Formula Races — 1948

The F.I.A. has issued its 1948 International Sporting Calendar, but the future outlook is such that many are likely to be cancelled. Consequently, for the present, we give below the dates only of classic Grands Prix to the International Formula and those races to held solely under the new Voiturette Formula: —

International Grands Prix
May 16th Monaco Grand Prix
June 20th Belgian Grand Prix
July 4th European Grand Prix, Berne
July 18th French Grand Prix
Sept. 5th Italian Grand Prix

Races Under Voiturette Formula
July 11th Circuit des Ramparts, Paris
July 18th Coupe des Petites Cylindrees de l’A.C. de Champagne
July 25th Circuit de Vitesse des Alpes Aix-les-Bains
Sept. 19th Circuit d’Avignon

British Speed Events — I948
In spite of “no-basic” plenty of British International Fixtures have been lodged with the F.I.A. for 1948, in the hope that possibilities will improve as time marches along. Those governing races and sprints comprise: —
April 29th J.C.C. Road Race, Jersey
May 25th B.R.D.C. British Empire Trophy Race, and Manx G.P., I.O.M.
June 5th Brighton Hill Climb.
June 12th Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb.
June 26th Bo’ness Hill Climb.
July 10th Leinster Trophy Race.
July 15th Bouley Bay Hill Climb
Aug. 7th Ulster Trophy Race
Aug. 21st R.A.C. Tourist Trophy Race
Aug. 28th Craigantlett Hill Climb, Ulster.
Sept. 4th Brighton Speed Trials
Sept. 12th Prescott Hill Climb.
Sept. 25th Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb.
Oct. 3rd Donington Grand Prix.

1947 R.A.C. British Hill-Climb Championship
The results a this contest have been officially announced to be as follows: —
1st: Raymond Mays (2-litre s/c E.R.A.), 1 mark lost on four best performances.
2nd: George Abecassis (3.3-litre s/c Bugatti), 28 marks lost on four best performances.
3rd: Sydney Allard (3.8-litre un-s/c Steyr Allard). 34 1/2 marks lost on four best performances.