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FOR SALE—continued

ROYAL ENFIELD 250 C.C. First registered 1924. Unused since reconditioned, including new cylinder block, piston, rings, mains and oil pump. Offers. Marsh, Cross Keys, Caxton, Cambs. Tel. : Caxton 312.

1i-LITRE ASTON-MARTIN SPARES. Gearbox £5. Set 19 in. R. W. wheels, as new, £2 each. Prop. shaft £2. Rear axle, chassis, brake parts, hub caps, etc., etc., also instruments, gauges, lamps, etc. Moffat, The Park, Yeovil, Somerset. Tel. : Yeovil 344.

FOR SALE..—E.R.A. parts, including cylinder block and head. Riley racing gearbox. Particulars from Bell, Rurton House, Rossett, Denbighshire.

1039 SINGER ROADSTER. Fitted Singer 10-h.p. engine, 4-speed gearbox ; 7,000 miles since complete overhaul. Resprayed Mercedes red, buff upholstery. New glass sidesereens, new hood. Excellent condition throughout. Westonia, Dilton, Westbury, Wilts.

1932 ALVIS “12/80” TL tourer, all-weather, good condition. £230 or offer. Box No. 729, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1. FOR SALE. 1:336. Model 45 saloon,

fitted with 56 engine, very fast. £195. Hillingdon Motors, 325/327, Long. Lane, Western Avenue, Hillingdon. Tel. : Uxbridge 412.

147 10s. ARMSTRONG-SIDDELEY 12/6 saloon 1929. In almost new condition, three new tyres, taxed. Chalet Cottage, Farnham Royal, Bucks.

AUSTIN SEVEN SPORTS 2-SEATER. Engine Reconditioned, fully equipped. £75. M. II. James, Yaverlands, Houndean Rise, Lewes, Sussex.

BIIGATTI 2-LITRE STRAIGHT-EIGHT, modern 2/4seater coachwork, just overhauled, blue with silver wheels. Enthusiast-owned. f,260 or very near. Full .details to genuine inquiries, Marcham, IA, Regent Buildings, Sycamore Road, Amershant Bucks. 10-H.P. “SCOUT “; complete overhaul £110. Tax December. Full basic ; any trial. Offers. Box No. 733, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1. ENTHUSIAST has twin A.B.L. racing engine 440 c.c. Will exchange for sportive frame, Bugatti or -similar. Will sell. Any offers welcomed. 106 Raleigh Road, HornseY, FOR SALE—continued ASTON-MARTIN 1933 Ii-LITRE “Le Mans” 2-seater. Excellent condition. Engineer-owned. Only reason for sale 4-seater family car now necessary. Full details, including photos, available. Offers. Box No. 730, MOTOR SPORT. 15, City Road,

FAMOUS 4i-LITRE SUPERCHARGED BENTLEY. 4i-litre supercharged drop-head coupe. Complete mechanical and electrical overhaul during past 18 months by first-class engineer. New tyres fitted and several spares. Bodywork sound and serviceable, but needs slight attention. Seven months’ basic petrol ration—taxed to year end. A genuine offer and an opportunity to buy a vintage Bentley in first-class mechanical condition. No reasonable offer refused. Box No. 781, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1.

M.O. 10-11.P, TA MOD.EL sports 2-seater. First registered 3/4/37, new engine fitted in 1947. New hood and tonneau cover ; black with blue upholstery. Excellent condition. Full basic petrol. 050. Box No. 714, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1.

10-H.P. TA MODEL sports 2-seater. First registered 4/4/39. Engine rebored. Recellulosed black, with red leather upholstery. Full basic coupons. Superb condition. £495. Box No. 715, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1.

41-LITRE BENTLEY, 1936, drophead coupe. Black, with red leather upholstery. Engine overhauled ; repainted and new hood. Al work carried out as per Bentley’s report. Box No. 716, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1.

RILEY G.N. SPECIAL. ” gonopos. to” racing car. RIM for last two seasons in sprint events. Unblown big crank Riley Nine engine with Maclure rods. nutlet pistons. G.N. rear suspension. Amilcar at front. Set hardly worn racing tyres. Top speed 105 m.p.h. Eligible for vintage awards. In fine condition throughout. Ready to run. Details and photo on request. £395. Tooley, 1, Lothair Villas, Hatfield, Herts.

M.G. “P.” Supercharged, specially tuned engine, aluminium head (new tyres, hood, tonneau and curtains), racing screens, carrier, temp. gauges, splendid general condition. Nearest £300. Lawton, 67, Stanmore Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham.

FOR SALE—continued

M.G. 2-SEATER, 2.A. 1252. Excellent condition and clean. Good tyres. £297. I 8, Clifford Gardens, Chelsea, S.W.3. Tel. : Kensington 4290.

M.G.MIDGET M-TYPE 1931. Perfect, overhauled this year. New mains, big-ends, battery. Coachbuilt body, etc. £120 or nearest offer. 140, Drove Road, Biggleswade. Beds.

” BRESCIA ” BUGATTI Sports 2-seater, in excellent condition. Best offer over £240. Seen by appointment. Also 2-litre, six-cylinder, twin-o.h.c. LeaFrancis engine, dismantled. £15. Alvis ” 12/50″ crown wheel and pinion and differential unit complete, prop.-shaft, track-rod, half-shaft, hub spares, etc. £5. Front axle, wheels and tyres (believed Morris), suitable trailer. £3. Knight, Nately Towers, Hook, Basingstoke, Hants. Tel. : Hook 60.

MARSHALL-ROOTS BLOWER with carburetter and manifold with twin blow-off valves, for f.w.d. Alvis, excellent condition. ” 12/50″ Alvis engine spares including updraught carburetter. Wanted, big-port head and dural rods. P. T. Monard, c/o Witter, 3, Grange Road, Edinburgh, 9.

AUSTIN SEVEN CHASSIS complete less engine and gearbox. Ford Eight engine and gearbox, brand new. Offers. Beaumont, 41, Cleveland Road, Marsh, Huddersfield. OF0fieUrsRto70B00xBIX:01.9737RAICI MOTOR OGR sDrUoNRLT Opt CitAysRioaiewd:


HUGHES-VAUXHALL SPECIAL. Built 1934 on new 9 ft. 3 in, chassis. ” 30/98 ” engine with special crank and camshaft.. Two 48 mm. S.U. carburetters. Scintilla snag. Special close-ratio gearbox. Special 16-in. brakes. Zeiss lights. Two-seater body to T.T. regulations. Thirty-five gallon tank. Brooklands 109 m.p.h. Shelsley 49.6 sec. Prescott 54.6 see.

” Pool” does 95 m.p.h. Prescott 57 sec. £460. Neve, Thatched Cottage, Lower Whitley, Warrington. £75 or near offer. 1927 Sunbeam 14-h.p. tourer, in good condition. Mansfield Motors, 140, New King’s Road, Fulham, S.W.6. Tel. : Renown 1012.

AUSTIN SEVEN EN ttINI, two-bearing crankshaft, ‘nag, ignition, completely reconditioned, ground head. £10. Another £8. Four-speed gearbox. £5. Three speed. £3. B.T.H. six-cylinder magneto. 207, I,ordswood Ro:id, Birmingham, 17.

FOR SALE—continued FRAZER-NASH EX-EMERYSON SPECIAL. Shurrock supercharged Meadows. Deflector head. 19 and 16-inch wheels available, less than 2,000 miles since complete rebuild and overhaul. £650 or exchange larger car. Cash adjustment either way. Kirby, 64, Mellish Road, Walsall, RACING M.G. 746-c.c. s.c. Q-type ex-Harvey Noble Brooklands Record Holder 122.4 m.p.h. Preselector and crash box. Exceptional condition: 4200 spent on car this year. Many spares. 4495 or would part exchange. Eric Brandon, 7, Pebble combe Hill Court, Surbiton. Tel. : Elmbridge 5493. RILEY SPECIAL sports 2-seater. Built regardless cost 1947. Ex-Maclure 1,10Q-c.c. three-bearing engine. Prescott 55.5 sec. Fourth place at Poole (’47). Prescott 1i-litre class. Luton Racing class. Goodwood from back of grid. Whole car checked. Resprayed black since seasons racing. Very potent car with great possibilities, docile in traffic, etc. Must sell. Nearest 4365. Croysdill, 6, Beaumont Avenue, St. Albans. Tel. : 5356. STAR 18-H.P. o.h.v. six-cylinder open tourer, June, 1928. Original specification, “Sound as a bell.” from stem to stern. Good tyres, hood, battery. electrically O.K. Taxed (standard Ration), Insured to next July. Very lively performance,

20 m.p.g. 480 no offers. Exchange small saloon. Box No. 738, Moron SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1.

M.G. ” 12 ” FRONT AXLE complete— less springs. 45. Sump, LI. Manifold, El. Camcover, 15s. Nis rear hub, £1. Rear brake drums and shoes, D. Sunbeam Twenty fibre timing gears. 41 10s. A.C. six-cylinder o.h.c. cylinder head complete with valves and camshaft. £7 10s. M.G. wheels 42 hubs, one 18 in., one 17 in. 42 each. Carriage extra. D. Bagshaw, 65, Edward Avenue, 13raunstone, Leicester.

1935 ALVLS six-cylinder ” 16/95 ” three-point mounting engine. U T1 used since complete overhaul, including regrind, bearings line-bored, new pistons, etc. Complete with three S.U.s, starter, generator, clutch, cardan-shaft and all synchro box. 490 or offers. J. Wardle and Company, Normacot, Stoke-on-Trent. Tel. Langton 3591. FOR SALE—continued ALFA-ROMEO 1,750-C.C. twin-cant, uublown, 10

2-seater body by Barker with two seats in dickey. First registered 1932. Recently completely overhauled and in very good condition. 4386 or near offer. Lord Strathcarron, 22, Down Street, W.1. Tel. : Grosvenor 3041.

ASTON-MARTIN 1933 “LB MANS.” Low mileage since reconditioned, full petrol ration, 4450. Beale, The Temple, Goring, Oxon. RILEY 1,100 C.C. Rebuilt and reregistered 1946. Aluminium bodied ‘2-seater, pointed tail. £200 or

offer. Tel. : Bromley 2021. RILEY NINE. Somewhat stark 2-seater. Firstclass mechanical condition. Engine completely overhauled. New magneto, pump, carburetter. Pour new tyres, superb road-holding and acceleration. Total weight 15 cwt. All petrol. Owner leaving country. 4100 for quick sale. Evans, 8, Mount Pleasant, Redditch, Worcs.

1927 SPEED TWENTY SUNBEAM. Two4eater body, with 30 gallon rear tank ” J2 ” style, engine completely reconditioned and whole car in excellent Order. 4125. Moss, The Laurels, Over Whitacre, near Coleshill, Warwick.

1940 FORD V8. Van-type utility on car chassis. Model 01A. Under steering gear-change, leather upholstery, bench type front seat, touring arrangement. Completely reconditioned and resprayed. 086. 13, Foster /toad, W.4. Tel. : Chelsea 4737. TWO-LITRE LAGONDA 1930 Speed Model. Excellent condition, new sidesereens, hood and tonneau

cover. Two new and three g )od tyres. Ouner :selling for family tens ms. Sacrifice £400 or best offer. Tel. : Forest Hill 1314. 1935 RILEY NINE ” KESTRLI ” SPECIAL. Special series engine, overhauled and sleeved. New brakes, tyres, kingpins, springs, heaps ofy Rsptoiraeds: o N. 7;,9_ i,Tott SPORT, ui 1.,.0

FOR SALE—continued

FRAZER-NASH B.M.W. Type 45, 2-seater, drophead coupe 1936, 2-litre, twin carb. carefully maintained, driven since new, 40,06 genuine mileage, tyres good, oil consumption nil, 100 per cent. sound. 4360. Brittlebank, The Dairy House, Harming, Maidstone. M.G. 1933 ” J2 ” 2-seater. Resleeved, crankshaft reground and not yet run-in. Four good tyres. An exceptionally smart little car, finished in Steeldust Grey. A real bargain at 195 guineas. Swabey, 69, Lancaster Mews, Lancaster Gate, London, W.2. Tel. : Ambassador 5127. M.G. —” 12.” Metallic-blue, racing screens, special instrument panel. Immaculate. 4225. M.G. M type, incredibly fine condition. 4120. 1932 B.S.A. tricycle o.h.v. twin, just overhauled, economical, fast. 495. Offers considered. Daniel, 26, Charldane Road, New Eltham,

A.C. (2-LITRE). 1933 show car, Sportsman Pillarless Saloon. Overhauled throughout (1,000 miles). Recelhaosed ice blue. Twin 12V Aces. Frain filter. Stromberg downdraught fitted (24 m.p.g.). 4350. Offers. Pinder, 37, Durwood Road, Northampton. Tel. : 2789.

AVM FIREFLY. Drophead coupe. Lovely condition, coachwork, hood and tyres exceptionally good. £265 or near offer. Box No. 740, MOTOR SrokT, 15, City Road, E.C.1.

F.I.A.T. 8 H.P. ‘2-seater 1029. Very economical and reliable, uses no oil, original except for loaered windscreen and hood, photo. 465. Box No. 741, IVIotoR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1.

MARTLET PISTONS (standard) as new, for 1931 ” 12/40 ” Lea-Francis Meadows engine, Offers. B. Southern, Thrumpton, N. ,ttingham.

1930 LEA-FRANCIS. Completely reconditioned. Gearbox, axles, chassis renewed where necessary. Rewired, good battery, recoil Ii dolled snag., dynamo, starter. Good tyres. Two-seater tourer body, hood, sidesereens. Body needs slight attention. Over £120 spent in last 16 months. 495 or offers. Passey, Woodcote, Chanctonbury Chase, Redhill, Surrey. Tel.: 259.

FOR SALE-continued

BOOKS FOR SALE. Mostly on Motor racing and racing cars. S.a.e. for list. S. Baker, “Sunnymount,” Austen Road, Guildford.

1938 TRIUMPH Sports 2-seater. Thoroughly reconditioned and resprayed. Price 4200 or near offer. Box No. 742, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1.

1924 TALBOT 2-seater. Stored 10 years. Everything original working order. Good tyres, new battery. Back brakes. Taxed, insured. Spa r available. No garage space. Offers to Cothay, Kynance, Winnersh, Berkshire.

MILLE MIGLIA ” BALILLA ” F.I.A.T. 1935. Body, cellulose excellent, new hood and cover, mediocre performance only. £155. Tel. : Kensington 7131.

RILEY NINE saloon. 1932. Sleeved, new bearings, brakes, pins, bushes. Perfect tyres, steering, electric, axles, transmission. £100. Tel. : Kensington 7131.

HOME BREWED 2-SEATER. Ex-Riley Alpine Six. 1933. Engine overhauled, not run-in. No hood, tyres fair. Opportunity. 450. Tel. : Kensington 7131.

81 GALLONS BASIC ALONE! 1921 Alsace Four. Registered 1948, s.v. 3-litre. Unique brand new chassis, body unfinished. 450. Tel. : Kensington 7131.

1985 B.S.A. SCOUT Sports 2-seater. Good condition, recellulosed, three new tyres. Beautiful steering, suspension, roadholding. 4125. Tel. : Kensington 7131.

255. WOLSELEY “16/50” 1926 saloon. One owner since new, genuine mileage under 40,000, completely equipped and in excellent running order. This car has been laid up since 1931, any trial welcome. Tel. : Burgh Heath 201 or call, 56, Chetwode Road, Tadworth.

FOR SALE-continued

1939 11-H.P. ADLER CABRIOLET. 20,000 miles.

First-class throughout. Four v. heel i.s. High cruising speed in comfort. £175. Tel. : Kensington. 7131.

RILEY NINE MARCH SPECIAL sports tourer. 1932. Reasonable runner, good tyres, electrics, steering, brakes, body, seats . £55. Tel. : Kensington 7131. “BRESCIA ” BUGATTI ENGINE and front axle parts and Alvis front axle complete, for sale. No reasonable offer refused. Wanted. Bugatti Type 37, 37A or 39A engine or spares, Also .040 oversize pistons for Grand Prix” 10/20″ Salmson, second. hand will do. Lloyd, Powells Lane, Welshpool, Mont.

1940 (NOVEMBER) PEUGEOT AIRLINE SALOON. 17-h.p. Six-seater. Post-war appearance, 1.h.d. £350. Exchange. Peter, Glebelandg, St. Michael’s, Liverpool, 17.

FAIRLEY’S OFFER 1936 Austin Seven tourer, fitted with h.c. Ford Ten engine and Eight box. High performance, economy, four seats, comfort. 4160 or offers. Available all Austin Seven spares John Street, Sheffield. Tel. : 22876.

” 30/98 ” VAUXHALL ” VELOX ” 4-seater o.h.v. and four-wheel brakes, for sale in running order. Offers wanted. Every enquiry answered. Must la. sold as owner now settled in Africa. Community Motors, Hulse Road, Salisbury. 1989 AUSTIN SEVEN saloon. Good condition throughout. Sell or exchange for more sporting car below 15-11.p. Any body style. Bishopp, ” Brookside,” Meole Brace, Shrewsbury,

‘11-E-MTLFIPT-TYPE 4-seater, 1933-34. Super condition, fast, colour red. £145. 6, Richmond Road, Coulsdon.

SALMSON “GRAND SPORT.” 1929. Good condition. Fast and economical. 4100 or near offer. ” Onaway ” Coast Drive, Greatstone, Kent.

CROSSLEY-” 16/80 ” 100 sports saloon. Genuine mileage 38,000 in absolutely showroom condition. This car has the 16-h.p. six-cylinder Lagonda engine and gearbox and is complete with Atlantic spotlight and all rosewood fittings which are unmarked. Taxed. 4100 or offer. Tel. : Burgh Heath 201 or call, 56. Chetwode Road, Tadwortb.

SINGLE-SEATER ” BRESCIA ” BUGATTL” -111 to 1 compression ratio, 12-in, wheels, completely rebuilt and not raced since. This car would be ideal for sprints, as it was originally built for cinder racing but is now equipped with clutch, brakes and Bugatti box. Total weight under 6 cwt., length 6 ft. 6 in., has a terrific performance. Would sell for 4150 or preferably exchange for a vintage car 1908-192ii of a good potent make. Tel. : Burgh Heath 201 (Surrey).

1929 HU:1’MAX TWELVE saloon. Beautifully kept in outstanding condition. Original cellulose, completely overhauled last year at cost of 4150. New tyres all round, complete with Lague five coloured mascot. 4175. Tel. : Burgh Heath 3156 (Surrey).

OIMN BLAND OFFERSengine parts for Austin Seven prior to 1933. Also some engine parts for M.G. Midget M-type. 550 by 18 new retread tyres. 43 17s. 6d. each. Crown wheel and pinion believed Singer ” Le Mans,” 39 by 7 s.h. 44. 27, South fields Road, S.W.18. Tel. : Putney 1612.

1984 SINGERNINE sports tourer. Fitted ” Mans” ribbed sump engine and 16-in. wheels Mechanically perfect. Body first-class, just re cellulosed. 4145. Tel. : Kensington 7131.

FOR SALE-continued UNIQUE CHRISTMAS CARDS. Album of 12 Brooklands snapshots, as issued by B.A.R.C., with greetings slip, in envelope ready for posting. 7d. each, post free, or 4s. 6d. a dozen. Two Grose (one

A.C.U.-approved) crash hats, sizes and 71., good condition. 30/each. W. B., Cannel, Wood Lane, Fleet, Hampshire. Tel. : Fleet 831.

ENTHUSIAST EAGER FOR OPEN SPORTS. Offers well-preserved Riley Nine saloon, 1929. Full particulars on application. All letters answered. Davies-Holmes, 39, Norton Road, Wembley.

ENTHUSIAST desires to reduce stable including Type 35C road equipped. 4750. Type 43 road equipped. 4490. Type $5 racing trim. 4425. All beautifully kept full roller bearing Bugattis. Box No. 668, MOTOR SPORTI 15, City Road, E.C.1.

A BEAUTIFUL CAR P 90 m.p.h. Alvis “Speed. Twenty.” Eleven months petrol. 455 engine overhaul last month (receipts available), taxed, new hood, huge headlamps, all perfect condition, new tyres. 4185. 125, West End Lane, London, N.W.5. Tel. : Malda Vale 1769.

TWO 1933 M.G. Type L, Alaguas. Both completely reconditioned and resprayed 1948, now in Perfect showroom condition, all complete. Accept reasonable cash or exchange for either, or consider dismantling for sale as spares, s.a.e. reply. G. A. Final, 15, Nashleigh Hill, Chesham, Bucks.

WOLF AT DOOR necessitates sale of notorious trials Austin, winner of Wrotham Cup (twice), Chiltern Hills Trophy and Knowland Trophy. 1,100-c.c. class Bosson Trophy and Hunt Cup. Numerous 1st class, including Gloucester and CottinghamPrescott 61.2. Available about Christmas. Offers around 4150. Holland Birkett, 3, Pondtail Road, Fleet, Hants. Tel. • 588.

FOR SALE-continued

LAGONDA 1934 4i-litre sports saloon, one owner. superb appearance and condition, excellent throughout, must be seen and tried to be appreciated. £440. Rolls-Royce” 40/50 ” ” Ghost,” rebuilt and rebodiecl 1931, chassis lowered and Whitehead servo f.w.b. fitted, all fittings and radiator chromed, smart 3-seater body, recently repainted, new hood, side screens and tonneau cover, open tail with drop-back, and can be classed as truck, fully equipped and in first-class running order, six good 7.00 by 20 tyres, a very good looking car. /200. Triumph 1935 2-litre 16-h.p. sports saloon, engine and steering completely overhauled, otherwise excellent condition throughout, including bodywork, good tyres and batteries, taxed and petrol. /195. Ballot 13-h.p. 2-litre ” Weymann ” saloon, 1926, type 2LTS, mechanically excellent, good tyres, batteries and full equipment, body rough but serviceable, taxed and a. full tank. 155. Vauxhall D-type 23-h.p. sports tourer, good mechanical order, full electrical equipment, sound body, reupholstered, but requires hood recovered, good tyres and battery, a vintage car of excellent performance, shnilar in appearance and detail to “30/98.” 150. Rolls-Royce ” Ghost ” 1913, chassis and cab only, complete electrics and instruments, good tyres and sound running order, what offers ? Spares :-complete 1933 Lagonda 3-litre Special saloon, less engine, most parts fit 2-litre, also 2-type gearbox, rear axle, etc., Alvis 1936 “Silver Eagle ” 17-h.p. engine with dynamo and distributor. /20. Pair P.100 lamps in American cases, normal mountings, chromed and perfect. /15. Several good B.E. tyres in various sizes and some 21in. new remoulds. C. J. Bendall, ” The Rookery,” Walsworth Road, Hitchin, Herts. ‘ Tel. : Hitchin 1108. ENGINES.-Hudson Straight Eight and Brough Superior. Darracq 1,023-c.c. damaged. Benz 1912 12-h. Amilcar ” Surbaisse ” engine spares, Bull nosed radiator, Model-T Ford radiator,

One Model-T road wheel (wooden unused), Austin Seven front axle with etc., Wolselev Hornet sports, dismantled but slightly crashed. ‘taibot 75 saloon reconditioned throughout ! Humber ” Snipe” fitted with lorry bed (approximately eight feet behind driver). S. Sprague, Kington, Herefordshire. FOR SALE-continued

SPORTS SALOON with outstanding performance. ” 12/55 ” British-Salmson in quite exceptional condition throughout. First registered 1935. Sound batteries and tyres. Many spare components. Eleven months petrol in hand. Twenty-eight m.p.g. /225. 47, Ennerdale Road, Richmond, Surrey. Tel. : Richmond 0251.

ASTON-MARTIN “LE MANS” short-chassis 2/4seater. Entirely reconditioned including clutch and gearbox. Running perfectly. New Mark II camshaft, rockers, valves and springs. Brake and exhaust systems and carburetters entirely renewed. New hood and tonneau cover. Complete with sidescreens. Price 1400. Tel. : Perivale 8252.

TALBOT “75 ” (1934). Sale, front axle and steering gear, all engine parts including block, 19-in, wheels, etc. Stewart, 49, Hamilton Drive, Glasgow, W.2.

RILEY NINE short-chassis special. 7 ft. 6-in. wheelbase, high axle ratio, completely rebuilt, no body. /90. Seen Phoenix Garage, Hartley Wintney, 3, Pondtail Road, Fleet. Tel. : 588.

1938 MORRIS EIGHT two-door saloon. Exceptiona condition. 1260. Simpson, 20, Branksome Drive Nab Wood, Shipley, Yorks.

AUSTIN SEVEN SPARES, comprehensive stock of new and secondhand. Also the following completely reconditioned engines for sale or exchange, three months guarantee. 1934 Morris Minor, 1932 and 1935 two-bearing Austin Sevens, 1937 three-hearing Austin Seven, complete with gearbox, 1935 Hillman Ten complete with gearbox. Various new and retread tyres including 18-in and 19-in. Retail prices plus carriage. Ford V8 30-h.p. reconditioned distributor and carburetter complete. 1929 Morris Minor o,h.v. saloon new crown wheel and pinion, new brake linings and cables, two new tyres, laid up 12 years, taxed, insured August 1949. /50. P.O.R. All types of work catered for by first-class tradesmen, satisfaction guaranteed. T. H. Shaddick, Littabourrie Garage, Pilton, Barnstaple, Devon.

RILEY “KESTREL” NINE. 1934. Very good condition throughout, four new tyres, finished in metallic bronze with red upholstery. A bargain at 1195. N. Roscoe, Amershant Road, Chalfont St. Giles, Bucks. Tel. : 162.

FOR SALE-continued

SUPERCHARGED F.W.D. ALVIS 2-seater. Negligible mileage since complete overhaul, many mods. include shock-absorbers, special gear-ratios, f oldflat and aero screens, etc. Competed Vintage Prescott 1948. Price £195. Also Alfa-Romeo twin-cam 1,750-c.c. fabric saloon, mechanically good, externally shabby. Nearest £120. Write J. A. Cooper, Portland Towers, I,eicester, or telephone (day) Waterloo 7164, ext. 10.

5,000 MILES, M.G. MIDGET 8-h.p. since complete professional rebuild cost /225. Everything new from the wheels upwards, including super sports body, wings, lamps, upholstery, hood, battery, etc. Any trial. Would consider exchange plus cash for more sedate car 8-12-h.p. Nearest offer /200. Box No. 739, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1. Tel. : Kingston 7825.

RILEY NINE, Black 2-seater. Completely overhauled. (135 or exchange 4-seater. 6, Kingsfield Road, Oxliev, Watford, Herts.

LAGOYDA 2-LITRE Speed Model. Extensively overhauled, sleeved rebore, new bearings and big.. ends, crankshaft ground and fitted by Laystalls, new tyres, battery, safety glass, hood, zipp tonneau cover, mudguards, kingpins, etc., rebuslied, body re-covered and remainder professionally cellulosed. Photos available. E. Wilson, 56, Blundell Drive, Birkdale, Southport.

” ULSTER ” ASTON-MARTIN. The ex-Phipps car, chassis no. 1)/570/U. Unique in having 2-4-seater Mark II type body fitted to original purchasers’ request. Whole car in exceptional condition confirming moderate mileage recorded. Genuine 9096 m.p.h. Owner reluctantly parting to make way for competition car. Further details and offers to Smith, Chateaudun, Lakenheath, Southgate, N.14. Tel. : Palmers Green 2735.

ELVIS ” 12/60 ” 1931. Two-seater, green, body and engine excellent, four very good tyres, recently overhauled, new radiator fitted. The Lodge, Church Road, Worth, Sussex. Tel. : Pound Hill 3201. BITOATTI-2.84,1’TRE supercharged straight-eight “Grand Sport” 3-seater in sound mechanical condition. Box No. 744, MoToa SPORT, 15, City Road,

FOR SALE-continued

DISMANTLING M.G. Midget engine, 1929-32. Spares for disposal. Morris Cowley, late 1031. Coupe taxed, petrol, good running order. Any trial. £32 10s. Barnes, 36, Leigham Avenue, Streatham. M.G. SPARES. ” PA ” gearbox new. ” Kis.7″ prop.shalt, Luvax shockers. Set of Ferodo MZ4I brake linings; six exhaust valves, new ; six inlet valves ; new clutch plate ; pair of rear suspension pins, pair rear springs. Offers. Mackenzie, 6, Berriew Street, Welshpool, Mont. Tel. : I’Velshpool 107. BENTLEY 3-LITRE “BLUE LABEL” 4-seater. Resprayed, mechanically and electrically excellent. Five new tyres, new battery. £140. Eves, 64, The Parade, Leamington Spa. Tel. : 754. SHOCK-ABSORBERS, hydraulic principle (not oil), ex-” Hornet Special,’ new, new, with linkage, powerful action, set (4). £12. Teague, The Cottage, Church Green, Ightham, Kent. ,

1930 LAGONDA 3-LITRE Special tourer. Excellent hood, screens, tonneau cover, upholstery. All instruments O.K., general condition exceptional. P.100 lamps. Oil consumption good, pressure standard. Cruise all day at 65 m.p.h. Taxed, trial by appointment. £330. Fainnan, Holly Lodge, Worth, Sussex. Tel. : Pound Hill 3128.

COMPLETELY RECONDITIONED M.G. ” 32 ” ENGINE. Polished ports and head. Balanced special rods. Not yet run in. Offers. Also” J2″ M.G. gearbox, M.G. ” TA ” front axle, springs, hydraulic brakes. Two 19-in, knock-off wheels. Box No. 752, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1. MERCURY OFFER 1934 2-seater” K2″ Magnette, fitted with Powerplus blower, pre-selector gearbox, huge ribbed alloy brakes, divided track rod, fold-flat and aero screens, Scintilla Vertex, outside .exhaust system, recent complete engine overhaul, new hood, tonneau, etc. A specimen motor car that really goes. At present using twin S.I.T.s in lieu of supercharger. £395. Any car or motor-cycle taken in part exchange. Mercury Motors, 383, Northolt Road, South Harrow. Tel. : Byron 2057. M.G. L-TYPE Continental. coupe. Registered November 1935, recently completely overhauled, 80 lbs. pressure, new S.U.s, battery. Tyres, body good. All petrol. Fast and economical. £225. 6, Church Hill Road, Handsworth, Birmingham, FOR SALE-continued

3-LITRE BENTLEY “RED LABEL” speed model. V.D.P. 4-seater, fold-fiat screen and aero screens, four new tyres, excellent spare, large sump engine 1927, high ratio back axle, petrol capacity 22 gallons, clutch relined, brakes drums skimmed, new linings. Past economical, sound car. Any trial. £395. Box No. 745, Moron SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1.

SUPERCHARGER Centric 26° for 1+-litre. As new. No carburetter or manifold. £18. Aston-Martin 1 i-litre cylinder head with valves, guides and springs. £10. Also four new cylinder liners. £3. Electric chill, fin. heavy duty, just reconditioned. £9. Kramer, 43, Lichfield Court, Richmond, Surrey. Tel. : Richmond 2707.

FIFTY-TWO “AUTOuARS” from September 1947 56 ” Motors” from August 1947; Walkerley’s “Grand Prix ” ; MOTOR SPORTS from March 1048. Offers to Box No. 753, Moron SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1.

HOTCHKISS 2+-LITRE 21 -h.p. sports four-door saloon. All new glass, tyres and battery. Fast, low 1935 roomy car of character. Seats six and a boot to carry trunks. Thoroughly reliable. 20 m.p.g. Just returned over St. Gothard and Susten Passes from Rome trip at a cost of 14s. for repairs. Thirty gallons of coupons and car for £90 cash. Delivered anywhere in England with pleasure. Write R. S. Baker, 17, Brighton Road, Purley. DELAGE “DM” WEYMANN SALOON perfect mechanically, good tyres. Alvis blown f.w.d. chassis, shortened and in need of slight attention, running order, several spares. Scintilla MN0 overhauled as

new, suit 3-litre, ” 10/80 ” Lagonda, etc. Rapier kingpins and bushes. 37s. 6d. per set complete, shackle pins and bushes from 13s. 6d. Valves 25s. each. Pistons, gaskets, wheel hearings, waterpump glands, °Meals, etc., always in stock. C.O.D. per return. Shackle pins and bushes, valve guides, etc., made to pattern at competitive prices. Downtou Engineering Works, Ltd., Downton, Wilts.

FOR SALE-continued

BARGAINS IN TYRES and accessories. CV Bosch horn. £2. 12V Bosch horn UK 12B model with tone control. £4. One 12V Bosch trumpet model. 1;3. One Lucas Super Alto trumpet model. £3 10s. ” Supervox ” French suction-operated horn, tones from a hum to a scream guaranteed to shift anything alive. £4. Tyres, Pair s.h. 600 by 21 and tubes. 50s. each. Pair s.h. 600 by 20 and tubes. 30s. each. Pair as new 600 by 18 tyres and tubes. £5 each. Pair 720 by 120 B.E. perfect. £2 each. Also 815 by 105 and tube. £1. 880 by 120 as new. 30s. Some 895s and 21-in. inners and R.W. wheels for 21-in. R. S. Baker, clo Chipstead Post Office, Surrey.

VAUXHALL “23160” fitted small truck body, otherwise in original condition. Engine carefully checked over, new battery, electric pump, etc. Spares include complete engine (less one piston), crown wheel, pinion, all races, front axle with hubs, two rear hubs, brake drums and hub caps, front spring, radiator, brake shoes, three spare wheels, tyres and tubes. £05 or offers, Austin Seven spares. Three-speed gearbox, clutch plates complete, induction manifold, timing cover, tap water outlet. 30s. MacLagan, ” Morenish,” Sledgate Lane, Wickersley, Rotherham.

V. W. DERRINGTON, LTD., 159 and 200, London Road, Kingston-on-Thames. 500-c.c. special modified Austin chassis fitted dirt track racing Douglas engine, and four-speed and reverse gearbox giving terrific performance. Fully equipped for road use with five new tyres, most attractive lightweight 2-seater body, built and registered 1947. Only £0 tax. £135. Austin Seven” Swallow” 2-seater, long-tailed body. Running order but needs rebuilding. £35. Bugatii, magnificent aero-dynamic body Type-43 fitted 44 engine giving over 100 m.p.h. and 28 m.p.g. (genuine). Mechanically perfect and the most wonderful car to drive, being fitted with fluid flywheel, pre-selector gearbox, 3.5 to 1 back axle ratio, Scintilla Vertex magneto, S.U. carburetters, brand new oversize battery, 13-in built-in Marechal headlamps and every conceivable extra. Concealed drophead seating three abreast, with huge luggage capacity. The most luxurious and outstanding car at a fraction of cost to build. £600.

FOR SALE—continued

V . W. DERRINGTON LTD., for all sports spares and equipment. Chromium-plated tubular luggage grids from C. Brookiands aero-screens with quickly detachable universal fittings 48s. Bonsia quickacting filler caps, chromium-plated, from 2i-in. at 21s., to 4-in. 70s., with locks 5s. extra. ” Deep Note” exhaust systems from £3. Cycle wings 6-in. 15s., 8-in. 18s. 6d. Sheet aluminium 6-ft. by 3-ft. by 22g., 25s. 18g., 40s. Duralumin 19s., 30s. Light alloy bucket seats 55s. Steel-framed bucket seats with Latex upholstery trimmed best leather cloth 85s. each, real leather 95s. Huge stocks Scintillas, Lucas and B.T.H. Vertex magnetos, from £8 10s. Superchargers, most makes, instruments, speedometers, rev.-counters, headlamps, spot and fog lamps, Windtone horns. F.I.A.T. spares, largest stockist 500, 1.100 and 1,500, reconditioned engines, starters, dynamos and radiators, complete servicing facilities. U.G.spares, vertical drive roller races 8s. 6cl.pair,rocker bushes M-type 8s. 6d., J onwards 7s. 6d., valve guides 7s. 6d., gaskets, ball races, axle shafts, hub units, representative stock at reasonable prices. 1947 ” TC ” M.G. black and beige, fully equipped with all our extras, genuine 10,000 miles. £625. Every model F.I.A.T, in stock, 500’s from £175, 1,100’s front £325, 1,500’s from £350, reconditioned and recellulosed. Send stamp for descriptive list of sports and racing cars, always a choice of over 25 reconditioned cars. V. W. Derrington, Ltd., 159 and 200, London Road, Kingston-on-Thames. Tel. 5621-2. 1934 LANCIA ” AUGUSTA ” pillarless saloon. Very economical little hack car, licensed. £165. Apply to R. L. West and J. Jane. Tel. : Western 7369. BROOKLANDS RILEY rARTS. Set four h.e. Covmo pistons 60 thou. oversize, with gudgeon pins and all rings. Induction manifold, two-stud with two Zenith, all levers, etc. 1933 Morgan-J.A.P. parts four-stud wheel and V.G. 5.25 by 17 Dunlop sports knobbly and valve, 18-tooth driving sprocket, steering drop arm (square rod) front suspension bronze sliding member L side. Two combined centre rods and mudguard stays, o.h.v. rocker box (one half cracked) and cover plate. Bosch magneto type DF4A four-cylinder. Palmer, 4., The Heath, Chalcion, Caterham, Surrey, FOR SALE—continued

BUGATTI Type 50 (4.9. sic), 2-3-seater. Perfect condition. Equipment includes many special fittings and large quantity of spares. Annual tax £10. Giles, “Park Lodge,” Dursley, Glos.

” K1 ” MAGNETTE TOURER, resprayed original duo-blue. New mains and camshaft bearings recently. Two new tyres, others good, hood as new, generally excellent. £225. Roberts, 6, Grange Road, Southport.

M.G. late” PA.” Completely overhauled by makers in 1946 at a cost of £350 (detailed bills available and including new cylinder block, gearbox, uphol stery, hood, cellulose and new Hartfords. Set of four unused tyres, new spare battery and king pins. The car looks as new ; owner getting larger car for

reasons. £500. Hahne, Warren Edge, East Mailing, Kent. Tel. : West Mailing 3327.

SCIPPIILLA MAGNETOS four-cylinder and eightcylinder (clockaise). £2 10s. each. Pair large C.A.V. headlamps, nickel, perfect condition. 1,3 10s. pair. 1935 Singer Nine crown/pinion/differential assembly. £6. Five new 400 by 19 Indias. 12V ” Unis-France ‘shorn, terrific note. 30s. Collection of spares, accessories, etc. Interesting list s.a.e. 14, Wellington Street, Millom, Cumberland.


SPORTS CARS. T. & T. interested in purchase of good sports cars. Thomson & Taylor (Brooklands) I,td., Portsmouth Road, Cobham, Surrey.

SPORTS CAR urgently wanted ; condition, age, distance and price unimportant. Box No. 9, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.J.

“SPEED SIX” BENTLEY CHASSIS wanted for re-building and re-bodying. Condition immaterial. Box No. 751, MOTOR Secner, 15, Cite Road, E.C.I.

COPY OF “THE MOTOR,” DEC. 30th, 1930. 8-litreBentley road wheel, ignition selector switch and ammeter. 0. Batten, Markly, Warbleton, Heathfield.

DELAGE, FOR D.R. MODEL, FLYWHEEL with internal tooth presser-plate location ; also centreplate for this clutch and instruction hook for any 14-h.p. model. Beavis, 46, 1:rewhouse Hill, Wheathampstead, Herts.

CENTkIFUGAL SUPERCHARGER, Graham oxLord if possible. Running order, with carburetter. Monro, 32. Clarendon Road, Vatford, Herts.

AUSTIN SEVEN ” ULSTER ” ENGINE, preferably blown. Full particulars to Carlisle, 43, South Parade, .Bramhall, Cheshire. Tel. : Bramhall 122.

GENUINE ENTHUSIAST, totally impecunious, seeks. vintage light car, any condition or make, for small stun. Can anyone ‘help ? Box No. 735, MOTOR SPoRT, 15, City Road. E.C.I.

WANTED.-2 or 4-seater tourer body for 1936,37 or 38 Morris Eight. Scales, 12, Tut Hill, Scarborough.

WANTED.—Riley Kestrel 14-litre 1935-37 Speciat series, preselector. Price, full particulars. Thornicroft, 58, Shenstone Avenue, Rugby.

REQUIRED DROPHEAD COUPE, not more than 2-litre. Good quality vintage not objected to.. Must be very reasonably priced. Pull details, please,. to Griffin, Church Street, Wisliech, Cambs.

AMILCAR CHASSIS WANTED. Complete front,. rear axles, steering, wheels. State price.

Ramsey House, New Road, Broomfield, Chelmsford..

500-C.C. COOPER or similar, with or without engine. Fullest details and price to Box No. 732, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, F,.C.1.


DEFLECTOR HEAD and handbook for Meadows 4 ED Frazer-Nasli. Moffat, The Park, Yeovil.

WANTED OPEN OR CLOSED BODY. Suitable for fitting to M.G. type TB chassis. Brockington, Greenhayes, Newlands Road, Sidmouth, Devon. FOR LANCIA “LAMBDA.” Two Rudge knockoff hub caps. Also 780 by 150 or 775 by 145 B.E. tyres. Neal, 53b, Warwick Road, Bishops Stortford, Herts. 9-12-1I.P. SPORTS or touring car. About 1930-37 models. First-class mechanical condition essential. Price and particulars. 8, Westgate Road, Rugby. PROPELLOR SHAFT for Surbaisse

Also pinion and flexible joint material. G. Taylor, i,ittle Cheam, Higher Kingston, Dorchester, Dorset.

ALVIS SIX-CYLINDER CHASSIS, i.f.s. Preferred with coachwork and generally complete, but less engine and box. Could offer 1936 Vauxhall Fourteen saloon being at present overhauled in direct exchange. J. Wardle & Company, Normacot, Stoke-on-Trent. Tel. : Longton 3501.

AUSTIN SEVEN parts, new or secondhand. Sports, Special, Standard. In particular, an L.M.B, i.f.s. axle and Girling-type front axle ex-1937-8 ” Ruby.” Austin Seven Service, Kirby Wiske, Think, Yorks.

INSTRUCTION BOOK for 1937 Riley 1 -litre ” Lynx.” Beaumont, 41, Cleveland Road, Marsh, Huddersfield. WANTED FOR IMMEDIATE USE by young enthusiast in Bristol. Sports car up to 1,100-c.c. Bodywork unimportant. Works must he good, compatible with reasonable price. Box No. 743, MOTOR SPORT, 1.5, City Road, E.C.1

FAN AND ROCKER ROLLER for 4i -litre Bentley. Simpson, 29, Brauksome Drive, Nab Wood, Shipley, Yorks.

LET US HAVE YOUR DETAILS (and photographs if possible) of your car for sale, we have a long waiting-list of buyers. Box No. 736, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1.

SINGLE 11-IN. BORE S.U. CARBURETTER wanted in any condition. 7, Shirehall Close, Hendon, ‘N.W.4.


OLD 2-SEATER BODY (any condition) for 8 ft. 7-in. chassis, approximately 47-in, wide, to be sent to Brighton. Box No. 746, MOTOR SPORT,. 15, City Road, E.C.1.

KNOCK-ON 19-IN. WHEELS for 1934-5 Riley Nine. One or more required urgently. Collett,” Mill Inn,” Withington, Glos.


“SPEED TWENTY” ALVIS, Talbot or Lagonda, etc., about 1936. Cash waiting. Immediate deal if price is reasonable. Please ring Wallington 7114 (Surrey). ENTHUSIAST urgently needs wheels and many other spares for 1935 Adler 13-h.p. saloon. Instruction book and any other information also wanted on these cars. Box No. 734, MOTOR SPORT,

15, City Road, E.C.1. MISCELLANEOUS

OXFORD AND DISTRICT.—SPECIAL OFFER: Your sports or special sprayed your colour for 412 10s. Satisfaction guaranteed. Cars collected, returned, radius 10 miles. Callers welcomed at Bentley Garage, Milton Common, Oxford. DESIGN, detailing and alteration of chassis and engine by qualified and pre-war experienced designerdraughtsman solves your problem. Box No. 737, Maros SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1. TWO ENTHUSIASTS wish to meet one other willing to help and/or assist financially in building and running interesting small special in next season’s events or rebuild existing 11-litre sports CRT, already competed 1946-7-8. Palmer, 4, The Heath, Chaldon, Caterhaxa, Surrey. SITUATIONS WANTED

OPENING IS SOUGHT by educated young man (22), rabid enthusiast ; artistic ; mechanical. Can do drawing board work if necessary. Willing to travel ; do anything. Box No. 723, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1.

ENTHUSIAST, aged 25, desires post dealing with practical and project work on racing and sports cars and specials. Six years engineering apprenticeship, also drawing and design experience. Box No. 754, WYPOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1. MECHANIC FULLY SKILLED and experienced in preparation of competition cars requires interesting and responsible position, February/March, 1949. Willing to work any hours and in any part of country. Box No. 747, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1.

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