Colloidal Graphite as an Aid to upper Cylinder Lubrication.



Colloidal Graphite as an aid to upper cylinder Lubrication. The

The benefits derived from the use of a colloidal graphite running-in compound are already beginning to be widely recognised among discerning motorists. The smooth working surfaces of bearings and cylinder walls which result from its use tend to lengthen the life of an engine and reduce the possibility of breakdowns. In order to extend these beneficial results to the upper half of the cylinders and to the valve stems and guides, a percentage of colloidal graphite numing-in compound added to the petrol during this period will give these parts the desirable smoothness and assist adsorption of colloidal graphite into the ” pores ” of the -metal. In this connection it is interesting to note that Mr. T. Simister carried out this plan when running-in his new M.G. Midget with which he won the Southport 100 Miles Race recently. The car was brand new, and Siruister only had time for 600 miles running before the race, so he used Batoyle graphited upper cylinder lubricant, manufactured by D. Battye & Sons, Ltd., of Huddersfield. During the event the engine was ” revved” up

well beyond the recognised safety limit after each corner, and yet it was in perfect condition at the end of the race.

Another recent racing success in which colloidal graphite played a part was the ” Phil Turner 100″ outboard motor-boat race at Tankerton. This was won by Mr. R. C. Cole, piloting Mr. H. Notley’s boat ” Chick II,” and Mr. Cole was most favourably impressed by the condition of his engine after this strenuous test, during which no mechanical trouble of any kind was experienced.

A Useful Plug Cleaner and Gap Setter.

The job of cleaning sparking plugs can normally only be accomplished by dismantling the parts and thoroughly cleaning them. This messy process can be avoided by using an interesting accessory marketed by W. H. T. Isaacs & Co., 57, Victoria Street, London, S.W.1, and known as the Speedyvvay Automatic sparking plug cleaner and gap setter. This cheap instrument—it only costs 3/6— cleans the central electrode and mica, the tops and insides of the earthed electrodes, and sets all the points to the

accurate spark gap distance ; all without dismantling the plug.

The value of clean plugs is well appreciated by sports car owners, and the ease with which the plugs can be cleaned by the Speedyway device will encourage more frequent attention to these vital parts of the car’s ignition system, without consequent 100% efficiency.

An Ingenious Accessory. One of the most accessories

One of the most interesting accessories we have inspected lately is the new roofwatch and mirror combination made by S. Smith & Sons (M.A.), Ltd. This device consists of a roof-mirror, specially designed to eliminate glare, into the centre of which is inserted a small watch case. At night, a concealed electric bulb in the watch case itself illuminates the face, rendering the watch clearly visible to all the occupants of the car.

‘The watch has an 8-day movement, and the whole accessory is in keeping with the recognised high standard of workmanship associated with the products of the famous Cricklewood factory. The price is 45s. 6d.