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No insertion will be made unless prepaid. Copy received after first post on the 21st of month will be held over until the next issue unless cancelled in writing. The publishers reserve the right to refuse or withdraw copy without notice and do not hold themselves responsible for matters arising from office or works errors. FOR SALE BENTLEY 3-LITRE NV, droplie:111 4 seater COnfiti. EN tem:Elie overlianled, resprayed, re upholstered. ln»nactilate condition throughout. /..475. Offers ot exchange. Box No. 650, Mo rou SProtr, 15, City Road, (2501 RILEY LYNX tourer. Recioclitioned throughout, uppreirrani.4,. J C. Slor:Its, Itarpem. Plcshey, Chelmsford, K.-sex. /250. r2502

MOTOR SPORT. Vols. XV to XXVI, niche:ire. Unbound, in excellent condition, a kw utrinbers missing. Offers. Clarke, 22, Alvechurch Road. Heath, Birmingham, 31. (2503 ALVIS ” 12/50 ” SPARES. Set tinting wheels ; three 68 mai. pistons with rings.’ four-point gtitelkix ; Makin prop…shaft. Dav 7 Western ‘Terrace; Falmouth, Cornwall. 12505 43LITRE-BENTLEY. In magnificent iflint condition throughont• Lowswcpt 4-seater sports Italy by Ccnsica, finisheil Burgundy mut chronic, III Mimi ici ilate trim Excellent tyres. Extras

ineltide Zeiss mirror reflector tight, Niellotones, large rev. .counter, tonii,an covers, etc.

A faultkss sports car ii the trint nidition which will assuredly be sold to the lirst genuine imimirer.

Sale purely for domestic reasons. Prio• conmder exchange small post. war saloon eat, old freehold how,v or cottage with vacant posse,sion. cT tUV reasonable propositions submitted. xvrit,.. 34, Selsdon .14ond, Smith Croydon, Surrey. [2506 BTROBIBER0 downtinitight earburet ter,., kitest type, suitable for 41,-litre engine or A Ilan I, etc. As new. Two elbow inductions (or 4+ litre Lagonda. Market:15M 0:tinges, 1,141.. 1V0.odlatitge Road, Guildford. Tel. : Guildford 4603. (2510 FAST CABIN LAUNCR, Meardows ent4ne, N).’olseley }forget Saloon, 1934, Mumma:rte. /175 or exchange for Talbot ” 21 ” drophead or similar type. Dr. Lyons, GrosVenor Sanatorium, Ashford,

Kent. (3512 Rimy Span. Six Martlet pistons, 57 nun. Plus 20 thou., compression ratio 8 tel 1, complete with rings and pins, little used, £4 15s. Four B.H.B. 61.5 flint., normal ratio, without rings or phis, 30s. Curburetters, twin Zeniths, SO V.1/l1. /.5 per Pair. Speedometer for 9•11.P.’ new £3 10s. Also sundry ‘! 12/6 ” sprat’s, con-rods, camshafts, dyminio, etc. Apply ” Doetnr.” 1, Stanley Avenue, Wembley.

(2513 VAUXHALL ” 20/80 ” 2,-S seater sports, 1931. Retuned and re.entled December, 1949. Following mime& 1950 tyres; horn, radiator. battery, clutch, front spring, half shaft and hood. Electric Indio] pump fitted. AlSo complete spare nurchine ex-saloun production rivulet (1 runner, just). /2(X) or offer.

Most sell having purchased Ilispanci. Tel. : Scott, Kulglitsbridge 2159 or write 5, Egerton Court. pew.. Street. [25114 FOR SALE-continued BUGATTI TYPE 55„ supercharged 2.3-litre. First registered 1936. A 1.,onifortable 2.seater with In7’n(150,fle SwetPing lirccs. Roomy dickey seat or luggage ba.g. Not a dismiiied racing car. Performance, (1-507.6 sec., maximum 100. plus m.p.h. Really SO fast a touting lair that one hardly ever meets anyone on the road to have a dice with ticis. teen direfully maintained and full details of all recent maintenanee work can be given. Now in thoroughly

genuine reliable comfit ion. Has Lipped erstone Club circuit 75 m.p.h. Cturagh Course, Kildare, 68 m.p.h. 5031 :lily time by uppointment, rricv 0350, Si. F. V.inlat. 14. higcriry 1 lull, Osgodby, Lincoln. owersby ‘Moor 255. 12516

1322 “38.4 ” LANCHESTER beam dyne front axle, complete with wheels and track rod. Suntmerrom Bat tenita. S.W.11.

20.8.11.p. coupe. .00 onjc…!Z fOr quick sale. 131. Sydney Road. Ilornsee, N.8. ‘fa Hillside .4924. between 2-5 min. ;2519


:tC(fIlire Roll’s’ Rove,’ Silver Ghost ehiacusis. In excellent running order, and has been in daily use as breakdown vehicle, only being sold Ilinnigh purchase of four-wheel ,drive vehicle. Can be ,seen and tried at the Fleetwood Service Station, ‘,ratherbead Haul. Cliessington, Surrey. Tel. : Epsont9599.

/2522 .1049/1950 LANCIA APRILIA 2itil series with Pinto Farina special cirophead couptI coachwork from 1949 International Motor Show ; 1.414t1 ex, fitted with Zenith I30,V.1.9. emburetter and Andre telecontrol shock.atisinliers. Upholstery in reit leather. Heater. and radio fitted. limmunlate COla ion throughout. tVrite Box No, 652, 51o1 , Is, City Road, px,,t, ‘Weybridge 3247 IWiW(.ell 9 :LIM-5.50 P•tn.1 after that ‘’cYbridgc 4696. 1.2523 FOR SALE-continued

BENTLEY 43-LITRE supercharged coupe, 1931.

Engine required otherWise car in excellent ..-onunion. Reasonable offer Considered or part exchange 1939 saloon or coupe AstomlItartin. I. The Co:scent, Tyiuminuth. 72525 LAGONDA 31-LITRE. late 1934 /Aimless saloon, This i’sr has itone only 2,0041 miles since complete enthusiast, including rebore, crankshaft reground, rewired throughout, re upholstered, par t Scullsfitted new springs :Mil five new

(Vies, CININVII wheel and top and third gears.

In excellent mechanical condition With ten years fife in it. .Re eellulosed a light gre)’. Photograph, sent on request. 000. Capt. Stimsfield, Trekton Grange, Beverley. Yorks. [2526

TWIN S.U. CARBuarrEns from 1938 Riley Adel/ Mc, with inlet manifold, air filter, and linkage. /7. Slithers, Wardroom. R.N.A:S., Ciaport, Hants. BUILD AN ARC WELDER (AC. mains), Fsi/.225”15’221,87, Plans and easy ro follow instructions. ru;. 6d. Dixon, Peterborough Road, Farid, Peterlairongh failiCtiiiiiT,F4-40saI. In racing trin-i7vtiii-iiii-ph twin engine, converted FIAT eliaiAs. Best offer over /1(111. Monerieff, Links ltoad, Leven, Fife. (2529 M.O. M.TYPE 11)34). Condition rough, remote. four,peed gearbox tilted. Spare bloc:k and Odd kia,rtrist.. Offers over /45. Gill, 126. Park Road, (14r1, )3(


oil Pump. Nod:, 1.w.bes ettelssliaftS. hese:nig. I, flywheel. pair St’s. dynamo, speedo.,

meter, rev.. counter. ” C ” gearbog, half she( IS. Starter. Vaults! 41 -l(t re I s t , reV…e01111ter drive, 3.53 t43) oh, Rex No. 653, MOTOR Skin”, .1.5. City Road, E.C.1.135L12 SINUER NINE Eli:GINE coniplele. -Singer Jtirtior 1:iglit gearbox ‘tartly Stiteer ettelsol type / in diameter flange with splined shaft. Valtxhall Tell Mice! with 5.35 bY Ilium lyre and tube. ‘Morris Eight carburetter, less float Chanther. Offers. 13. Eastern Street, Aylesbury; Bucks. (2.533 43-LITRE BENTLEY. Vanden Pins tourer. Reconditioned engine, new radiator, five new Vuulops very soil nil cond it i? in Nearly ineW hood and tonneau. /380 cur off,: us e.vehunge for interusting ope» 1,100 or 1,5W .e.C. sports car, plus dish. ” Hart Hilt Cottage,” Jackman’s Lane, SI, Jolla’s, Woking, Surrey. 19534 BENTLEY 1930 43-LITRE, P.11. series. Black fabric saloon body. Genuine low mileage car. Just exAfeKenzie (Loudon) overhaul. Pilled Bi-selt.C.A.V. sliding armature startr-r. Chassis in superb order. a specimen example. Inspection and offers iniv2i5t4:51 by appointment. Hill, Borcland, Lockettie, Dum

friesshire. : Borchind :12. TALBOT 110 33-LITRE. Streamlined saloon. IfiTtry by Harr:ten. Green leather. Mechanically in excellent condition. Fitted Wilson preseleetor gearbox. Carefully used by company taking delivery new car. First registered 1936. offers around /250. Write : Box 6714, ithrIOR SPord, 15, City Road, .125341 M.G. 1985, N-TYPE-MAGNE”TTE, 2.seater. ItecOndi• timed engine and transmission. Bills shown• Quito cictn oo,goo pet)runiilet-: lrif• Box NO. 654, AoroRsropT,1),tityu‘.,1c.i? ;2538 M.G. MIDGET 8-H.P. 4-seater sports roadster : one oh the few 4 .Sea ten+ to be produced ; finished niall,Otr. Itelnote control fly -off lscntl turuke and all the trimmings. !intim:nil), suitable young enthusiast. A bSolute gift at 045. Cann:len 5101ms, Lake Street, Leighton Ititxxard, Beds. Tel. : Leighton ltrwzard -2041 (4 lines). Hire pinch:Ise, part.cgehanges, free delivery. Write for our’ catalogue. (2539 FOR SALE—continued ENTHUSIASTS’ DELIGHT—I:niter-Nash 11-lit re T.T. Replica. British racing green, outside exhaustS, 4t.1n, instruments, right-hand change ; 17-1n. Blueinels ” Brooklands ” steering wheel, smxial gangs’s, racing tyrx-s. Goes like ix rocket. Golden opportunity rit 1275. Camden Motors, f Ake Street, Leighton Buzzard, Beds. Tel. : Leighton Buzzard 2041 (4 Ihu.s.). Hire Purchase, hart’ changes, free delivery. Write for our post-fret catalogue. 12539 AUSTIN ,”750 ” ” UlaTER;” unsupertharged, wha.Ssis. Gond working Order. Offers over /45. Circular web crank engine, 118. Other useful sttare’.. 241, Longlitidgi. Lane. Northfield,

12540 MIL TYPE SA, 1937, coupe. Green, with ktufek on wheels and radio. Woitfd exchange fast 2-seater.

Eleteher, 9, Adams Road, ‘Cambridge. [2541 LEA-FRANCIS “i240,” 1029. Closed 2,seater body. Graal tyres. battery…ie. Very reliable. /55. Clereq, Woodbury, Elinsleigh Gardens, tiooth. annitim. ;2549

A.C. Ancient crate, 1030, 9,seater. Insured June. Lost between Glasgow and London, front main bearing. Reward, Cannot afford resurrection or pay garage. Unreasonable offer accepted. Sutton. ‘rd.: Vigilant 5495. (2544 1937 RILEY 11-LITRE CRANKSHAFT :old eon.rOits. Reground Riley Limits and rods rimtetallcd, unused since. /10 tis. Garlick, 19, Lupton :atter, London, N.W.5. TO.: c’adliver 3)97. :2545 1929 HUMBER 8-11.P. tourer. Engine good, Inalx work shabby, but is being cffectivefy Or near, Gould, Springfield Drive, Blaeldteath: Birmingham, or Tel. : Halesinven 1248. 21.1(1 HUMBER-IlikETCSNfPE. 2711.P., w .1

First registered 11148, tax 110. Good tyre’, 900 by 13. Colour, silver-grey. Brown moltorstery, New battery. Excellent condition througland. /325, near offer. Tel. : Leigh-on-Sea 74206. STREAMLINED UTILITY BODY, 15. M.G. 1-.2141i: manual. Wattled ” l’It ” M.G. burly rear .4 doors,

slab tank, windscreen hood, hood frame, ” Pl4″ manual. 15, Melton Road. Tottenham. Howard 2390. 12550 $15 0.11.0. STRAIGHT-RIGHT ANUICAR engine, 2 litre. 20 lip., ex-elliten and gearlog, Ta7 New -Crtg:s 1002 idaYtilltei• 12551 ROLLS-ROYCE SILVER GHOST. at meson tilted halt ,teock body, w heck CI lovertoI 32 by It tyres. Would sell tomplete Of for spares. .511 inquiries to

Edwards & (Itournemourk), 1,4.1., 980082. Christchurch Road, Boscoml Bournemonth

Tel. tim I hbourne 103211033. MORGAN SUPER—SPORTS. :931. Water e0i1e,1 J.A.P., coupled brakes. Nlaguiliceta condition thronghout. /ISO, or exchange tor Riley Nine sports. IBA NO. 979, MOrOir Stoat, 15, City Road, I. 1933 ALVI8 FIREFIN 9-sinter. t;Oral engine, 11,1:2,5:13 Maker’s reconditiOned box, buck mde. Goes well ; 30 m.p.g. Body roughish. South Lanes. /150 or exchange. Box No. 957, Moron SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1, 21,55

3-LITRE LAGONDA pitlarleas sok…, 1933. Recent tssly renovation. Engine and tyres excell.:1 it. Si ‘me engine available, otso magneto. Bargain at /275. IMITOUgh, 1,angforil Court Farm, nem Itri.tol.

VINTAGE VAUXHALL ” 3(198 ” 1928 in.Stel. Erigint• OE 291, I(.1.: 2110. months since 1934. Mileage 31,000. Colour, 11.11. grecti. V -type front axle with hydrattlics. Reputed youngest specimen” existent. Collexdor’spiee. Ta.eed. /400 or near offer. Lloyd, West image. Little Pax ton, St. Neols. : tit. Neots 334. /2557 44-LITRE INVICTA, 11199. Cmnpletely rebuilt 1934 Just eompleting /SO overhaul. Very sound through

Reason sale, owIlle,e getting married. Excellent value at 090. Box N,i. 958, Nhertni Spo.R-r, /5. City Road, E.C.1. ;2558 BRAND NEW OVER-DRIVE ASSEMBLY 6i:111,1.1i-, to lit Riley ” 141/4.” Reasonable price. Box 130. 067, Moloa spour, 15. City Road, E.C.I. (2559 £235 RENAULT TWELVE. Actual 1935 !drOw Ilealltif idly maintained Il.,(14,.111e51101114.1111y; leather. New tyrts. II, Wraith: ROmi. EV’ortl Tel. , Epsom 2039, (25611 FIAT 500. Two chassis Joined togetlwr, with all independent susperistim, hydraulic Itmins., antral FIAT steering box. Ideal for 500 ex:. raying cm. PlAT 500 xhassis, darnaged, wishbones, uprights, hubs rind briiIes. 192s Anstin Seven :t.speed gearbOx, rear e011114ete, crankcase, roost engine pans, two fold-dat :3efet:11..3. Morris Eight front axle with linikir.s. and Indet. Wanted : ” J2″ cylinder head Alia CrOWII Wheel I014.1 piniOn. Radiator stone.gnard for ” I,A ” MG, Offers Fisher, Balmer La W11, ltroeketilturst, Hants. Td. : Prockenhurst 3309. 12561 MARSHALL SUPERCHARGER for ” TArilt M.G. Ahsoltitely complete with pipes, eMbirretter. belt, gauge, sprocket. de. Reason tor sale. .1eliver y 14 ” saloon. Nordee Wanted. Exchange for .ell;,qtusdl, t,t;:l.Fp1111111, otter ref risel I

Pox No 959. Moron !s•Volet, 15, City E C.1 . 1.9592 FOR SALE—continued

1350 HEALEY 1947 Roadster. Body badly damaged by fire Irian bulkhead to boot. Rest Complete. Chassis, engine and tyres undrunaged and excellent caindrtfini. Box No. 690, moron SPOILT. 15, City Road, 12565 LEA-FRANCIS ” 16/70 ” In exceptional condition. First registered April, 1939 ; mileage 45,700, believed genuine. Good tyrts ;two spare wheels with almost nest tylx,.4. Single overhearl Calif Leil-Frawk engine. Offers around 4226• N. Collis…ft, 22. T;unworth, Stalls. (2566 BERFLSHERNT0R-CYCLESALESlt changing stmek of l.,otlr post-strar and prewar motor.eycles, including all models ol triumph, 11.S.A., A.J.S., Panther, 1111ttfilleSS, NOTt011, Iloth xi ilus and e0/1111illat ions. We are 111S0 in buying good clean motor,eyeles. It,)’. arranged. 12, IS or 24 tuouth.s. 99. Titbits Road, Willi:sites!. N.W.10 (2 mins. Willesile:n Jonetion station). 12566 ALFA-ROMEO. TYPE 60. 1.5000.0., 1/.11.C. by ;lames iNuang, Needs nothing spent. Details from advertiser, who will answer all inquiries. Box N’ti 9111, Moron SPottr. 15, city Road. E.C•1. :2599

185 -HUMBER NINE, 1927, .1scalet tome, Origuirtl condition. Completeb werlialtiod. engine sleeved, crank reground, 14″alings nettle) ,tIlis I, tn..* timing wheels magneto iind dynamotor recondi lioned. Clutch, ;wakes relined, new king-plus, bushes. New Maul, all tyres gorsl. Full tool kit and instruction books. Spare engine, gearbox, back. front axles. Taxed, in:lured. Ilitxxon, 13, Sowerby Avenue, Luton, Beds. %V nil,’ or call (letters ansiscreil). 1,2571 B.M.W. 2-L1TRE 12 Iten I:1’11MM VidVeS. .te diameter .932 jltclICS, /5. FIAT 1,100 Arnott’s supercharger kit, complete with earbitrettet, tank, ready to tit. Will give atunping mum.. 630 only. Ring, thirge Hotel, Shrewsbury Tel.: Shrew:bitty :05711. 12579 1936 A.C. (;rt`yI101.1tIll F;(1.01I. Mail. Well maintained. 43011. 16,11 1:111* for winter Webb, High Crose,s, Croy:borough. Sussex. ;2573

FIAT 608 bmitr, 1934. 9115 c:c Engine, riverbanks!. Reliable : I .6011 oil, 45 pet rot. Body presentable. /St), I hsvialen, Jealotts 11111, Brat knell. Berkshire. 12574 LANdiA—AfiGUSTA, 1935. Ile:it -I I l,N,T III Ott y independent stiSpension leather seals in baCk , ;OWN 1,attery. Fast ‘India’. /295. 1 t..x 5,.. 993, moron Sroro, IS, Cit!. Road, ;3579 MERCEDES-BENZ nizor•edgeil salooll, sunshine roof, Freestone 8. ‘Webb bort) ; 85.4 11.p.. muter ill:inter and overdrive. First Wgistcreil 11,314

Ntileage 22,250. Six IWW tyre!, EV;(1,11..11;11 car. ill Slit avoiont cOttiti111,11. L1,750. It., na,t, If..rost SPoirr, IS, Cill Road, E.C.I. ;2577 FOR SALE—continued 1930 LANCIA DILAMBDA 32-H.P. Whynnussi saloon. Chassis parts. including clutch, tramniksion, brake gear and lintkcs, Ind, binirititni. suspension, shock-aly.sorbers and steering all dismantled, checked arid retitled or renewed as needed. Wheels rebuilt, radiator and iminp overhauled, starter and generator stripped, cheeked and renewed where necessary. Bills front Lancia (Engtand) 1,,td. for this work be shown. IViring has been renewed

ant) headlamp reidafra 1:ertex and S.II. petrol taunt, fitted. Body sound and weatherproof but tatty, recently re•roofed. Tyres lair to bad. Needs new battery and engine overhaul. I las proved nt telly reliable, cruises 50-55 all day, :iv…rages Ill irr p.h. front point to point, at 1517 m.p.g. At present laid lip, 115111/r offers. BOX No. lull , .Movitt SPORT, 1:1. City Iroad, E.C.1. f2578 “3.2/40” LEA-FRANCIS I95[) cylinder block, pistons, rings and gudgeon:). littering column. box

WOTIll, &Op-Win complete. Fair offers accepted: Edwards, 95, pper Eimers End Road.

Beckenham Tel.: Beckenham 1564. ;2579 ALTA 2:LITRE, 1,961-0.0., exJohn Heath. Jude’ pendent suspension. 11AV. Alta engine with font Antal carlairetters fitted by 11.W. Motors, Three tank axle ratios. one 4.F. Two Sets ,A pistons. lit full staats car trim. Very reliable. Photographs on request. /1,2$0. Peter R. llollon, II. R. Martindale Limited, 14, Harrison Street, Briggate, Leeds, 1. (2680 1924 OE “30/98 ” VAUXHALL. Excellent conditiou ; dries: away. /;125. offer, or exchange smaller car. Holmes, 49, North Promenade, Cave leys, Lanes. ‘re). : Cleyeleys 2079. O2589 IAN BURGESS has for disposal his sitecessfirl 1950 C” opsr 1,141 This our ha: run in 12 events, gaining eight platys. Just rebuilt by the works am! ready for next QSLSOII. /500 Wit11011l Logi., rear wheels and long range Bid tanks. All as 1)M, 3.A.P. (menu! available. Ian Iturgts.S, The Ilittmlionia… undo /tills, ItIctehingley, Surrey. ‘1’0.: Illi.tehingle) 23S. 2682 PAIR OF CHROME Lukas 12,Yoll wind horns. Lost 0:7 IS,,, uest•T tlStA, Ile•A offer. Box No. 069, Nbroa, Suoitt, 15, City Road, 1/.C.I. (2584 SUNBEAM ” 2400 ” tourer. In process of restoftt b.r 21 years. For sale at very low Mane Full details on request. Christman, Church Ro;u1, 3m. Throughtoff, Worcs. or Td. : Biliningharn, ticlly Oak I IN•5, thiritig WOrking i2586 LANCIA LAMBDA 14-11.P. tourer, in good t’ondi tion sszis 5.25 and 5.50 by 18 ; Ivies Span. engini front a Colltpiete with

..ii,jri•D;,1,.I1 cont9tete. cooper, 17$. stoeki,,u1 .1ifitttek. manebester. 12688 SERIES LANCIA LAMBDA tourer in excellent condition, engine billy overhauled. New tyres 011 10,11ill ; hood, tonneau : radiator rebuilt , fill instrinitents working. (275„ Gibelon, 23, troeliamptou Gate, ti.Vi .15. ;2589 BENTLEY SPEED SIX, 1929, Freestone Waif”

2-‘1”tir SImm Li. •;4310011; C1)1111iIi(>1) ; reCellidostal and rewired ; more tInut /250 spent.

(kind tyres Photo suppliell. /325 or near offer, Box No. 972. Moron SVORT. 15, City Road. [2580 ASTROVA SPECIAL, I, ix ((Iet.. 1950), Rover

‘ 14,31,” sports’ 9.seater. 1:xcellent cowl it ion nualtaniyally, body needs only slight at tentimi.

Coot) hood, tyro:, battery. ,’ti rewired , 111.9.K. 1:12:, ‘forma, pax id Lane, l’i:Mtkott.1101, I, YorkS. 2:,S)


,4,orts °Ina’ -I SI;111c1″ body. Genuine ari m.p.h. Polished rods and ports ; I g -in. ti.t*., lull set ritatchist instruments telecontrols ;

if IS tyres !including ti.,,, nor I ltin10110. .1Mb…A complete spare engine, grarbOx final drive mat, intlado; relinered block, reground crankshaft, eon..rods, mains. ; twill S.V.S neW water pump and dhow castings (and pIttcrns}, brake mut dutch linings, 1,185, Photo, details : Rose, 13. Ti)ehouse Street. I fitchin. Hots att. : Ilitellin 911. I 951311 B.M.W. SPARES : 3.7 : 1 crown•whvel and pinion cage and bearing,. 125. Six 3211 type con..todS, 328 type flywheel, /3. Exhaust manifold, oil pump, three SM.,: carburetters, war ‘,Mak -absorbers, offers. tiet of four WiYIS;S, spare wheel cover, right hand Intt, iap, bonnet eimtplete for ” 398 “

offers. Set of four wit,t1S, as new, for PM; 38 Riley Sprite 9-stater, /7. I,. It, Peacock Limited, 219 -221, Bannon High !tient, SAV.17. Td. : Bailout’ 4401. [2594 1926 CITROEN, 7.8 RP., runner, but needs the iit tent ion of vintage enthusiast, /30. Sets of wheels lor I:1AT 10 11.p., 1022. two ite* Dunlop covers, 7110 by 80, and two slightly worn. Willi 111.4, itiller I IllreS I tour), /18 the wheels, tyres and tubes. Miller, 30, Prince ol Wnlis Road. Not [2597 1934 ALVIS SPEED TWENTY Charksworth sports saloon. 111ack, brown hide. Vituile car On superlative ordiT, litly owner sime 1930. Completely over

hauled. reason tor sale. Priee /320. Lanol. Bog No Ii75, Moron SITIRI, 15, City Road. EX.!. (2599 FOR SALECOntinued

ALM CRESTED EAGLE 20-H.P. laxly by Childsworth, beautiful t onilition. Luxury car. Bargain, OWL ‘f’cl. : All, 1177. 1251)5 1937-21-L1TRE JAGUAR open 4 seater. New hood. tyres, screens, lisstutitul condition. Extronelj fast. Taxed. 1.250, no offer. KraillS, Raylands Turnpike, Watertoot, Lau, [2599 AUSTIN triftti SPARES. Special engine, starter, dynamo, petrol pump, four-speed box with remote • control, (40, cost (65. Old.type rear a.xlc, new bearings, new brake linings, new crown wheel and pinion, etc., (Ilk Engine, 1932, rebored, etc., not yet run, (20. Centric supercharger with SA:. carburetter, blow on valve. (15. Special frame, t7 108Two /-1/4.11 hucket seats, (2 10s. Three three-speed gcarboxf, (4 each. Four-six:cif gearbox, £6. Special axle, high ratio, longprop. shaft, (110 10s. Three-bearing crankshaft, (10. Other spares including nusuifOlds, etc. Wadsworth, 16. Leslie Arcillie, Manchester. (2601 ELVIS SILVER EAGLE, 1929. Mane made open body, required detail tini,hing and upholster . Taxed and insurtsl. (65. Five in. Jaeger 10)-m.pll speolonteter and I. C, 54C. 13. SouthWoull Avenue. Iiiglicliffe, Christchurch, O.E. ” 30;98 “. Pet:1/cl nottling-ordi.—r. excellent 2(1 e11e511:: condition, 25 gallon Stull asim tank, ollaerwi,e original. Offers over (2110. Also Hallamy split axle i.f.s., fit Bentley 3-4j litre, as new, must Ix. sold, any offer over (5 acce).ted. Box No. 677, MOTOR SPoRT, 15, City Road, E.C.1. 2601 2250. 3-LITRE RED LABEL BENTLEY with big sunifp nnd-1926 engine, um:elk:zit T.T. replica 4-seater butly, three excellent tyres, large Zeiss chromium lamps. really fierce brakes, (1,1 ci mstimptiint negligible and engine grate fault iet in tile reason,

for side. Major Oliver, Sentry Nieto! Hotel, ‘Tolland, Bay, I.O.W. Tel. : Fri:Atwitter 212. _ RILEY NINE SPARES. Two complete dismantled, Scintilla and magnetos good condition. Lowe, May Ltrue, Hollywood, Binning hant. 12806 DELAGE ” 14140 ” SPARES. D.1.2. close-ratio gearbox, rear axle torque tube assembly, hubs, brakes, universal, (15. Full-drop front axle, brake plates, ahoes,.511s. The following all or any, at moclest prints : chassis frame, quantity hubs, brake drums, R.A.F. and kludge 52 hubs, caps, perrot-shafts, shoes, fuel tank, 0.1. cylinder block, rocker shaft assembly, steering column. box, 13.E, clutch prt,,,ure. plate, Riley Nine two-eartairetter manifold, square. Ve olde boa-constrictor bulb horn, suit 1910 Dainili-r, make tasteful duet with exhaust whistie.:jo, firewhousc Bill, Whealltampstettil Tel. Wheat hampstead 2175. ;21517 1938 LANCIA AUGUSTA, fitted with Continental. type streamlined saloon lardy. riar-whei•1 spats. Finished in duo green, engine reeolidttiitial A soy attractive model and exceptiotially welt natatainisi for its vear. 075. Peter Fantod: Car Sales. 1114,

Riglt Road, Chis,tek. ‘Tel.: Chiswick 2725 51470. MIXED SPARES. l’ighth 1.41111Ixht gearbox. 93 Seventh series radiator, /3. ” 20:90 ” Alfa Romeo (fowl frame, fitted newhood recently, (5. 10 31. ‘• 18:60″ complete differential as:a:Inlay, including halt shafts and brake (Inure:, eomplete. Morris

Eight 1936 stripped, 7. 1036 Mont-. Eight told-flat wttlitscrt en, (6. 19 III Itover Sixteen rear axle complete. Infers wanted London Ate; Box No. 717, :310 rim Setair, 15, City E.C.L I,21Z19 046 V-A0XHALL FOURTEEN sport, b quo, I.F.:4„ new tyres:, battery, (150. 3Vanted. vintage In•Ytor cycle or txtr, any f tintlition or incomplete 3, Billing wood Drive, Itawdon. ed.:. lt,,slot, s9.1, 2610

SUNBEAM 21-H.P. 1929, C.O1,1011..)1 I../ 41. now Converted to t.ti,tviolit., ‘,hooting brakc. Slat like a bird, to, 4,70. C:Ipt:tia peel

Dunklev, Mama esburs . Stofeon the 51•.1,1 1 “It Or St ”1.1 I ix. I3UGATTI Grand Pro, S. r, burr! , 1. Che,,i, 51 ‘Jeri. I, powells Lane. 3Velillptml, Mont gimlet ? [261:1 -AUSTIN HEAVY ” 12/4 ” 1939, ‘vast running (65. 11128 Airiel 550 I A’. i4.v. Motor ortleri 011. Varna’, spare, SeVen and Ford Eight cylinder M. ., ri list,ad steering column complete. Sis teen aist

Citroeu Big Ten gearboxes, all cheap. Stall separate. 56, Irwin Road, Bolfortl. Tel : Bet!’ if i 2611 5606. RACING AND SPORTS EQUIPMENT. Chromium stout-guards 12 ?r headlamp, radial. as, r. IMMS, 1…brume(‘ alloy racing ;11/ screens, 111111,k relea,:e tiller cups, louvred fairing-, light alloy is I age, boost gauges. thermometers. remote gearail 04s. Hundreds of fittings I. at nunteritics to mention Send s.a.e. for latest Sport, Centre, Si,: North Bin, Colchester, Essex. 12016 Wii-DE SUPERCHARGED CARS are still itiovinit the eiliciency of the Wade Vi ntor Installations. Soul for full details. ‘Alton Distrilartors lor Fastern Count los, Competition Cars, 1,1,1 , Nilyland, Col, chest,-r. Tcl : Naelaud 334. (2016 FOR SALE-continued LANCIA LAMBDA tourer. Seventh series with eighth series engine. (350 spent to put Ms car in .iii?er nicht iou With real lierfOrtilzOiCe. New seri.i.n, battery, tyre,, shackle pins, clutch plates,

gnarl rox bearing ”r, etc. Head and block faces nun. hineil. (255. t..illieuter, Olde Times Grille, Christchurch, Hants. 0Yotglohlidit-ii knifed and steel, 10s. il.:2.4.1111:’, alloy, I7s. 1111. Stonelattils Farni, Sussex. 7

1919 21-H.P. DOUGLAS con191cti: and a runner, (5. rord Eight Mork and head, (3. 6 v. Petrolift, 15s. Citroen fiat spoke wheel, (I. ‘• ” camshaft and sel M ” cylinder mail, clutch back pl ite and AtrAin Strycn Itagguley, Aston on•Ttent, 1 let)’ 201., VINTAGE AUSTIN TOURER, 1912. ln,.,,ni.tilc condition, mechanically perfert, Ims competed in numerous rallies. Any tnal or examination, Emat. shaw, Fit-1(60e, Thortw, Doncaster. To. : Thorne 2271. [311111 BECKENHAM SPECIAL. ” 18;1011″ :Mk 111 :11.G. I rs. sump. dual ignition, six mulls, sis branch sitarist. Alotteiled thassiS, lightS1.vight liod? , 3.5-1 ratio. Giniume 100 m.p.h. Span, inclutl•is•w 1 thick crankshaft, 11y-whet:I awl close ratio iSearbox, spare Ilead with valVes and catashaft,

0111M:roil: I, .1,, air palm 2, drive m(V. I’, ice with spares, 1375. ” Brooklartils,” Old Street. 1101 licad, Batas. ;2622

1938 FIAT 500 Lon,….479,1v. ENG-priori:illy smart new tyrcs, hood, batteries. (255. Consider change S 0-11.p. r,alooll. 1Vatsott, 5, kaineittle Scarla nigh. ;2)123 ALV1S SPEED TWENTY radiator, all synchromesh enarbes, live wheel.. anti tyre,: 01.00 301. leather hnchet seals, 1,11 ,11,15•, .222 11111.1 • hi; I. Aird, 11, lirookh..•hl 12024 1.922 WAVERLEY 11.p. spelt, tortret. original,

In excellent condition, but need, lieW hood. 111•I vomit’ Road, Tadworlli, Surrey. 1.2625 AUSTIN SEVEN CHASSIS complete, ready for laxly, roar new tyres, 1929:30. Exiellent order, (3-5. lawasser ” 17;50 ” 1931 :teats Six. English 2 ;water bode, complete ; 0ta11s ri.’storing, 135, Barite,: , 3lia, ;‘1,.t.11114:, Streatham i3627 RILEY NINE ,’.t .1 1932:3 Plus l’Itta Nt 114 A. If 1.“•111.1:l. 11….12111!,11. I11,0, Ii,• 10.2%.1•1?11 111111 ovurhatil…1 hy wvi! maint•olit,t And 1, in 5,•1 55 fit, 5(1;1:2114 3 £275. TALBOT SEVENTY-F1VE Exc..11..nt hr. orgh,a hauled ,ofli r,s1,1:tsed I.hic ISIs al so,l t211′ 21112″

COMPREHENSIVE LEICA OUTFIT, :IL 11,4, r. (Mt r… hang,. •• Ulster ” amtlai, mote:

t3:clt o.11.‘td, red, or Morgan.11ro, o. lir. ?,tdo • Sae,. trie,,. REBUILT HOR.NET SPECIAL, Nen Ilatlely, sereellS, full ,v ‘r ts,tsul nuoincirs and appearance 5. II 1,01 change Vord Teti Special I 11011,V, Cirencester, FOR SALE-continued

RILEY NINE SALES AND SERVICE. New and used ,pares, 1928 ram-arils, including Iront :old rent and component part:, gearlaiNCti, Cylinder hcvarl,. manifolds, etc. S.A.E. for quotation.

NEW REPLACEMENT 7,, 641. Guides, :is. 0,1. Valve springs. 7s. 11,1. IltrIlller springs. 0d pair . Ga…ket„. ,et Speedometer cabh, 35,. ‘1 .q t o caring Scre%VS, Is. it

Elva Ins I 4… ott h. .311 tart-Mg,: paid. EXCHANGE RECONDITIONED magnetos, dynamos. star ti 111,(”1,,, 1.4,11,,,

MISCELLANEOUS. Seer” 134 1935 engine alid i4earinix Vale:A. 11130132 Standard Big Nine engine and Little Nine gearbox, front ti.Xlc and eas.

Scintilla 5’ertex MagnetiP. FOCI{ Ten, perfect, RILEY ” 12/4 ” FALCON. 1935 Shooting 1.rake in excellent einalition throughout. Engine, a gcarboX and rear ash: feeelltly oVcrhailltd. .511 flew I yreS, New battery. Rs-sprayed. Taxed. Si,, toad Ortinitely a bargain at (200.

RILEY NINE BIARRITZ. 1930. Fabric Saloon. and in gutal running order. Taxed. .1.ity trial. L.s5. FORD EIGHT SALOON. 1934. Ness wings and run nine hoard.. 14,,lynoil: rebuilt and reAlirayeil elienl I, :New long pile: :LIR! 1,ledleS. ‘TaXed. A coy tican and sound car that looks like lieu’ I ffered :It the very reasonable price ol I 105 . WELFORD BROS., OPAL STREET, LEICESTER 07,1103. Sahts: and SerVice open till 10.0 1,4i1 Mid-flay Sunday. ;2630 3-LITRE BENTLEY. .1925 tourer. ; 80 m.p.h., 21 m.p.e , little oil. Good electries P.100,-a. Medi:min:111Y thronghout, recently ? tie 3,51111 taiiith,..b. Only reaStal 1, ‘r qtanag lidlued Bentley. Even clock on • I.,,. I, works I (335. l’hontas, 113, Lenslield 14.,,4111. Cambridge. [2631 1923 ” BIJLLNOSE ” MORRIS COWLEY tourer. (“amain,!tote-1E16,s erignie, everything working. Can tie driven anywhere, any distance, alma, le confidence, in very good confidant anI wYath• r l•roof • Two Iww bvadt’d:vdgv lYfts and I,),,’. . An. I tio, Spare half •shafts. (65. Compled spares front stem to stern, exeepting rear -springs and snubbers. ean I includiat With Niel’ ad just hen(, 11.1 ix N., 155 I . 16,,r0/4 SPORT. 15, City 14oad, (3)135 -g-FARES MG. MAGNA and •• 12i 5o ” :old Silver Eagle alvis, also large number t?art.. pdy.ardiall Rolf, Ghost, Geoffrey Prank, Little

ff etileck, near Wellington. Shopshire. To. 311; 120’37 LAGONDA 3; -LITRE Slat:ism:la’s 11,1,1, 1″,3,, 12, 11,ina.,itle car in good , ondiree, Neu licattl. Taxed and insured. 1,400. Only lia.iirt fi

deliy,ry mi., Mn., I tAwar.1,,, tr..oslmVarin, Rarmitell. !war Ita.,ingstoke. MERCEDES-BENZ. 1929. Superenatged” open 4-seater. 1100.1, hood cover, side screen, and bonne:La cover in good condition. During past Near over .000 spent on complete rewiring, nese bat len% live new ty res, Wheels 1.4.,:si.R•1401 rind I ialal level lieW winil,creell. Taxed year’s end. (40). Martin, Tel. : St. Millet: 418. [2099 BENTLEY 41-LITRE tourer. 1929. maguificcut cowliti011, genuim. 1A1.0110 mites. One owner 20 Scars. Origitial and New hood and nea t ‘lei-proof 1 : 1111,1dersfichl 3311 Wynn :lull. Write 1.atititer, Stigt len Hour Ilriglion,e, York,. I26.111

1931 MODEL ALVIS ” 12450 ” T.j Atlantic saloon.

Gpoil t reasol tat null’ ion. (85, Grine. Monk Freston Lodge Smith Milford, Yorks. Tel. South 24i-Ifort1 5613. [2641 ONLY BECAUSE of delivery of new car, Ilispano Suiza lx -It p. vine in immaculate pun (talon inside and .‘td. lingitte just overhauled by

§pectalist . (385. Imley, FarnImrough, Vlent. : Earttlxtrittigh -1330. [2642

SPARES FOR AUSTIN SEVEN. sdle :it,. .1111,11.

Private C11111111,14St: 011 , P.1.1″/..:.11/1,, 2011. G01111-1,1 Co r,11 P.1i I. NC’.’ I I :21143 1929 LAGONDA 2-LITRE. low ,h•vst,. Very good

Condition throughout. new tvr? -,I .iatet. V.D.1. body, (225. Bentley :1 tIne, V.1 id’. ?11,,41 1130 per cent. Moto’, r.p.fli. lii ti,p. Reany E300. pelage lit h Perkin, four•cylimler oil rour,..ine fixed head coupe. Sprayed to your own reApnirenients, new DUIllopS. IleillIeW 1931 4 Etre Ntulliner saloon, List taxed 111.10, Vvry nik.e oriemal log book, /.225. Wanted lj litre Betake engine oanplete. Service Motors, la, I lieu Road, Doncaster. 12641 AMAZING OPPORTUNITY for discriminating via mite type,. ; 1935 Star 12; lip. 2-seater and dickey I it unbelief al de comfit ion ,lue to Care lf,Visheil 1,, me el, ler ly owner , Never dile, Inore than 25 111.11 Ii or tak. I, out ill the rain, original order aimrt from neW and live Perfect 53/0 by 19 tree, itcw I 2v. oattur‘’, ex.0.11C7O. 110,4 ;Ind salts:imam,. A11 Pl.tting perfect, CO:tell tv..rk in primrose awl black. many extra lilting,. Total mileage Intief•ed 1.;.mai condition 40 In tios1 War Will 111:0,11.I neare,t tufo to • 1110 cook, Vor.-st Vale Betel, Pakf.ring. ‘261s FOR SALE—continued Avir “1260”. 1927. Completely rebuilt 1948. Hardy-Spicer shaft, modernised saloon body, smite engine and axle, good tyres, two spare wheels. £230.. 31, New Station Road, Whitchurch, Cardiff. 12645 TALBOT 106 sports saloon. 1934. Excellent condition. Good tyres and batteries, L150. Vauxhall -180 spurts saloon, December, 1931. Fair condition. Offers. Smaller cant, any condition, taken in exchange. c/o Station Hotel Garage, Twytord, Berks. Tel.: Twyford 383. 2616 FORD TEN speciaB, axles. geark?oxe, Austin 7.h.p. axles and special bits and faeces. Wharldalc Garage, Ltd., Wharfdale Road, Bourne mouth. Tel. : We.tbourne 64497. ;2047 1039 FORD VS. Lockheed front and rear passenger axles, overhauled, perfect. Wharfdale Garage Ltd., Wharidalc Road, Bournemouth. Tel. : Wi.thourne 64497. ;2047 135. BLOWN 11-LITRE O.E.C. BLACKBURNE All accesories, less blower. Spare sump, trunk’ ease and head. 05. Close-ratio E.N.V. crashbox with remote control, Tel. : Walton-on-Thames 3999. 21,149 p-TYPE CRAMS with Magnette rear axle. 12 type front, rear wheel 16 in., front 1$ in. Three new tym., steering fitted with wheel. Nearest to £100. Raymond Mays Standard V8 engine with carburetter, dynamo; starter motor, distributor. ctc., and gearbox with long tunnel lever. 31c5irest L50. A. 11. Martin, Iltuebronek 0111Ceis’ Mess, Arborfiehl, Berks, 12650 RENAULT AMLUXE saloon, 12-h.p., 1937, 67.000 only. Recently reconditioned, sound, taxed. Take older car and msh in exchange. Offers. Barnes’ 20, Sherlock Road, Coventry. 12651

FRAZER-NASH 1937 11-litre 2;svater. Meadows 4111) engine. New pistons and brake linings just fitted. Excellent order thronghout. G340. Me• Laughlin, 27, Marsh Hill, Erdington, Birmingham. Tel.: lirdington 248.8. [2652 TALBOT 75 Riur-door Darracq sports stloom 18-h.p., 9.3 Mr,. mechanical and body overhauls by well’ known lion this year. Fitted With 24v, starter, new Luvax-Girfing shock-absorbers, oil gauge, radiator thermometer, hand emit Ratty! radiator shutters, litany extras. Slimes, r agthe. gearbox, I2v• ,13•11a. motor, 12-94v. dynamutta, Rude(‘ hubs, 12 wheels, nine good tyre-,i. and many ” bits.” Tlits car lee: I,een maintained in excellent order regardies.. cxPease (accounts tirodtmed, and has been very little used. For salv in one lot only. L350 or near e’fkr,

Grahfun C. Dix, 58 Road, Birmingham S. 2655 HUDSON STRA.IGHT-EIGHT Convertible for sale. Cent oh advertisement precludes my :extolling its virtueif. Photo and details in request. Box No. 682, MoToR SPoRT, 15, City Road, 2656 . •

” 30/90 ”E-TYPE brake drum and hub, L2. Set of ‘• O. E.” hub raps, Ll. Three 2I-in. Rudge-Whitworth wheels from 1927 ” 1.1,60 ” Lagonda, 25s. each. Hub extractors for ” 30f98; ” and lor.N I triage, 300. cacti. One mitiscit 5.25. by 21 Dunlop, t6„ St-watt. Little Hinton. Hurts, Iterk.s. [26a7 TALBOT 75. 1934. Low saloon body,, red leather miliolstery. Engine, brakes. etc., faultles5, liii

maculate condition throughout. instruction book. Taxed and fully insured. £275. Jitittes, 49, St. Georges Road, Brighton. [2660 COGNAC SPECIAL. Built and first registered 1937 ; 2 litre, six cylinder, oli.c. A.C. engine. Late

chassis. Very light, stark body. Rudge-‘1•11itwortlt wheels, grant tyres. Neu wiring, and lights, Spore bevel box owl gear sprocket. A very simple arid last motor eat. Taxed ails’ insured. 070. R. V. Lowe, 311, Orford Cardens, Tl.viekettliarn, Middx. Tel. l’opeser.ive 1405. i21102 AERO-HILLMAN. 1034 sr vats. Veil maintairieJ, giy,x1 appearance, mechanically excellent. L210 .ir 011gr. ph-ase write, Gretna:inn, 21, Money Road, Caterham, Storey. ‘fa : Cater-ham 2660 7-8 Monday !2603

_ . 2175 FORD VS ENGINED short chassis Riley 9. seater. Run in fully road equipped. Further details Box No. 0:3-1, mtilou StionT, 15, City 1-tasul, F..C. 1 . ” J2 ” M.G. reconditioned engine exchange serLi:2?ic(i..1. •• J2 ” M.G. gearbox, dynamo, starter, carburetters, manifold, distritattor, offers. Austin 111,11.p. re conditioned engine, LW. Crossley gi,irbos, 1932-3. (our-speed, 02. 105, Plantation Street, Aecrington, Lanes:. ;2665 MORRIS EIGHT. 19:32 lag Loa exceptional total fader, L….kiwi-cis, 40 it 1033 fluitl-11,Nlicel saloon, 10 line engine

and gearbox, brakes, ult.. poi if (lint and tyrt-s. Possible exchanges. Box No. 711, Murcia tiltorcr,

15, City Road, E.t.: I. 1260 TWO CHEAP -SALOONS. 19:31 Cowley, 12-11.p. saloon, s.ainil throughout ; 11130 !liftman ‘Pwilve ‘saloon, clean and sounil. Both go. n1 batteries, 1,.19 owl,. Barnes, 36a, Leighant Avenue, Streatham. [9667

TYRES. 7.00 by 21 it tribcs; 0.50 by 20 covers. ‘LOU 1lY Covers, COO by 21 covers, new ;Intl at list Chipsleadi Motors, Ltd., 1117 Pulliam Itoad, S.W.9 ;2672 FOR SALE—continued TYRES. Twer 5.25 1.i!.• 21 Dunlops. as new, rive guineas each ; two 8.00 by 19 Dunlop ribbed, new. 1,4 105. each . two 5.50 by 19 good. L2 earl, ; 14 by

50 (Lancia) newMichelin re-troid, 1,3. lrarties. 1,eigliant Avenue, Streatham. :2667 1950 COOPER. 1 „ring-eh:I.:46k, long distance tank, never raced, original tyres tirinTor II. °OLIO OM under list price. Trader 00. No offers. 1,0110•ca. iA .P. engine, 1,140. Miss Ilaig, Nut laairm Common, l’ulbprough, Sussex. ;2668 FIAT 500 ENGINE. clutch and gearbox, Mr:. Mt mitt engine, clutch :and gearbox, Aligani twin li.b.y. four-valve engine. All engines in excellent condition ready for tew. Condi supercharger, new, for sale. Box NO. 685, Mount 15, City Road, ;2669 TWIN 0.H.C. MEADOWS ENGINE. Six-cylinder, limited down front 2 to II litres. Disc crank. alloy rods, 12-port hemispherical hind, 90.i higree valves. complete with four-speed gearbox and in running order. /36 Ills. Venning, The Vicarage, TaktleY, Bishops Stortford. 12658 ALVIS SPARES, ” 12,4t1″ and early ” 12/50.” Radiator, Ll. Front axle complete, 1,4. Rear axle, less C,•13., 1,4 105. Springs, front, 155., rear, 25s. Sidr-f mine goabox, 45. Chassis frame, 1,4 Pour Sankey wheels, £2. 204n, serviceable tyres, I 5s. each. bench-typc seat, 1,3 I Os; or 1,25 the Mt. Buyers to collect plearc. Alyrs Silver Eagle engine. Complete and in running order. Fitted with three S.U..carburetters. Recent works overhaul including re-sleeve. Also another engine of the same year and type for spares, 455 the two. Venning, The Viatrage, Takeley, 13isholt5 Stortford, 12659 MERCEDES-BENZ stipereharged ” 36;220 ” narrow 2/4-svater,.sports body, racing-type wings. cut away °lief100 m.p.h. Bargain at 1,345. Chipstead Motors, I,td., 197, Fulham Road, Kensington, 6.11.3. i.2672 BENTLEY 115.9) RED LABEL tourer. 1926. Bod3, by Van den Plas. painted I tlumclt , equiOped hood, tonneau, screens. Sound mechanically. excellent hattery• ant! reliable perforlInince. 1,2711 or offer. 31. Kinglitini, luck’s Wood, Fill

ALVIS ” 18/95 ” chassis rind engine cornil’ilfik.lt7e3. Engine bored find reconditioned thrOughout. Roial tcsted. Perfeet ready for laxly builder. Further details, Seymour, 5, South Drive, Harrogate. 1,2671 ALVIS T.J. ” 12 50 ” sports Saloon. Magnilieelll performer. Interior and body need some attention. Full details, Seymour, 5, South Drive.. Harrogate. ;2674 SPARES. M.G.” ” en iwri wheel, tannin, bearings-, half-shaft, Oile rear spring, all new. (,12:105. Rover ” 12/37 ” two rear springs. 10s. Crossley,” ‘20,11″ 11.f’. 29. Complete car hewn flisiwattled, all Ppare, available. Emir almost rime 7.0tt liv 21 tyres. 13entley, two wheels, 6.0(1 by 21, 1,4 ,f.11. Triumph ” 1018 ” 3.1. Pistons, valve’s, springs, etc., LIt)

per set. These rite for, genuinii Climax engine. Austin Segell front fixte, less one ,Irgui, vomplete., Ll. Riley e ;lira ler block, [-litre, ” 36/37 hits”

as yet, L1(1. Rueldock’s Gairt:41ig7;,, 1,10., I lellitlou ltaisc, Ilettidon, Northants. Tel. Ilyficlil 42. ENTHUSIAST’S CAR. 1936 Riley Nine chassis, two carburetters, 1Vilson box. Special radiator block. Slake ideal competition vehicle, .4ipty :17, WeIlttg

I. Court, Knightsbridge. 3117(1 SINGER ” LE MANS” 11-19w, 2seater, 111;35. Engine very MOW New Iutxtnh 111141 Sii1e.Scretitni. Malta K. M. Lewis, The Old Lodge,. CrOmer.Norfolk. To. : Croritc•r 2117 (day) 2523 (evenings). 1,250 or nearest offer. P2677 M.G. MAGNA Sa10011. Crankshaf I bearings, clutch and king pins reconditioned. 005 or near Offer. Ward, 3, Itulse Avenue, Barking. Tel. Rippleway 2084. [2679

B.E. TYRES A quantity of covers 33 by 4. 3.1 by 4. 9.15 by 105 and 8.70 by 100. Offers to Box NO. 712, MO nite SPORT, 15, ‘City 11.0:1.1.1I.C.1. [2680 2-LITRE (I3-H.P.) SCHNEIDER. circa 1930. Cor siea sports tourer. resprayed red. Recent thorough overhaul. 27 m.p.g. With bags of spares. £171.2565.ir1 Fl AT 500. Clarke, Busby 1 I all, Carlton 4ti Clevelawl,

Yorks. _ 1934 41-LITRE LAOONDA Jou .t19in Pillarless saloon, in really condition trirono,„,ni. An exceptionally maintained car. 050. Lancaster Motors, 511, LancaSter Mews, W.2. Tel. : Am liassintor 5127. ;2683 TRIUMPH 1,087-C.C. i I 1. 1/. xed (.1) t

condition, remarkable urge New special aluminium lightweight body, foiresfieed. Lia klreeds. Oil cod. Ilitrt fonts. /.75. N,,

Sutton, Linton, Cambs. _ [2654 RDLLS-ROYCE 1929 ” 2;4,25 ” 111..10, hued 1931 l’ark Vara On’ dit101), good tyres, new battery, P.100 lamps. Requires spraying am! utinot details to make really fir$1,13.S.A vintage motor. Thwaiter:.. Manor31!Garage, Perran.Ar•Wortled ‘Dm,. To Perro:1 Ar Vorthal 196 :26 FOR SALE—continued

B.S.A. SCOUT 4 seater, 1936. Rebored, crailk reground, lieW be‘iringS, radiator, good hood, tormeau. st.zts’tis. 43 in.p.g. Any trial. 190. Shepherd, 17. Rasta Avenue, S.W.2. Tel. ; ‘false Hill 6976 eve:11414p% 12687 COPIES OF “MOTOR SPORT” (67)” 310tor ” and Autocar ” (416) Irian 1945 to 1950. Silk, Littleton, Blandford, Dorset. 12688

H.R.G. ” 1,600.” June, 1946.

Itexlywork and mechanieuls. in perfect condition Spare set of gear nitiiis and Scintilla magneto 1,750 or near offer. Price, Bibuty, Northover Road. Ilenbury, Bristol. Tel.: Bristol 65419. ALVIS ” 12/5-0 ” drophelid cOure. 1931. L121759 Tit!, Uingitier Motor Works, 1.1,1., dingmer, Sussex (20) .ALVIS. Owing to change of plans, must reluctantll -sell my much modified sports/fleeing 21-titre. Since

Motor Sport ” test, June, 1950, completely rebuilt with Laystall balanced crank, special racing mains and big-ends, Ilen ltivtttne,Cantilifif I., lappets, valves. rig, Modified copper plated head, Armstrong gear. box completely rebuilt. Islumcrous spams, winner many -awards. Best offer over 1,500. P. Waring, 7, Howitt Close, N.W.3. Tel. : Primrose 0527.

[269 FORD EIGHT GEARBOX, °verb:tided, 48.. Down draught S.P. D.A.3., brand new, 45. Set 1935 Minx instruments, also nearly lieW carburetter. 0:172.

• : CW1117110011 5017. CORD convertible, 1930. Resprayed, rewired, brakes rchnol, new universals. Taxi(‘ Year. Insured NOveinber, 1951. Owner posted OVerlien$ Peceintitir 15th. 000 or near offer. Birch, Lambuurne Bower,

liagshot. [2694 HEADSCARVES. The original, featuring leading British and Continental racing and sports car Motifs in appropriate colours, :39:i… Vintage selection, 35s. Special orders front 4115. Ties, any make, •21.-. Finest quality, post paid. Li. W. J. Rich, Steelgreen. Nlillom, Cumberland. [2695

late type. sound cylinder black12,6/9,75..

AUSTIN EIGHT. 10-in. Rotas lamps, good Condition, 1,3, Rirh, Steelgreen, Millom,

T.T. LEA-FRANCIS. i pzo ;law superellarga-, • Cretette. New tyres, brakes, Burgess, silimeer. First-class condition throughout both Mechanically and body. Offers. Letts; 21, Arundel Avenue-, Liverpool. Tel. • Sefton Park 3199. 2,90 “K I” ENGINE, blower and All completely overhatilefl.irS new. Offers. Sirs-lair, Petworth.” lttia,I, Weybridge. 2)195 BENTLEY 41-LITRE short -clucisis ‘2-seater, Engine and chassis. COMplelely rebuilt, ” D.” box, 3.3. axle, Special Oil plillip, brand lien. (Mg/ by 19 Dunlop wheels and tyres, ribbed drums. (littered), shoes relined, new shackle pins and bushes, rewired, next battery. 00 tax, Stark :inky lanly, British racing green. Unused since rebuilt. 075. H. Kemp, Place, Evergreen Servi,•5’ Stittitin, StarlwaY, Essex Tel.. Colchester 21100. :21199 TALBOT 75 ” 36/37 ” six-light saloon. Ittxtywork

immaculate. reground crank, new Mangand big-emls, reliored, 1101 yet run in. All twee:is:1Q parts rechrometl. Ibis been advertiser’s personal C,Ir for three years. f,500.

ALVIS 1932 Cri.sted Eagle, 17 11.1t. Si’ mint niechani cal condition, goo

work. Can be lilted by owner. 1,3 10s. Set. Riellant Mead, Coachlmilders, Poplar Road, porridge. Birmingham. Tel.: Klimek. 2607 [2701 ANDRE HYDRO TELECONTROLS. Four units. with reservoirs, front and rear pressure contrOls ani

gauges. Suitable ” 31.6. As new, perfect, /14 tLtvtin.I’,l. The 1(,..dey, Boykin, Liverpool. Iluylvir 3528. [2703

“MOTOR SPORT,” February, 1941 to November. 1950, 00. ” February, 11141 to Novern bvt, 1949. 115. ” 31otor Cycli•,” limitary, 1942 to

cember. 1915, plus 50 copies 1939 II, L7. ” 3Iotoi c•ycling,” January, 1912 to 0(1ober 10111,1946, 1,7. All complete, splendid condition. Clayton. 77. Tin-kb:in Road, Solillibourne, Ilotonein011111. 12704

BAROUCHE. :9,otat 1880. Perfei t sag.

gestioris for iti4posid or cash waisted. Mrs. Duckworth, Orcharilleigh Park, Fronte, Somerest. [27(111 5938 MORGAN ” 414.” Selling lo purchase saloon car. 1,275 or offer. Edwards, 75, ek.orge llove. Tel. : Hove 34682. [2707 — _ 1934 TRIUMPH “12/6 ” ENGINE. Reconditioned 1.0011 miles ago ,i1.11 earl III rett,,, wide, pump. No clutch, dynamo or starter, 1,12. Rite,

” ” crank, 11. I, Pri-ston 5lardens, Ilford vatent ine 6678. SEVERAL AUSTIN SEVEN magneto engines ii.2,-(7i-n9rs. phite and spares, cheap • to clear. Pool Eight/Ten riv liator, 100 tier cent . sound, £8, S or . 11. compressor, Largest stock Austin SeVell Sparer, ill I tie North. Send for lists. Austin S•even Services, Kali.’ Wiske,

Thirst:. York. 2700. FOR SALE—continued SUNBEAM 24 h.p. 1021 sports tourer. Good running order. Laid up whole period 1028-47. Very well preserved. DM Box. N. 687, Moron SPoltr, 15, City Road, E.C.1. [2710 iii5L13—EL—E—YHORNET SWALLOW 1931. Engine rebored 5,000 utiles. Body modified to carry equipment. Running but needs mechanical attention. Seen Cardiff. (55. Fl/Lt. van Waileitoijen, Cdshot, Hants, [2711 1930 LEA-FRANCIS ” 12/40 ” ” I.e Mans” 214Seater. Hyper radiator, new tyres, electric’s, chrome, blue-grey cellulose, full tonnimu. Little used, owner’s second car. Rebuilt throughout. (200, no offers. Hall, Mandate, Braishlield, Romscy. Tel. : Braishfield [2712 RA1LTON FAIRMILE drophead coup6. a 1935 model in fine condition with ,chrominnt and black cellulose as new. Fitted with Phillips radio and new hood. 20 m.p.g. and 5 to 90 m.p.h. in top gear. 270 guineas or exchange for small saloon, cash either way, Tel. : Pinner 6979 evenings. Box No. 688, MOTOR d R City Road, Seciar, 1. Cty , _ (2713 MOTOR SPORTS,” Vol. I 10, 12; V1-8 II; VII-1, 9, 10; VIII-I, 9-12; IX–1-12! X -I12; XI-1-12 ; XII -0, IP; XIII—I0 ; XIV 3,9-11 ; X V-6-8, 11, 12 : XVI 12: XV II 1-8, 10-12; X.V111-1-12 ; ‘XIX-1-12•, XX 1-12; XX1-1 -6, 5-12; XXII-1-12 ; XXIII 1-12.; X XIV-1-12 ; XXV-1, 2, 4, 5. Also Duce sci-al, 1)00143, 1929.-34 and M.G. literature. Offers. Topper, Preston Farm, Woodleigh, Kingslaidge, S. Devon. 12714 SUNBEAM DAWN saloon remote

sports change. Exeellent Condition. (300 or offer. 83, Mts.:sett Road, Leicester. (2715 RACING/TOURING three.Speed Morgan 2-Seater Super Sports alloy body, alsoseats two small Children. Cavernous luggage lockers constitute rear end. British racing green. All fittings and high-level pipes Chrome. l’rofessionally built by me representing hundreds of hours of work ; 1,000-c.c. o.h.v. air-cooled Matchless with conversion set to waterCooling. Family now too big 1 55 m.p.g. 1300 no offers. SAN, for fuller specification. Also Roots-type blower Minable uP to 1.,200 c.c., pulley driver, perfect, (19. LiOseott, 45, Cabot Road, Darlington. [2716 1929 HUMBER NINE open tourer. Requires hood and slight mechanical repair. (40 or near offer, Box No. 689, Motoa SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1. (2717

AUSTIN SEVEN, magneto-type engine With Laystall Rat web Crank, suit -Special. Also Citroen Seven crank rods amid camshaft. Ilayilon, 34, Iligiliti7e118d. Road East, Notts. z

MERCEDES-BENZ ” 381250 ” ‘sports 4-seater in perfect condition and maintained regardless Of cost. Any trial. 4450. 6, Hawthorn Road, Wallington, Surrey. Tel. : Burgh Heath MI after 7.30 prn. (2713 CAR STEAM ENGINE, believed to be from Stanley car. Full particulars to interested potential buyer. Can be seen running. Gunton, 46, Clegg Street, Ifaslingden, Lancs. [2720 1931 LEA-FRANCIS “I240 ” 2-seater. Nice condition. (135 or exchange. 11, Station Road, Moretonhampstead, Devon. Tel. : Moretonhanipstend 225. [2721 A REALLY BEAUTIFUL 31-litre 1938 Jensen. Recent (400 overhaul, fitted overdrive, latest Pye radio, very fast and ceoncunical. Must sell. Taking delivery new Car. What offers. J. Rowley, Manor House, Old Buckenluttn, Norwich. Tel. : New Buckettham 212. (2722

1928 44-LITRE BENTLEY 2-seater tourer. This car must be sold rapidly for domestic reasons. It has been nursed by a series of loving Owners into Its present delightful condition. Everything mechanical or otherwise if not as good as new—i4 new. A joy for ever at (485. Apply’. P. MeDray, 40, jame.,,. Street, Oxford. Tel. : Ox(Ord 2287. [2723 1930 COWLEY open 2.scater ; weatherproOr, exceptional, taxed, insured. 1027 tte,mmm Short saloon, good, 1924 Mathis 10.1i.p. brake. 1913 Rolls-Royce chassis (2,531). 1006 Darmcq two.eylinder. Reasdnable prices, Possibly 1909 Allikty and Onions. Write A. C. Vales, 08, Maida Vale, W.9. Tel. : Langhant 4468. Ext. 64. [2725 FOUK-CYUNDER scurnuA VERTEX MAGNE1V. 400-1500-19 deg., utinseil. 1,10 or offer. Perkins, WaYshle, Queen Camel, Somerset. [2777 JAGUAR “100 ” 24-LITRE. Companion 2-seater, in excenent condition. Full all-weather equininent, nero-sereens, oversize Isles. Very reliable, (395. 1935 Triuraph Dolomite 2-litre saloon ; very good order. resprayed and chromed ; filled Ace discs. (375. 1928 Swift 0.3.11.p tourer ; superb, original condi lion, perfect running order ; CO. Lewis, 934, Woodcock Street, Birmingham, 4. Tel. : Aidon 2401. (2778 SUNBEAM dropheaxl c5up4, 1929. Good mechanical condition. high .ratio back axle. Good cream and black kitty, ‘tyres RTRI hood. Taxed. Offers over (100. Wardle, 80, :Mount Ararat Road, Richmond, Surrey. [2752

FOR SALE—continued FIAT 509A 841.P. coma:, overhead Camshaft. In gosal original conditMn thri,Ughoul., Cheap for quick sale. Box No. 718, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City [2779 SUNBEAM 18-0.P,, saloon, 1032. Good -condition all round. Well shod. 465. Exchange smaller. 57,

Nigh Street, Meister, Woriviekshire. OFFERS OVER 2250 Talbot -.75 ” (1933) 4-Stesti27t8eni.: tourer. 500 miles since rebore ; standard liners, reground crankshaft. (200 relit includeS spraying, 1::attry and ovaintul to ” crash ” gearbox, wheels and transmission. Semi London. E. Large, Grammar School, Astor Avenue, Dover, Kent. P2781

BENTLEY INSTRUMENTS: Ser of three matched Jaeger instnimentS : speedo. up to 120 m.p.h., rev..counter up to 4,000 r.p.m., clock, 8-day. (20 the lot. 30, The Newt:mitts, Wallington, Surrey.. : Wallington 7114. (2784

RILEY 16-SIP. KESTREL saloon. 1938. Sea-green. Overdrive ; freewheel. Extensively oVerharu21.7e8d5. Owner, motor engineer. 4550. No offers. Tel. : Mountvicw 9313, evenings. AUSTIN SEVEN ENGINE, gCatbox, comPletc aie2ce7:6series, 1933, running order ; (15. Young, 1, Culpepper Close, Hollingbourne, 84,fitit BENTLEY, 1931, short chassis, with Very light open -4-seater body. In tirst,elasa condition throughout mechanically perfect. Brakes relined tyrcsand batteries’ abitos1 hew. Tel-ride performance and idisolutely reliable. A large antount has been Spent him this car. Private Owiler Hill sacrifice at (475. Photos MI request. Milkils, Downgate, Sandhurst. Kent. Tel. : SandhurSt 242. [2787 LAMBDA, 7TH SERIES, salium• tvialition, tyres, battritY• V.ngine eXCOPtiOna4 q n i t _ 1.1, Cranky Gardens. WallinO,

sitrr tt84.

…. 1935 VAUXHALL FOURTEEN reiatbiter •touP6 with dickey ; good condition ; taxed, in.surc41. Sell or exchange li.r oprn M.G. or .similar, cash either way. 1034 ” ildi ” ” Alpine ” Riley saloon, 045. 1931 Alvis. Silver Eagit• saloon. (75. l5, Nashleigh Hill, Chesletrit, Bucks. : Cholesbury ‘260. [2789 li-L1TRE, Special Meadows. .lircmmiaer and Delingpole. Exceptionally fast and farnons car. All history, -bills, etc., available. Alton Garage,” The Alvis People,” 17, Brook Mews North, Cra yeti Road, .Paddington, Tel.: Paddington

3052 and 4710. [2790 LAGONDA 1932 2-LITRE tourer. Specially prepared for 1033 Alpine Trial, which it won. Lovely Mies. Now Completely rebuilt and in perfect mechanical and exterior condition. Nearest (300. Archbell, Wmailitnel Drive, Pledwick, Wakefield. 12 FIRSTLY, APOLOGIES CO disappointed inquirle9rs1 for last ntorith’s Bentley, FIAT, Trojan and Aleit ; their requirements are noted. SecOndly, note new telephone number at Stevenage–if no reply, use llitchium one as alternative. NOW kir CaTS:: Another big Bentley at :a 64-litre (no/ Speed Six), 11327, chassis, body paintwork, ‘interior, are i•Reelletit ; perfornianee on single. Sinith cartntrittter is 75.80 m.p.h. and 14-15 ni.P.g.; geiod tyres and battery, all instruments ‘working–; beautiful rebuilt mid II:chromed radiator with stoneguard ; very roomy 6-light family salmai body ; not sporting, hence price of (1.10 (a complete 5.-11. tientcarburetter installation, with manifold, available L10 extra). aly_own 44-litre Lagonda, late 1935. a really line speeitnen, in original paint, (330. Lancia Dilantbda 32-Ii.p. (Outliner 4-light fabric saloon, late 1930 ; extremely sound mechanically. nice-looking body in very good condition; exceptionally nice and luxurious leatherwork ; new lyre-_s and batteries (.185. Continental, 1039, Renault Eight saloon. 53.000 miles ; original paint, recent reconditioned engine, iiew tyres, and Very sound throughout Low•priecti vintage 1923 Singer 15-11.p.. ti.eyithilet (a rare car), 5,seat Cr, 1 Aloor cabriolet : opens lip to complete open tourtir ; hoorl, glass ti(1,1 point ore laid, laiily structurany:4ound, leather good ; mechanically sound and a good set (4 tyres ; /AO, 1931 Curtin-Ilan Chrysler lixed,licad 3.seater coupe. s’erY g00,1 runner, good tyres and battery ; SOUnd 1?,int and leather, but needs head eloth and dickey seat ; kit /i45. A.C. It hp. 2-seater, not yet received beleved to be in good and original order, (5$. And, finally, a 193th I FIAT 11-hi.p., with retnains of, bialy ; mechanically complete Mid apparently sound throughoilt. in towable state ; good’ special ” basis ; -(20. Tamps • :mother pair of more modern P.1033…. one with tinnier, replated reflectors, (15 ako ,air original Bentley heads, iit (t1 10s., and pair oi 10 in. cm, mwd alarchals at (I I. ‘fyre-e : 7.0) by 21. irom (4 10s. upwards ; a useful selection of B.E. and 11 set of six 1 trin. RollS-Royce Ghost or Phantom wheels. as 11C,VJ What ofk.rS C. .1. Bendall. 25, Orchard Road, Stevenage, Was. Tel -: Stevenage! 5136 (day), Ilitchin 111)8. (niglitti27 ‘‘.. 1931 COTTIIi-ET DESCOIITES… As new. Ourtranteerimileage 0,600. Believed to be the only one la

1111. l<,'tlicrltsmu 2277. Ni4x)rR°.t4i'r13'7un3.

[:19 JEEP, F011.0,–Mccittly overhattleil ; licensed (/;1709/r:, good tyte-s, new bitters’. (2110 or near offer. alathite…i, Jane-warren. Let t cod on, Pent.

FOR SALE—continued £110 1934 SINGER “LE MANS” coupe, 311NV twerhattled, ginel shills’. vomon,,’ cal sports uu. 11,1-I (111(101 [wad :wary,: il Colltpctitirc mug hri•IICS, iicri.pkincs, stills, etc., oil Cilgfotliche 111511 lial – front 15s. 37, Pieldside, Ely, Cent’ v… 1271/4 19416 CHRYSLER.. 11 mil le.ion ..-allv mane), leraht.r, good 1,4)11.4,44.1y. liody not :food. /,209 or /war otter. Mittlit:e., l,lSIl;go.t roll, .27115 BENTLEY SPARES : ran:” :4i ” C.A.V.4;1.*C11 starter (It-tooth), ” nosepieee, 4 ratio, 121n. etirehal lamp. 3litre “Rio I ” block complete, Mtn) in. l’air Si-mt ills

• minim:ins. adapted fOr Bentley. Offers. Box No. 701, Mieton. SPORT. 15, City Road, le.CJ. 12707 t-kfritEY-T;ITtitE—ItiD –Giiiitl-TWEE-D model. Completely rebuilt scitli 2,/.1.SCIItyr lightweight competition body, with fold-ilat awl twin inQ. scrcriiii. Complete engine overltitil 2,000 nate:: ago. 1:.,,inayed I iko k, new lot tit ilto1met y, new Mahogany dattitho.iird, tow I nit tcry, Ii, exccilclif condition throng) km( :WI I IT?dly fast. Genuine reason for

quick ;ale. (.411c1, iaound Manor Illante, manor ?.vay, Whilatordi. C51rdifl, Tel.

church 2.118. . L.—. 1271)8

JOHN BLAND ,Alen: st-rvicr: Sc vintage antiI P;t1wardiati owner,. Valves, bearings, valve guides., nliftekle I oIls, king-pins vie., to drawing or pattern. Siaadaliat reiniirft on the older ‘Patrol ears. 27, 8outlitields Reim), SW .141. Tel.: Vandyke 1612. (2701) JOHN BLAND, Tall 0$ specialist, can now supply water manifolds for ” 75.” Also viltfef PUMP tiodlin. mid covers for ” 75,” ” 00:” ” 05 ” nn5.1 ” 105,” nXchance radiator for short.eliassis ” 75.” 27,

Southfield; Road, SAV.18. Vandyke ,..121)7112114. £28— WOLSELEY 18-H.P. 4-seater toticre 1027, runner. Close-ratio AK. gearbox and, very good, /.13. Hyper Leaf radiator, VI. ‘num. tflisige triple.npoke wltt’t’tx,S.Sll hy is. 12 intri., ,1.3 Ills. end). S. B. ‘furrier, .1, 110.1, Road. Word. Kt-sex. TO. : Ilford 2143

. . . AusTrs, I Nc. III lit condifinni 6rigintil black , 11, Id f,v1,,, lull .2.412 FOR SALE—continued

TWO SALMSON “GRAND SPORT” WHEELS. with tyres and ltd.., 71.5 by 115. siecting whe( ()MT, to , 3, We 1.0ange Avenue, ;2511:1

RILEY NINE. Potent. lie-med ii,•to?“,:, 1951 . Ally trill. 1,S4. A lso ni.yee ” 41).;01″ detsns, 1925. Oaliplete .311 win t I, awl :p.m:, . 1 [slot, 702?, at t,r 7 o’ci,s•k 251r, EDWARD1ANS • -1111,.nai (df,t p•rio.1 velitclC.s ill 1.1111′ ,011,1i1.1,11 iw1 tor o 1,1111 111.1 w has Jou: 10 t.6I0y ‘tor 1,. 11:”? I ; r Ii 1,ion Co111111Cle 116,:11.1,6,0 oV1•1 6,t11, toSI ..xiacli-ixtintitig of twidr.v..,11,.. 190, dc In. al Tylic lift. 12/14 11.p. t (or:), 51110 1.6Y P.ti:It,d. 191″ Silver , 1203 ; ret•vollv o’t r iw.w10,1 0161i113i 1:X1’,111 for ;1,10.11i,?21 bOkiN. ,,t; ” w., n1 ws,” good ‘ottttlio,i. 1911 Serie,: 1574 ; rceently overhauled ; touring t.ely ?4 curly ” twenties,” eleetrits 1, and modified to autovile, otherwise orirrinal ;pewee-et:on : II 1111,1 V.S.C.C. Edwardian Trophy Pis?. 1011 rsistibeain 12/10 h.p,o 1:11:11,6″16 No. 3 HI, tor 1..?•dy will Calm: Cart hood original , Fcci lic overhauled and body coach fi; Fut 111,1 ,’, Irian and offers to W. . kry 1.1 1 ciust, AIntoxIdsbory, near Itrisrol, ‘.27911 LEA-FRANCIS 14/40 b.9. L.F.8., l:27 lour”, rein

°Abe., Scintilla magneto arid temtion ..`” 11 Rotas: head and Mils:lamp-A. v.ipel :ttel 1st 14, i) . Twill wiwl lowts. Two 1(1111 11 ft’s. all t‘e.ither erital anent. Taxed and insiirivl. I124.. Tt.l. :

5…25, or Box No. 715, lt.rrolt Sei ott. 15, City Road, ,2727 1947 MERCEDES-BENZ, 14 H.P. t10 tax. Utility 4.:5-scater profes.siontill)” built Nuts’. Eogint, and co:why:0a: 111 VXCe110111. COMM :011. TWO 11.:W and battery. Photograph sent to wowintr buyer Ilargain 1,285, or near Ono’. ” (nines,”

Gorey, jeney. 1.2725 AUSTIN SEVEN, corn rt,.te chittssl,s. four new tyres, tube*. Everything ward mining order. ‘gird sell /25. Rog No. WO, NW:roe Seiner, 1.5, City Rood.

1972:1 PAIR E.C.L. cast aluminium acetylene headlamps, with mirror relleetors. Complete with generators. Cirea 11045, Pew et1ei:111. GCOITTey Smith. 174. Broniyard Road, Worce;ter. 12731 MOTOR PRECISION. LTD.., for hieh.quality reerorittg, rankshaf grintIou; owl InNuilig reeondi. tioning at normal Is 1511. Complete Of 61.11 tligiov Cowt ItatiLs. s a spveialtly. Pistons. ‘,Applied ‘;pcsxlotnel.ers owl ri‘v.-counters rep:died. 1 )1161111.6 :1(111 ,tarttl’S 1211 Se/ V65-, Tel, Bristol 340214 rind 411500, 75, St. Andrews Road,

FOR SALE—continued

AUSTIN SEVEN SPARES : Praoically all 141.rts 11CW and see0Ildhalld. Price, Three Shire Bear.

wood, Birmingham. (2734.EXCHANGE for (pen 2/4 Or 4,:e411er _snortS, 1935 Humber Twelve saloon, lit excellent condition. Irroplitad-com.idered. ti,’Stoneftill Drive, IfirrrOgate. r2730 MO. ” 32,” lilted 1,0ticheed brakes, otherwise as original. Itt good Yontiitiou. 4175. -ti(), Pretoria f2737 1927 -LE71.-FRANCIS ENGINE, complete but portly

dkinalltled• 1.10. Wfaild selling parts 5cnarately. R. Clark, 5;reen End Farm, Frinton. 1272:4 VINTAGE ENTHUSIASTS PLEASE ö: IIIZS FIAT, -I seater, tOrpolo bode (diekey sott). in astonishing wintlitiim. i:eituine three owner, since new. Itoily, hood and iniliiScfeerift perfeet. Engine truly sound and >olid. Pass any A.A. test Complete down to original itiMrtretion look, Slia.rt, (if ever needed) are definitely stitainable. 474.. 35, Leighant Avenue., Siteathant, S.W.16. Tel. :

Streatham :11211. 12730 1982 HORNET ENGINT-tiageel), with aiteetssorfel5 and .1,peett ’emote control box. Tel. Mad:Acme aftet ten. ARMSTRONG ” 12.8 ” sports saltv in, 19:4-2. “New battery, good tyro… Condition giant, 685, or offer. North Cottage, t;/WWOTICS:, StittI boll,’ 3liddlesex, 12742 1928 AUSTIN TWELVE VAN, em.xl minter, L20. I,mainila rev. eounter, £2. Tvol Anglin ScVett chassis, /.4 each. Dismantling 1112N Austin Sixteen and Twenty. Burnham Motors, thirnhant, Tel. : Burnham 184. 1,2743

1929 ALFA-ROMEO, 11 LITRE, unblown. twin 0.11.e. open 2 stet’ er. 1,195 Full particulars front Crowley,Millivie, Oakwood Hotel, Alderley Edge, Cheshire. [2745 FORTY-SIX “MOTOR SPORTS,” 1k1)., 1)47— Nov., 1050 rieventy-eight Aidocars ; 77 Motors

(Mar, It, 11)4.4 111403. C10111. (.11Ter6, 16l, 11,;(1-1″ 1?0:i. LAGONDA. 1934, 41-LITRE tourer. Magnificent car in super’, condition throughout. Maintained regardless. (,5(10 or iMar offer. Si..eit Essex. Box No, 11114, moron St•owt , IS, City Road, E.C.1. 12754

FOR SALE—continued

RILEY GAMECOCK. 1932, 2 sratte spWrts, Recently overhauled, new dutch assemble,hood and side• serums, windscreen wiper. L220, or near offer. ohm° available. Milne, Oaksmad, Valente-, Kent. Tel.. Deal 699.

FRA-EER–11-AS-11 ” T.T. REPLIIJA,” twin o.h.c. Blackburn 6e:ylinder engine. Built October, 1935. New hood, tonneau, Isittery. Euthusiast-main Mined. Accept L300. 40, Norbiton 1Iall, Kingston• ens-Thames. Tel. : Kingston 6939. 2

)7 FRAZER-NASH 4ED MEADOWS. fourEs1et51111 ” lionlogne.” Reeently oVerhauled, new tOnmens, etc. 4197. Crosthwaite, Mark House, Angleheld Corner, South Godstone, Surrey. Tel. : Godstune 21111. 12752 ALM SILVER EAGLE saloon, 19:h1 (1711-1,4• -Engine overhauled 1.0()1) miles ago. Bodywork exceptionally origami conditions ; wings require respraying. Owner emigrating, hence only j95. Box No. (135, MtPWR SPORT, f5, City Road, E.C.1 12755 1938 li-LITRE M.G. tOurer • 55,090 istites. One careful owner. Engine anal chassis vonspletely overhauled. Recently reeellulosed grey. Newtons dampers. Car inn first-class order throughout. 4525. Dartridge, 4c, The Mansions, Earls Court Road, S.W.5. )2756 ALM. 1931, ” 12,10,” wide 2/3-seater wills

the-key. Recellulosed green. Cycle type mudguards. New battery this vest. Reconditioned dynamo. Engine, seirter, electrical installation, steering. brakes, etc., overhauled ; 30 oil negligible. Tools, instruction manual, wireless ready for installa• tiles. Licensed. Insureit Oct., 1951. Vine depend aloe car, Seen London Dec. 21st to Jan. 3rd. Offers around 42oo. Box No. 696, Nerroe Seoler, 15, City Road, E.C.1, (2755 _

ROLLS-ROYCE, 1928. 20-H.P. r.w.B.. 4.speed. Mileage 453000. Original shooting brake body. Very sedate, good condition : 1,200 or near. Bugatti. Type 51. Very well known mid potent car. linnet culate condition. Offers around 4,1100. 2.1, Knighton Church Road, Leicester. Tel. : Leicester 77762.


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