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Better Books Limited Booksellers • MOTOR RACING CHRISTMAS CARDS, by Roy Nock°Ids. A series of six Christmas Cards in black and white from paintings by Roy Nockolds. Mounted on Art Board with coloured borders. 9s. per dozen, including envelopes. Postage 4d. per half-dozen extra. May he purchased singly, assorted or in dozens. Subjects as follows :-

• A. Richard Seaman racing a Mercedes.

B. Louis Chiron in a Type 35 Bugatti.

C. J. P. Wimille racing a 158 Alfa at Berne.

D. Sir Henry Birkin racing a Bentley at Le Mans.

E. Reg. Parnell winning the Richmond Trophy with a Maserati at Goodwood.

• F. Raymond Mays racing an E.R.A. at Shelsley. 94 Charing Cross Rd W C2 TEM 6944 And Motor Racing Books:

• SPEED FROM THE SPORTS CAR (Tuning for Efficiency), by Calculus.

A companion volume to “The Sports Car Engine,” with twenty chapters, which include sections on—More Power Fuels–Stripping and Evamining—Compression Ratios—Modifications to Valve .Gears—Ignition Equipment—Carburetters and Superchargers—and so on. 190 pages. Illustrated: Stiff Board Covers.

8s., post free.

• THE WORLD’S LAND SPEED RECORD, by W. Boddy. The thrilling story of the .fight over the years to be the fastest man on earth, told by the Editor of ” Motor Sport.” Tells not only of the various attempts tout successes, but also of the designem and engineering skills involved. This book contains an

illustration of EVERY World Speed Record Vehicle. In two bindings.

Plasmic with Board Covers. 8s., post free. Cloth Binding I I S„ post free.

• RACING CAR REVIEW, 1951, by D. S. Jenkinson.

Uniform with the Reviews of 1949 and 1950, except that it contains three more chapters. Covering the racing activities in 1950 -of the Alftd–Ferraris—HWMsBRAt –Maseratis-Coopers—all 500s—Specials-and so on. Well illustrated. Stijl 8s., post free.

• THE HORSELESS CARRIAGE, by L. T. C’. Rolt. The story of the horsekss carriage from Trevitheck’s London Road Carriage of 1803 up to Jaguar XK 120 of 1950, told by an Engineer, who is also an enthusiast ; covering in both text and illustration—The Early Steam (liana—The Petrol-driven Ancients-The Edwardian Electric-driven Broughams—The 1914 “Thrpedo “–The Roaring Twenties—The Age .of Mass Production and Monopoly—The Racing Car—The Sports Car-and so on. Over 200 pages, 56 black and white illustrations. Stiff

Cloth Covers. 20s. 9d., post free.

• “THE MOTOR” ROAD TESTS OF 1950 CARS. This present volume comprises tests of 29 new cars ranging li•oni a 197-e.c. cylinder two-stroke up to the latest Cadilla (a Diesel-engined saloon). With an

introduction by L. Pomeroy. Illustrated, 5s. 6d., post free.

• 500-c.c. RACING, by Gregor Grant.

The story of the ” 500’s ” in Great Britain and on the Continent, giving specifications mid details of British. Belgian. French. Italian and Swedish Cars. Cloth Bound and fully illustrated.

• BRITISH MOTOR CARS, 1950-1951, compiled and edited by A. H. Lutkins.

With a foreword by Raymond Mays. The complete hook of British Cars which are shown in alpluzbetical order with two photographs of each Model with description and uselid data. Every car made in Britain during 1950 is included. 160 photographs.

Cloth Binding. 8s., post free. Specialists in Motor Racing Books