CLUB NEWS, December 1933



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THE last event on the Club’s calendar was run on October 29th, namely the Chandler Trophy Trial. A good entry set off from a point on the South Downs on the outskirts of Brighton. In order to encourage a more social atmospkere, the trial did not include any particularly severe hills. Instead, the process of elimination was accomplished by means of a brake test, and later a stop-and-restart on Cobbs Hill. At the end of the trial a most convivial tea was enjoyed at the Tudor Tea House, Bolney.

RESULTS. fdidgley Trophy.—A. G. Harrington (M.G. Magna).

fdidgley Trophy.—A. G. Harrington (M.G. Magna).

Second-class awards.—M. IL Lawson (Singer Nine), A. Rigby (Essex), K. Hubbard (Alvis), Mrs. Hempson (M.G. Magna), R. J. W. Appleton (Riley March Special), R. Collins (M.G. Midget). The Chandler Trophy was won by a motor-cyclist


The date of the annual London to Exeter Trial this year is Lecember 29th. The start will take place at Virginia Water, the first competitor leaving at midnight. The hills to be climbed are Simms, Fingle Bridge, Harcombe (where there will be a stop-and-restart), Meerhay and Ibberton.

A new system of time-checks has been devised which should cope with drivers who try to get ahead of schedule. In the event of delays being experienced on some of the hills, competitors will be allowed one hour’s grace at the finish, which will be at Blandford.

Regulations can be obtained from the Secretary, Mr. J. A. Masters, 22, Norland Square, London, W.


There will be a run every Sunday, this winter, wet or fine, starting in every case from the Epsom Clock Tower at 11 a.m. The destination will be determined upon by vote among those who turn up. Visitors will be welcomed.

Those interested should write to the Hon. Secretary : Mr. W. F. Lyon, 81, Clifford Gardens, Kensal Rise, London, N. V?’.10.


The Club Dianer and Dance will be held on Thursday, December 7th. Tickets can be obtained from the Hon. Secretary : Mr. C. A. Coppack, St. Kilda, 5, Albert Road, Stoneygate, Leicester.

ENFIELD M.C. A first-class trial was run on November

A first-class trial was run on November 5th, appropriately called the Guy Fawkes Trial. Fifteen competitors turned up at the start, and the chief difficulties encountered were a non-stop section over a rough grass-track, a 20 m.p.h. timed section and a stop-and-restart test. The grass-track was nicknamed the ” Speedway ” on the route card, and thoroughly belied its name, for it became so muddy that several competitors came to a complete standstill. Failures here included G. Franklin (Frazer Nash), ….„???11111111111r

F. C. Bradbury (Singer saloon), W. H. Green (B.S.A.) and J. D. Lidley (Morris Minor).

Minor). RESULTS.

Enfield Championship.–1. J. Craxford (Morris Minor).

Premier Award.—C. J. Linzell (Morris Minor). Silver Cup (best club performance).—I„. C. Gilbert (Morris Minor).

N.W. LONDON M.O. The London to Gloucester

The Twenty-third London to Gloucester Trial will take place this year on Saturday, December 6th. The event is also open to the following clubs : Brighton & Hove, Bugatti Owners, J.C.C., L.C.C., M.G., Mid-Surrey, Riley, Singer, Sunbac, W.A.S.A. and W. Kent.

The start will be given at Staines from 0.15 a.m, onwards, car competitors being dispatched at minute intervals. An interesting point is that the starting order will be determined by the order of receipt of entries, and not by classes.

The route will be 185 miles in length and will take in the towns of Chipping Norton, Cheltenham and Stroud. The hills will be more or less the same as last year, with the addition of Nailsworth Ladder and one or two lesser hills. The usual timed section, acceleration test, and restart test will be held on hills as yet unspecified.

The Hon. Secretary of the Club is Mr. J. Mann, Derby Works, Finsbury Park, N.4.


Recent activities of the Club are as follows : On Sunday, September 10th, the Third Group Trial for the “Northern Echo” Cup was held, attracting an entry of 30. The course which was mostly of the main-road variety led via Walworth Gate, Bolam, Woodlands, Edmondbyers, to Stanhope, the tea stop. The survivors had then to proceed via Softly Bank to Middleton-in-Teesdale, and then Greta Bridge, the final check.

Unfortunately all the car competitors except three—J. Neasham (Chrysler), Blakeway (Triumph) and J. W. Fawcett (Riley), followed the wrong course from Bolam to Hilton, and were disqualified. Of the remaining three, only Fawcett survived, and he therefore wins the ” Northern Echo Trophy.” The Semi-Sporting Trial on October 22nd, attracted 26 entries and was quite a thrilling day’s sport ; the numerous gates on some sections being greatly appreciated by those blessed with agile passengers. The Stop and Restart test on Carlton Bank eliminated Lambert (Aston Martin) and Watson (B.S.A.). Results, which were very close, as follows :

1. N. Swan (Morris Minor).

2. J. Neasham (Chrysler).

October 29th saw the start of the final Treasure Hunt of the season and again the organisers under-estimated the brain power of the competitors. W. Tulley (Singer 9) ran out the winner with R. Taylor (Sunbeam) runner-up. On December 25th the Christmas Night

Revel will be held in the New Baths Hall. The General Secretary of the Club is Mr. H. Winter, 19, Pease Street, Darlington.


The Annual Dinner and Dance was held at the Savoy Hotel on Friday, November 17th. As usual, the function was very well-attended, an indication of the healthy state of the Club’s membership.

Some interesting speeches were made. Lt. Col. J. T. C. Moore-Brabazon proposed the toast of the Club, and recounted some interesting anecdotes of early days at the Track. He mentioned the fact that he took part in the first race ever held at Brooklands, and but for the misbehaviour of his car might have won £1,500—the first prize of a normal Brooklands race in those days !

Mr. A. Percy Bradley, Clerk of the Course, responded, and announced that a new standand a new press-box would be available next year, and that the usual winter resurfacing work was being carried out according to plan.

Dancing followed, until 2 a.m., and brought to a close a thoroughly enjoyable evening.


This Club was formed last summer term, and is open to all past and present members of the University at a very low subscription. The first event organised by the Club took place on October 21st in the form of speed trials at Aston Clinton. Fastest time of the day was made by the President, Dr. J. 0. Benjafield, who won the President’s Trophy with his Railton Terraplane. C. C. King won the 1,100 c.c. Sports Class, a good effort with an 850 c.c. M.G. Midget. There was a great battle which took place between H. Dawbarn (Frazer Nash), Morris-Goodall (Aston Martin) and J. Driskell (B.N.C.), the latter causing considerable excitement at the far end of the course through his throttle becoming stuck. The Nash made fastest time, being a shade ahead of the Terraplane. The second event produced a fine run by J. H. Stothert (Aston Martin) ; Benjafield made the same time as before, and the Dawbarn-Goodall-I riskell fight continued. Altogether a most promising debut of the Club, with good organisation and timing arrangements in the hands of R. C. Hockey.

RESULTS. Touring classes.-1,500 and 2,000 c.c., j. H.

Touring classes.-1,500 and 2,000 c.c., j. H. Stothert (Aston Martin), 36.21, 37.73 m.p.h.: unlimited, Dr. J. I). Benjafield (Railton Terraplane), 46.45 m.p.h. Sporting classes.-750 c.c., J. E.

Vincenzi (Austin), 35.26 m.p.h. • 1,100 c.c. C. C. King (M.G.), 39.64 m.p.h. ; 1,500 C.c., H. Dawliarn (Frazer Nash), 43.38 m.p.h.; 2,000 and 3,000 c.c.. M. IL Morris-Goodall (Aston Martin), 40.21 and 40.97 m.p.h.unlimited, Dr. I3enjafield (Terraplane), 44.31 M.p.h. Unlimited handicap, A. B. de S. Sutton (Invicta), 37.21 m.p.h. The President’s Trophy for the fastest time of the day, Dr. J. I). Benjafield, 46.45 m.p.h.