AFIRST-CLASS week-end of motor racing was enjoyed by the inhabitants of Algiers at the end of October. On the Saturday, .a. Grand Prix de Tourisme took place, followed the next day by the Grand Prix d’Algt.irie itself.

The Circuit of Bouzerea is unusually difficult, and corners, ascents and descents, abound throughout its length of 8.100 kilometres. It twists and winds to such an extent that many people feared that accidents would happen. Elaborate precautions were taken by the organisers to ensure the safety of the spectator’s, but as it turned out, nothing of the sort occurred. The circuit lies on the high ground between the communes of El Biar and Bouzerea, overlooking Algiers. Practising took place on two days before the race, and on the actual day of the G.P. de Tourime. The stock cars and motor cycles had the road to themselves from 6 to 7 o’clock, when the G.P. cars set off for one hour. Although the weather is beautifully sunny in Algeria at this time of year, an early morning mist made conditions difficult for the competitors. On the first day these old rivals Trevoux (Hotchkiss) and Perrot (Delahaye), both made the same time of 5 mins. 45 secs. Two V8 Fords handled by Pellegrini and Georges were 13 seconds

slower. Of the racing cars, Wimille’s Bugatti was the fastest in 5 mins. 11 secs. Next came Chiron (Alfa-Romeo), and Chambost (Maserati), in 5 mins. 22 secs. Most of the drivers were saying that the course made tremendous demands on brakes and gear boxes, while maximum speed did not count. The road surface was bad. On the second day the roads were wet

with mist, causing a general reduction in speed. Trevoux was the fastest stock car driver, while Wimille’s record was not touched. The latter did not turn out, for he was suffering from an arm bruised by a stone flying up from his front wheel. The Whitney Straight Maseratis had now arrived and Lehoux put in a fast

lap in 5 mins. 17 secs. Straight himself clocked 5 mins. 28 secs., a similar time to Brivio, on a Ferrari Alfa. There were 14 starters for the G.P. de Tourisme on Saturday, October 27th, and the start was given promptly at 1 o’clock. Here is the full list :—

3 to 5-1Itros.–Jacquin (Delahaye), Trevoux (Hotchkiss), Perrot (Delahaye), Georges (Ford), Pellegrini (Ford), Sommer (Hotchkiss), Dardaine (Bugatti), Pastoriano (Ballot).

1,500 to 2,000 c.C.—Djouzy (Bugatti), Faure Chertard), Caradernont (Chenard), Vartoni (Citroen).

1,100 to 1,500 c.c.—De MalagIaive (Triumph), Bondy (Rally).

The race was going to be a needle affair between Delahaye and Hotchkiss, both of which are eager for popularity among French motorists.

Trevoux (Hotchkiss), came round first at the end of the initial lap, followed by Jacquin, Perrot, Sommer, Pellegrini, Georges and Pastoriano. Perrot had been badly placed at the start, but he now got going in earnest and took the lead on the second lap. Thereafter he steadily built up a good margin between himself and Trevoux, try as the latter might to catch up.

The difficult course placed a heavy strain on the touring cars, and soon the pits were busy carrying out repairs of all kinds. Jacquin (Delahaye), retired, and so (lid Sommer (Hotchkiss). Perrot continued his regular driving and eventually finished the race with an advantage of 1 min. 21 secs. over Trevoux. The winning driver attributed a good deal of his success to the independent springing of the Delahaye. Praise must be given to Pastoriano’s Ballot, of 1921 vintage, which finished an honourable last.

Of the smaller cars, Faure’s ChenardWalcker saloon won the 2-litre class, finishing a whole lap ahead of Vanoni’S front-drive Citroen saloon. Only one car finished in the 1,500 c.c. category, and this was a Triumph driven by de Malaglaive. It is worth noting that the British car was 10 minutes ahead of the 2-litre class winner.

RESULT OF G.P. DE TOURISME 5-litres. 25 Laps. 200 Kilometres.

5-litres. I. A. Perrot (Delahaye), 2h. 2Im. 30.8s., 85,800

2. R. Trevoux (Hotchkiss), 2h. 22m. 31s.

3. Pellegrini (Ford V.8), 2h. 25m. 3$s.

4. Pastoriano (Ballot), 2h. 44m. 2-litres.

I. Faure (Cbenard-Waleker), 21i. 57in. Is., 68.630 k.p.h.

2. Vanoili (Citroen), 1 lap behind.

1,500 C.c.

1. De Malaglaive (Triumph), 2h. 47in. 4s., 72.700 k.p.h. Before the above race took place, the final practice for G.P. cars was held. Wimille had altered the back axle ratio of his 3.3-litre Bugatti to meet the special conditions of the course, and he found an immediate improvement in his lap times. The fastest circuit was covered in 4 mins. 53.8 secs., as against his previous best of 5 mins. 11 secs. Second fastest was Chiron (4 mins. 59.4 secs.), and then came Brivio (5 mins. 0.4 secs.), Straight (5 mins. 8.8 secs.), Lehoux (5 mins. 9.8 secs.), and

Etancelin (5 mins. 14.2 secs.) An interesting newcomer to the course + was Hans Ruesch, driving the 3.3-litre 6-cyl. Maserati, with which Nuvolari carried off the Naples and :110dena races. His best_ lap was 5 mins. 20.4 secs. Another Maserati was being driven by Soffietti, in place of its owner Minozzi.

The Grand Prix d’Algerie was run on a new formula. There were two races of 15 laps (120 kilometres) and all the entrants took part in both races. The final result was obtained by the addition of the finishing times. This system has much to recommend it, for the Spectators see two massed starts and two finishes, and the drivers have to go hard in both races. Thirteen drivers took their places under

the blazing sun for the start of the first race. They were as follows: Wimille (Bugatti), Chiron (Alfa-Romeo), Brivio (Alfa-Romeo), Straight (Maserati), Lehoux (Maserati), Etancelin (Maserati), Soffietti (Maserati), Ruesch (Maserati), (Maserati), Marret (Bugatti), liktiestrCrO (Alfa-Romeo), Mlle. Hell6–N ice (AlfaRomeo) and Bottely (Bugatti).

Chiron shot away on the fall of the flag, and was the first to appear at the end of lap one. Close behind carne Wimille, Brivio, Straight, Lehoux and Soffietti. A tremendous roar went up when the cars appeared on the following circuit, for -Minnie was now in the lead. On the next lap Chiron pulled into the pits and hastily adjusted his brakes. The first retirement came-Etancelin’s Maserati ; which was running on ” temporary ” fuel, his supply having failed to arrive from France.

On the very last lap a peculiarly galling experience befell Lehoux. His Maserati skidded badly on some loose sand and slid into the ditch-before the eyes of his fellow Algerians !

RESULT OF 1ST RACE, G.P. D’ALGERIE. 16 Laps. 120 Kilometres.

I. Wimilh, (13tigatti), lb. 1410. i5.8s.. 98.10o k.p.h.

3. Straight (Maserati), lb. 15m.

4. Chiron (Alfa-Romoo). lh. 16m. 28.6S.

5. Soffietti (Maserati), lb. 18m. 28.8s.

6. Ruesch (Maserati), 14 laps in Ili. 13m. 28,8 s.

7. Marra (i3uotti). 14 laps in Ih. 17m. 1.2s. 8, Chambrist (Maserati), 13 laps in lb. 13n. 12.8s.

9. Bondy (Bugatti), 13 lap, in 1h. 16m. 20.8s.

10. Mlle. Helle,Niee (Alfa -Romeo), 13 laps in lb. 16m. 36.4s. The only non-starters in the second race were Brivio, who handed over his car to

BriVitl? (Ai fa-RC/MI.41), III. 14111. 38.4s. ;

Chiron, Etancelin and Lehoux. The start was given less than half-an-hour after the first race liad finished.

Chiron passed Straight on the second lap, and then overtook Wimille after a great tussle. For nearly 10 laps Chiron kept ahead, but there was never more than eight seconds between the rod and blue cars. But once more misfortune put an end to Chiron’S chances, and he came into the pits complaining of a broken shock-absorber bracket. Nothing could be done, so he had to continue at a Slower pace, for the bad surface of the road demanded really good suspension if high lap speeds were desired.

He gradually fell back, and Straight once more became.second. As for Wimille, he was quite safe now and had the race nicely in hand. Then it was Straight’s turn to be the victim of ill-lack, and on the very last lap his gear box gave out and forced him to retire. So Chiron got his second place, after all. Ruesch was another retirement, Caused, like Etancelin, by having to use substitute fuel.

Chiron Math, the record lap : 4 m. 44sees.

RESULT OF SECOND RACE, G.P. D’ALGER1E. 15 Laps. 120 Kilometres.

I. kVimille (Bugatti), Ili. 13in. 28s., 99.220 k.p.h.

2. Chiron (Alfa-Romeo), lb. 16m. 52.2s.

3. Sothetti (Maserati), lb. 18m. 45.2s.

4. Chambost (Maserati), 14 laps in lb. 14m. 14.6s.

5. Marret (Bugatti), 14 laps in lb. 17m. 10.6s. flowly (Bugatti), 14 laps in lb. 17m. 52. 7. Mlle Helle-Niee (Alla-Romeo), 13 lay: in lb. 16m.

RESULT OF G.P. ALGER1E. Gross Times of Two Races.

1. Wimille (Bugatti), 21i. 27m. 43.8s., 98.69 k.p.h.

2. Chiron (Alfa-Romeo), 2h. 33m. 21,8s.

3. Solhetti (Maserati), 2b. 37m. 14s.