500 Miles Race Analysis.



500 Miles Race Analysis.

An interesting brochure has been issued by the British Racing Drivers’ Club, giving detailed results and data of the 5th 500 Miles Race held at Brooklands on September 16th. The lap times of all competitors over each consecutive four laps are given, and some of the results are illuminating compared with those of last year. For example, the fastest four laps in the whole race this year were made by Kaye Don (Bugatti 4.9) at 122.59 m.p.h. against the 126.08 m.p.h. of Jack Dunfee’s Bentley in 1932. Other comparisons are as follows : 1932 1933 750 c.c. Wright (MG.) 88.15 750 c.c.S. Horton (M.G.) 108.27 1100 c.c. Staniland (Riley 110.99 1100 c.c.S. — 1500 c.c. Newsome (Riley) 112.55

1500 c.c.S. 2000 c.c.S. Czaikowski (Bugatti) 119.65 — Lewis (Talbot) Dunham (Alvis) 118.94 104.03 Howe (Bugatti) Frankl (Bugatti) 125.29 116.16 This booklet is one which all students of motor-racing history should make a

Low (M.G.) 83.01. Eyston (141.G.) 111.30. Dixon (Riley), 112.87

R. A. Yallop (M.G.) 110.99. Mitchell Thompson (Frazer Nash) 97.18. Fothringhara (Bugatti) 112.24.

3000 c.c. 3000 c.c.S.

point of securing. Copies can be obtained, on mentioning MOTOR SPORT, from the Secretary, B.R.D.C., Bangalore House, Newton Street, London, W.C.2, price 1/post free.

A Wonderful Souvenir.

The M.G. Car Company is renowned for its production of illustrated souvenirs of individual races and reasons, but a recent booklet issued by their Publicity Department bids fair to excel anything they have previously attempted.

” Mille Miglia ” is the title of the new booklet, which gives a full and exciting description of the great Italian 1,000 miles race of 1933 in which three M.G. Magnettes made a most distinguished appearance. The author of the text is H. E. Symons, who has an intimate knowledge of the conditions and route of the race, as well as of the cars and drivers. There are many photographs, a plan of the circuit, a detailed description of the M.G. Magnette, and a contour plan of the whole 1,000 miles course. Altogether, the booklet is beautifully produced, and a fitting commemoration of a very fine performance.

“Mile Miglia ” can be obtained by readers post free, on mentioning MOTOR SPORT, from the Publicity Department, M.G. Car Co., Ltd., Abingdon-on-Thames.

Monte Carlo Rally 1934.

At the request of the R.A.C. the Southern Railway Company is making special arrangements for the shipment of competitors’ cars starting from John O’Groats or other British controls in next year’s Monte Carlo Rally.

A boat will be reserved exclusively for these cars on Monday, 22nd January, 1934, and will sail from Folkestone at 10.15 a.m. A specially reduced rate of £2 per car irrespective of wheel base will be charged, whilst the fare for passengers, who will travel on the mail steamer leaving at 10.50 a.m. will be 12/6d. The cargo and passengers are scheduled to arrive at Boulogne together at about 12.30 p.m.

The R.A.C. is also arranging with the Southern Railway for one of the Club’s Port Officers to cross with the cars in order to deal with the various Customs and other documents in readiness for the authorities at Boulogne, thus saving valuable time.

Competitors in the Rally starting from Great Britain desiring to avail themselves of this service should communicate with the Secretary, R.A.C., Pall Mall, London, S.W.1, who will issue the necessary papers, reserve space, and carry out all other arrangements in connection with this part of the journey.