the crowd, killing several spectators. In the second, the Italian D’Ippolito collided with a horse-drawn cart, and was instantly killed. The final result was a clean sweep

1, 2, 3, 4, for Alfa Romeo, the winning driver being Comotte.

RESULT. 1. Comotte (Alfa Romeo), 8h. 40m. 34s. 1/5; 2, Bonetto (Alfa Romeo), 811. 42m. 43 2/5s. ; 3, Farina (AIM Romeo), 8h. 55m. 45 4/5s. ; 4, Cararoli


British. Armstrong Siddeley Motors, Ltd., Coventry. 6 cyl. 88.9 x 133.4, 4,960 c.c., 30 h.p. Tax £30. 0.h.v. 7 bearings crankshaft. 1 Clauder-Hobson down-draught carburetter. Rubberengine mounting. 4 speed self-changing gear box, steering quadrant control. Ratios, 1st 14.5, 2nd 8.3, 3rd 5.24, top

3.6 to 1. Torque tube. floating rear axle. elliptic springs. Luvax shock-absorbers. Worm and nut steering. Semi-servo brakes. Battery 12v. 74 a.h. Petrol pump. 20 gall, rear tank. Wire wheels. Tyres 6.5 x 19. Wheelbase 11′. Track 4′ 8″. Price, open tourer £950, sports saloon £965.

The Siddeley Special is a car which will have a strong appeal to all those who regard motoring as something more than a mere means of transport. The car has been carefully designed with a view to fulfilling all the requirements of the longdistance tourist, as regards speed, comfort, road-holding and controllability. In its construction the metal Hiduminium is largely used, and results in low chassis weight.

(Alfa Romeo), 9h. Ira. 29s.; 5, Strazza (Lancia) 6, 13elucci (Maserati) ; 7, Galeazzi (Alfa Romeo) ; 8, Truffanelli (Alaserati).

British Sports Cars win in Hungary.

Three Austins and a Wolseley Hornet scored class wins in the Mont Gugger HillClimb, held near Budapest on October 14th. The results were as follow :


750 c.c., Szolsi (Austin), 2m. 33s. Record. 1,100 c.c., Feladi (Fiat), 2m. 30s.

1,500 c.c., Farlane (Wolseley), 2m. 18s. Record. 3,000 c.c., Wilhem (I3ugatti), 2m. 14s.


750 c.c., 13aumer (Austin), 2m. Record.

1,500 c.c., Hartmann (Bugatti), lm. 51s. Record. 2,000 c.c., Lehmann (Mercedes Benz), Int. 31s. Record.


750 c.c., Kohlrausch (Austin), lin. 51s. Record. 1,500 “c.c., Burgaller (Bugatti), 1m. 485.

3,000 c.c., Hartmann (Bugatti), lin. 43s. Record. 3,000 c.c., Hartmann (Bugatti), I m. 43s. Record.

The Louis Trintignant Memorial.

The death of Louis Trintignant, while practicing for the Grand Prix de Picardie last May, was deeply regretted by his many friends in the French motor-racing world. In order to perpetuate the memory of this fine young driver, a tablet has been erected in his native city of Chateaunenfdu-Pape, and the ceremony of unveiling this memorial took place on September 24th, before an assembly of notabilities.