ANYONE who does much night travelling in the passenger’s seat of a car, entrusted with the task of following the route with a pocket torch, will recall the difficulty of doing this without dazzling the driver, and this is made increasingly hard when the map is a small scale one or badly printed. We have recently received for trial a simple appliance called a ” Magnalume ” which enables night map-reading to be carried out with the minimum of eye-staring, and on test find it fulfils all the maker’s claims.

The Magnalume is simply a well-made magnifying glass some 3 inches in diameter, with a deep plated rim. A curved metal reflector is fixed to the rim where the handle joins it, and a frosted 6 or 12 volt bulb screws into a socket underneath it. A length of flexible cable passes through the handle and is furnished at the other end with a plug which fits into the sockets provided on the dashboards of most cars ; on the model submitted to us a switch had been inserted to enable the lamp to be switched off without withdrawing the plug. In use the metal reflector proved surprisingly effective in protecting the passenger’s eyes from the glare, and with reasonable care the driver is not annoyed

“1934 Achievements.”

THE standard of illustrated booklets in this country is a high one, and this latest publication, which is issued by Messrs. C. C. Wakefield, and which record, smonth by month, the successes of users of Castrol lubricating oils, surpasses, if anything, the standard of former years.

The compilers have a wide field to draw from, but most striking are the photographs of Eyston on the Panhard and various other record-breaking cars ; John Cobb on the Napier-Railton ; and the various M.G. cars which have been driven to victory in the big races of the past season. Aerial activity has not been forgotten, but motor-cycle races such as the Junior and the Senior T.T. in the Isle of Man, provide probably the most exciting of the action pictures.

Drawings and maps help to enliven the text, and the whole forms a valuable record of the speed activities of the past year. ” 1934 Achievements” may be obtained free and post free by readers on application to C. C. Wakefield & Co., Ltd., Wakefield House, Cheapside, London, E.C. 2.


GOLFERS are not the only people who like fighting their battles over again, and any motoring enthusiast who takes the trouble to secure this new booklet published by the M.G. Company will find ample material for a winter evening’s discussion. Charlie Dodson’s winning drive on the M.G. Magnette, with which he covered nearly 500 miles at 74.65 m.p.h., Hall’s efforts to keep on his tail, and the epic battle between the Bentley and Lewis’s Lagonda, are all set forth at length, and the official Bulletin by the brightly illuminated map. The ” Magnalume” is supplied in a wellmade velvet lined case, and if the device were required for prolonged use on trials or rallies, for which it is particularly


which is printed beside the text, by its terseness emphasises the fierceness of the struggle. The record is completed by Dodson’s own description of the race, and a full list of results.

The text is illustrated by a number of striking photographs, many of them taken, appropriately enough, by Mr. Kimber, the managing director of the M.G. Company, and there is also a doublepage drawing by Brian de Grineau. Copies of this well-produced and attractive booklet may be obtained from the M.G. Car Company, Abingdon-on-Thames, and we should anticipate a lively demand for it.

Our Congratulations !

The winter season is apparently the popular time for matrimonial events amongst motor sportsmen, so we extend our congratulations to Roy Eccles, who was married in October, to G. F. A. Manby-Colegrave, and A. J. Daybell, who threw an engagement party last month, and to T. V. G. Gardner, who is assistant sales manager to Smiths the Accessory people, an English International ice-hockey player, and whose engagement is also announced.

Another motoring man who is undertaking matrimonial responsibilities is “Reg.” Tanner, the popular Competition Manager of the Anglo-American Oil Company. For once he will be missing his busman’s holiday” of taking a car in the Monte Carlo Rally, but as his honeymoon is to be spent in Switzerland in January he should, at any rate, see plenty of snow !

A Gallery of “Aces.”

We have received from Ferodo, Ltd., an interesting booklet entitled “Testimony,” which deals with the successes

suitable, the box could easily be screwed on to the side of the car.

The Magnalume costs 30s. and is produced by W. Owen Hopkins, 69A, Duke Street, London, W. 1.

achieved by cars fitted with Ferodo brake and clutch linings. Portraits of the drivers and photographs of their cars are arranged opposite their successes, so that the book forms a miniature portrait gallery of English and Continental drivers. Eleven out of twelve of the first cars to finish in the Italian Mile Miglia race used Ferodo, and sixteen out of seventeen in the International Trophy race, which gives some idea of the popularity of this British product in long and arduous races. Copies of the booklet may be obtained post free from Ferodo, Ltd., Chapel-enle-Fri t h.

Speedometer Service.

For some time past the Smith-Jaeger A.T. group of instrument makers has been arranging joint service arrangements in various districts. The latest accomplishment in this direction is the appointment of Messrs. H. A. Turnpenny & Co., 18, Sussex Place, Belfast, as Service Agents for Messrs. British Jaeger Instruments, Ltd., for the territory of Northern Ireland.

M.S. Correspondence Club.

Following is the result of the twelve best drivers census : 1, Nuvolari 219 points ; 2, Varzi 209; 3, Chiron 175; 4, Caracciola 109; 5, Fagioli 105; 6, Straight 103; 7, Etancelin 95; 8, Lehoux 77; 9, Dreyfus 63; , 10, Lewis 61; 1 1 , Moll 58; 12, Taruffi and Eyston 45 (tie). The Club is being reorganised and generally cleaned up, and any member who has not corresponded with headquarters by October 1st will be regarded as resigned. Continental and overseas members have to the end of November. Will all members requiring a badge remit 2s. 6d. to H.Q., as soon as possible The number of members is now 54.