An Analysis of the Seasons Racing



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….iii111■101111111111111P’ L. Chiron.

ALTHOUGH there is no official championship for road-races, the following list gives a rough idea of the relative performances of drivers this year. The method of scoring has been 3 points for a win, 2 for a “second,” and 1 for a ” third.” As many important races such as the Nice G. P. and the Spanish 0.P. did not appear on the International Calendar, all road races which have attracted well-known drivers have been taken into consideration. Here is the list :

28 points. T. Nuvolari.

15 PP L. Fagioli.

14 Pl M. Lehoux.

11 Pt P. Etancelin, A. Varzi.

10 IP P. Veyron.

9 A. Brivio, Burggaller, L. Chiron. 8 G, Moll, Count Czaikowski,

7 Hon. B. E. Lewis.

Whitney Straight.

6 E. Bjornstad, R. Dreyfus.

Earl Howe.

5 B. Borzacchini, G. Campari, J. P. Wimille, Barbieri.

4 W. Widerigren, P. Taruffi, Balestrero, Jacob.

3 es C. G. Johansson, R.. Sommer, Mme. Itier, David, LongueLegat, Bennert, V. W. Dixon, W. Williams, K. Ebb, J. Zanelli, H. C. Hamilton.

2 P. Zehender, Count Trossi, E. R. Hall, Vagniez, M. von Brauchitsch, C. Penn Hughes, Ge, Bernasconi, G. E. T. Eyston, D. K. Mansell, ‘1’. E. Rose-Richards, Sojka, Sameiro.

I point. Mrs. Wisdom, Sir H. Birkin, Devaud, H. Kolrausch, Carraroli Chambost, ‘,midi, J. L. Ford, P. Bussienne, B. Palchetto, Furnanick, Bonetto, Ruesch, 0. Bennstrom. The results of the same races as those

on which the drivers’ ” championship ” has been decided, give the following order of merit for cars. 119 points. Alfa Romeo, 91 35 13 6 4 3 2


OP Maserati.





Georges kat, Riley, Rally.

Austin. I point. Salmson.

ON the basis of 3 points for a win, 2 for a second and 1 for a third, we have compiled the following list of positions of Brooklands drivers for the 1933 season.

Outside Circuit. 10 points. Oliver Bertram.

7 IP R. Morgan, C. J. Turner. 6PP C. G. H. Dunham, C. A. S.

Metcalfe, G. L. Baker, J. H.

Parsons, H. J. Aldington.

5 F. W. Dixon, A. H. L. Eccles, R.. R. L. Marker.

4 Kaye Don, W. M. Lloyd Roberts.

3 C. T. Delaney, T. A. S. 0. Mathieson, T. H. Wisdom. A. Esson-Scott, R.. J. Munday. C. G. M. Boote, C. Brackenbury, A. C. Kelway, D. A. Aldington, S. Smith, J. R. Cobb, R. F. Oats.

2 J. H. Bartlett, R. T. Horton, H. Widengren, Miss E. Ellison, Miss G. Hedges, W. A. Cuthbert, H. T. H. Clayton, A. A. Rigby, C. B. Follett.

1 point. H. G. L obbs, A. W. Kirkaldy, Lt. Comdr R. T. Grogan, W. V. Craig, R. J. W. Appleton, L. P. ‘1)riscoll, R. Percival.

Mountain Circuit. 12 points. Whitney Straight. R. H. Eccles.

6 K. D. Evans, R. L. Bowes, H. R. Attwood. 5 H. J. Aldington, R. J. W. Appleton, T. P. CholvaondeleyTapper,

4 C. T. Delaney, P. W. Dixon. 3 P. H. Noble, P. M. Walters,

Marquis de Belleroche, A. H. L. Eccles, D. N. Letts, R. Morgan, T. G. Moore, W. L. Thompson, Jur., R. P. Turner, R. Mays, T. A. S. 0. Mathieson. 2 PS C. Paul, T. E. Rose-Richards,

J. Cummings. Lt. Comdr. R. T. Gregan. E. K. Rayson, A. C. Lace. J. L. Burton, P. Taruffi, C. A. Richardson.

I pf,int. J. Eason Gibson, Kaye Don, H. Rignold, A. W. Kirkaldy, W. E. Harker, Hon. B. E. Lewis, T. A. W. Thorpe, R. T. Horton. PI t PP