Greetings, Christmas 1948



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How fast the wheels of time do turn ! (Or should we write ” gyrate ” ?) Our ” basic’s ” been thechief concern Of Nineteen Forty-eight. Although we also had our own First-since-the-war G.P.

Which “Operation Silverstone ” Was just our cup of tea.

We’ve likewise had our share of thrills, What with our sprints and trials. Think of the way we climbed those hills And brooked no stern denials. So when you feel imslined to curse Conditions as they are,

Remember, things could be much worse— Yon might not have a car ! In which event, we’d have you know, For some time you’d be short ;

E’en though you ordered at the Show, You can’t by-pass export. Therefore, although your petrol’s short There’s no need to repine ;

You’ll get your fill of MOTOR SPORT In Nineteen Forty-nine. Which brings us to the reason for This rather halting rhyme— (We must make haste before the door Is slammed by Father Time)

We hope that you, this canting year, Good luck and health enjoy. What’s that ? Could I ‘do with a beer ? Here’s ALL THE BEST, old boy.*

* In this, unless the context otherwise requires, the masculine embraces the feminine.

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