Reports of Recent Events

An Allard Wins the M.C.C. Sporting Trial
Putting forward the date of his classic Buxton Sporting Trial to beat-the-ban, "Jackie " Masters had the pleasure of watching 79 starters leave the Palace Hotel. Ginn's Ford V8 30 saloon put up best show in a downhill brake test. Jenkins Chapel, in two sections, was in dire mood. Morrish (Frazer-Nash) and Denyer (Lea-Francis) nobly upheld vintage interests, while Wood's Ford saloon, Brayshaw's Humber, Dracup's B.M.W. and Mores' 2.3-litre M.G. also defeated the lower section, where all the Allards were outstanding save for Len Parker's VI2, which retired with a stripped rear axle. Burman, in one of the new, open 14-h.p. Lea-Francis, had a fuel line closed by contact with a boulder and Hayward's old Bayliss-Thomas suffered from a bad electrical bon-fire. On the upper reaches Darley's Ford V8, Widman's A.C., at the corner, Clayton's PB M.G. and Clare's PB M.G. were amongst the failures. As before, the Allard men were particularly good to watch. Taddington Moor failed no one, while only twelve came to rest on Litton Slack, also in two sections. The Bayliss-Thomas made amends here, Delingpole was notably good in his H.R.G. and Len Potter's Allard and C. A. N. May's Ford VS Special were very rapid. The last hill, Bamford Clough, was again easy, 1947's dry weather having taken toll of this trial. The Allards, Uglow's H.R.G. and the Wharton-Special were outstanding on this hill. The President's Prize for best performance was won by G. Mansell's Allard. The 1947 Team Championship was also decided in this trial and went to the May-Delingpole-Mansell (Ford-H.R.G.-Allard) team, as the Allard team, which was leading up to then, was depleted by the non-arrival of Imhof's car. The actual team prize went to the Wharton-Potter-Newton (Wharton-Allard-H.R.G.) team.

President's Trophy (Best Performance): G. N. Mansell (3,917-c.c. Allard).
Team Prize: K. Wharton (1,172-c.c. Wharton Sp.), L. Potter (3,922-c.c. Allard), E. J. Newton (1,497-c.c. H.R.G.).
Team Championship: C. A. N. May (3,622-c.c. Ford Sp.), K. C. Dellngpole. (1,497-c.c. H.R.G.), G. N. Mansell (3,917-c.c. Allard).
First-Class Awards: D. G. Flather (1,971-c.c. Frazer-Nash-B.M.W.), F. Morrish (1,498-c.c. Frazer-Nash), A. L. S. Denyer (1,496-c.c. Lea-Francis), M. Wick (4,000-c.c. Allard), B. W. Christmas (939-c.c. M.G.), G. G. H. Couzens (939-c.c. M.G.), J. M. Richmond (1,074-c.c. H.R.G.), G. Dracup (1,971-c.c. Frazer-Nash-B.M.W.), G. P. Mosby (1,172-c.c. F.M.B.), R. H. Butterfield (3,917-c.c. Ford), G. Tyrer (1,911-c.c. Frazer-Nash-B.M.W.), L. J. Onslow-Bartlett (3,197-c.c. Mercury Sp.), H. B. Woodall (1,172-c.c. Wolselev-Ford), D. Murkett (939-c.c. M.G.), G. W. Best (939-c.c. M.G.), K. E O. Burgess (4 000-c.c. Allard), J. H. Appleton (4,000-c.c. Allard), C. J. Mores (2,322-e.c. M.G.), K. A. Scales (1,748-c.c. M.G.), G. R. Holt (1,926-c.c. M.G.), R. E. Holt (1,292-c.c. M.G.), K. Wharton (1,172-c.c. Wharton Sp.), L. Potter (3,950-c.c. Allard), W. P. Uglow (1,496-c.c. H.R.G.), A. W. Morrish (939-c.c. M.G.), P. H. G. Morgan (1,099-c.c. Morgan), W. A. G. Goodall (1,272-c.c. Morgan), T. B. Hague (1,496-c.c. Riley), E. J. Newton (1,497-c.c. H.R.G.), C. A. N. May (3,622-c.c. Ford Sp.), K. C. Delingpole (1,497-c.c. H.R.G.), G. N. Mansell (3,917-c.c. Allard), K. G. Cramp (1,800-c.c. Triumph), S. Asbury (3,917-c.c. Allard), P. G. Mallam (3,622-c.c. Jensen Ford), V. S. A. Biggs (1,496-c.c. H.R.G.), T. C. Harrison (1,172-c.c. Harriford), A. R. Priestley (1,172-c.c. Harley Sp.), T. W. Dargue (1,911-c.c. Frazer-Nash-B.M.W.).
Second-Class Awards: W. J. Haward (1,496-c.c. Bayliss-Thomas), C. H. Richardson (939-c.c. M.G.), C. F. Crossby (1,203-c.c. Vauxhall), E. B. Wadsworth (1,496-c.c. H.R.G.), B. G. D. de Mattos (1,122-c.c. Morgan), H. F. Brayshaw (4,086-c.c. Humber), G. Hoyle (1,250-c.c. M.G.), G. Wood (3,200-c.c. Ford), J. H. Marshall (747-c.c. Austin), C. R. L. Nicholl (1,287-c,c. M.G.), C. D. F. Buckler (1,172-c.c. Buckler-Colonial), S. G. E. Tett (939-c.c. M.G.), A. B. Rogers (847-c.c. M.G.), A. D. Warwick (972-c.c. Singer), H. L. G. Melly (1,497-c.c. Riley), A. M. Beardshaw (1,172c.c. A.M.B.-Fairley Sp.), J. W. Fowler (847-c.c. M.G.), M. J. Barker (1,2.50-c.c. M.G.), F. P. Barker (2,400-c.c. Riley).
Third-Class Awards: R. A. Hellyar (1,493-c.c. Singer), R. M. Richards (1,991-c.c. R.L.F.), C. B. Ryley (1,292-c.c. M.G.), C. F. Widman (1,911-c.c. A.C.), H. Clayton (939-c.c. M.G.).

Sheffield & Hallamshire M.C. High Peak Trial
Run the day after the M.C.C. Sporting Trial, in the same area, this event was won by Onslow-Bartlett's famous Mercury-Special. The hills were Bamford Clough, Caterpillar Crawl, Abney's Azard, Gipsy Lane, Conksbury, Dirty Lane, Pilsbury and Dow Low. The fine weather again made the trial comparatively easy and it was decided on the special-test results, as were the team prizes.. Onslow-Bartlett climbed every hill clean and was fastest in all tests.

High Pear Trophy: L. J. Onslow-Bartlett (3,917c.c. Mercury Sp.).
Hutton Shield: R. W. Phillips (1,172-c.c. Fairley Sp.).
Visitors' Award: J. F. A. Clough (1,492-c.c. Singer).
Novice's Cup H. Halstead (1,089-c.c. Riley).
Best Performance by an M..C.C. Member: P. H. G. Morgan (1,089-c.c. Morgan).
By a SUNBAC Member: K. McAlpine (4,400-c.c. Allard).
By a Yorkshire Sports CC. Member: F. A. Rhodes (1,911-c.c. Frazer-Nash-B.M.W.).
Winner of Class A: G. G. H. Couzens (939-c.c. M.G.).
Class B: E. J. Newton (1,497-c.c. H.R.G.).
First-Class Awards: J. Clegg (1,172-c.c. Ford), G. Warburton (3,622-c.c. Ford), K. Wharton (1,172-c.c. Wharton Sp.), A. R. Priestley (1,172-c.c. Harley Sp.), A. M. R. Mallock: (747-c.c. Austin), D. G. Flather (1,971-c.c. Frazer-Nash-B.M.W Sp.), M. Wilde (1,172-c.c. Ford), L. Potter (3,950-c.c. Allard), C. L. Bold (1,089-c.c. Riley), B. Hankins (1, 172-c.c. Ford).
Team Award: Sheffield and Hallamshire MC.; G. Warburton (3,622-c.c. Ford), K. Wharton (1,172-c.c. Wharton Sp.), R. W. Phillips ( 1.172-c.c. Fairley Sp.).

Mallock (Austin Seven) Becomes Northern Trial Expert
A. M. R. Mallock, driving an early Austin Seven with normal jet-lubricated engine to which a supercharger had been added, won the combined Lancashire A.C. and. Yorkshire S.C.C. Northern Experts Trial. Mallock's early trials' experience was gained largely with his unblown Austin Seven "Bren" and he drove his newer blown car magnificently. The course, as befits an Experts' event, was stiff and varied, and took heavy toll. Tyrer's Type 55 B.M.W. broke a halfshaft at the first special-test, in which Hankins made best time in 23.4 sec. in his Ford Special. Phillips was runner-up in 23.8 sec., but soon afterwards retired with back-axle trouble. Bancroft's Bancroft-Special and Halstead's spartan Riley Nine tied in test two (26.6 sec.). Only seven of the 42 entries ascended the very tricky Rybum Ford, Matlock putting up an outstanding show. Another Austin Seven which got up was Lister's. Difficult hills concluded the morning session and the afternoon included New Inn, ascended only by Mallock's Austin and three blown Ford Tens, driven by the Hankins and by Clegg. Matters progressed via a driving test in which Bold's Riley "Sprite" made best time, up another difficult hill, to a speed test round a triangle. The last-named fun and games saw the Wharton-Special beat everyone with a run in 26.8 sec., the C.W.8 going fast but tumbling-over a pylon. Results were issued promptly and showed Arthur Matlock to be Northern Expert by a clear couple of marks.

1st: A. M. R. Mallock (747 Austin), 99 marks.
2nd: B. Hankins (1172 Ford) 97.
3rd: J. Hankins (1172 Ford), 95.
4th: G. T. Hankins (1172 Ford), 95.
F. A. Rhodes (1911 Frazer-Nash-B.M.W.), 92; G. P. Mosby (1496 Riley), 92; T. C. Wise (3622 C.W.8), 92; S. Clegg (1172 Ford), 90; F. D. Gilson (3622 Allard), 89; R. H. Hunt (1172 G.H. Special), 87; J. D. Stuart (2200 Willys Jeep Special), 87; Guy Warburton (3622 Ford), 86; J. 0. Lister (1172 Austin), 80; C. L. Bold (1089 Riley), 84; D. C. Andrew (747 Austin), 82; K. Wharton (1172 Wharton Special), 82; H. D. Pritchard (3622 Allard), 82; A. S. Pearce (3622 Allard), 82; K. E. Bancroft (1172 Bancroft Special), 81; J. F. A. Clough (1496 Singer), 80; H. Halstead (1089 Riley), 80.
Club Awards: Lancs A.C. — J. Hankins (1172 Ford); Yorks S.C.C. — F. A. Rhodes (1911 Frazer-Nash-B.M.W.); Lancs and Cheshire A.C. — J. Clegg (1172 Ford); Sheffield and Hallamstdre C.C. — Guy Warburton (3622 Ford).

Ken Burgess (Allard) Becomes Southern Trials Expert
The West Hants & Dorset M.C. held the Southern Experts' Trial in conjunction with its Knott Cup Event, the course being over Wool Heath, near Wareham. A triangle test saw Buncomber's M.G. make f.t.d. in 42.2 sec. At the first of a series of freak hills Imhof's Allard lost its transmission after a fast ascent. In the second special test Burgess' blown Allard beat Onslow-Bartlett's unblown Mercury, to the tune of 23.1 sec. against 26.1 sec. The hills which followed grew more and more difficult, until the acclivity known as The Gallows defeated the entire entry, although very spirited attempts were made by Onslow-Bartlett, Len Potter in his Allard, Burgess and McAlpine, also in Allards. When the results had been read out it was seen that Ken Burgess had not only won the Knott Challenge Trophy but was also Southern Expert, taking another Trophy for that. Next best show was by Potter, who took the Visitors' Challenge Trophy. Appleton and Mansell (Allards) in company with Best's M.G. took Experts' 1st Class Awards, McAlpine's Allard won the Ship Challenge Cup for best performance by a W. Hants & Dorset M.C. member and Potter and McAlpine, in conjunction with the Price Special, netted the Team Award — so it was quite an Allard outing.

"Knott" Challenge Cup and Southern Expert's Trophy: K. E. O. Burgess (Allard).
Visitors' Cup and Southern Expert Runner-UP: L. Potter (Allard).
Ship Cup (best performance by member of promoting club): K. McAlpine (Allard).
First-Class Awards (Knott Cup): L. J. O. Bartlett (Mercury Special), G. W. Best (M.G.), G. N. Mansell (Allard), C. A. N. May (Ford Special), W. A. Cleave (Morris), D. W. Price (Price Special), A. C. Challands (Riley), P. Tunley (P.T. Special), J. H. Appleton (Allard), C. C. Evans ("Daisy").
Second-Class Awards (Knott Cup): M. Wick (Allard), D. Murkett (M.G.), A. Pine (Austin), R. W. Faulkner (Mercury), A. W. Morrish (M.G), R. W. Cookson (Allard), J. Buncombe (M.G.), T. C. G. Butler ("Ophelia"), V. S. A. Biggs (H.R.G.).
First-Class Awards (Experts): J. H. Appleton (Allard), G. N. Mansell (Allard), G. W. Best (M.G.).
Team Prize: L. Potter, D. W. Price, K. McAlpine.
Inter-Club Shield (Bristol v West Hants and Dorset C.C.): Bristol, 277 1/2 points ; W.H. and D. C.C., 275 points.

Turin Sports Car Race
The 312 1/2 miles race for unsupercharged sports cars at Valentino, Turin, on October 12th, had a most interesting outcome, for Raymond Sommer won in the new V12 2-litre Ferrari, which vanquished the new 2-litre Maserati Six, that had beaten it at Moderna. After a short while Sommer had built up a nice lead and when Ascari and Villoresi had retired their Maseratis with gearbox trouble and Pozzi lost time extinguishing a fire in his 4 1/2-litre Talbot, the Ferrari was in a strong position. At half-distance the order was Sommer, Comotti, Chaboud and Louveau. But that wasn't to last, for Comotti found his Talbot's brakes no use, and Louveau had the gearbox of his 3-litre Deluge pack up. In the end the new Ferrari won by about three miles, in spite of two refuelling stops. Sommer averaged 67.5 m.p.h. and made fastest lap, at 69.88 m.p.h. Chaboud's 3.6-litre Delahaye was 2nd, Pozzi's Talbot 3rd, and behind came Comotti's 4-litre Talbot, Roi's Simca, Ermini's and Bianchetti's 2 1/2-litre AlfaRomeos. A nice race!

750 Club's Wrotham Trial
This was run off on October 26th under the now-typical easy conditions. Thirty starters gathered to do battle, and the first section soon dispelled cherished hopes of a clean sheet for most of the entry. Named Le Grirnpe, and situated on private ground, it proved a real stopper. The regulations said "timed climb or furthest up." Only three cars managed to leave the line and these same three were successful in completing the section non-stop, although A. G. Rivers (Wolseley) only just made it. Holland Birkett and G. D. Adamson, driving Austin Sevens, were both good. Among the failures, 27 of them, John Bolster must have found his zero acceleration at the starting line a trifle disconcerting.

Cotmans Ash and Beechy Lees were all too easy, but the reverse test on Butts Hill failed nearly half the entry. Here Birkett was easily fastest, picking up 64 bonus marks. Hognore, White Horse and Bucklands Bank all caused little trouble, although the hairpin on the latter section failed eleven. The final section, South Street, the subject of the last special test, was comparatively simple and claimed only nine victims.

So, like so many recent trials, it became a battle of the special tests.

Wrotham Cup: Holland Birkett (747-c.c. Austin), 203 1/2 marks. Best in Opposite Class: H. H. Luckhurst (2,500-c.c. M.G.), 1941 marks.
First-Class Awards: R. J. Crosfield (847-c.c. M.G.), R. W. Faulkner (3,917-c.c. Mercury), C. W. Yates (1,172-c.c. Austin).
Second-Class Awards: A. G. Rivers (1,645.c.c. Wolseley), G. D. Adamson (747-c.c. Austin), F. Moon (1,172-c.c. Ford).
Team Award: Hants & Berks M.C. (J. Jane, R. W. Faulkner and C. S. Dewey), 551 marks.

Montlhèry Track is now open again; perhaps we could organise a few outer-circuit races there, in the absence of Brooklands. What does the B.R.D.C. think about this? The Austin Motor Co., Ltd., took two A40 Austins and an Austin Sixteen to Monthlèry on October 25th and Capt. G. E. T. Eyston flew over to be ready to drive them in a series of performance tests against any other makes of similar size and power. As Austin's kept their challenge secret until the last moment, it naturally fizzled out. On the eve of the Paris Salon a streamlined. saloon 1,100-c.c. Darlmat-Peugeot took long-distance records at Monthlèry. averaging 90 m.p.h. (and 26 1/2 m.p.g.) for twelve hours. This breaks the International Class G 12-hour record held by Duray and Garvadie (Amilcar) at 85.07 m.p.h. since 1933. The new record is 90.01 m.p.h. and the Amilcar's 1,000-mile and 2,000-kilos. records were also broken, by 3.83 and 4.70 m.p.h., respectively, the new figures being 89.19 and 90.13 m.p.h. British drivers should not overlook Monthlèry as a record-breaking venue; the Light Car has already announced its Challenge Cup ready for anyone who betters the existing light-car Hour Record.