A reader has Rent us the following translation of a significant reference to the 11.1t.51. which appeared in an article by Oluvanni Canestrint in the issue of La gazzetta dello Sport. Published the day after the Pony& Klan Grand PrLs at aareeiona

The large nember of persons lining the six kilometres of the track appbuideil a new Italian victory In Spain. ” This victory, apart from Its sporting significance, represents a technical contribution of great value, mutely the final and proud testing of the Pertari ‘ 4,500 which completed the race without any trouble and with clockwork regularity, taking the first three places with Its entry of three ears:

” Once more it has been proved that it takes years of experience and hard work to obtain such maths. ‘1’lle Ferrari, with Its technical equipment, proved a few weeks ago at Monza that It was posable to enter a new car with brilliant results.

The BRA., on the Contrary, has shown here as at. Silverstone the serious deficiency of Its technicians.

” in the mechanical world matte’s* cannot be aehieved oven 11 ideas and Means are considerable. As we have already related after the Siiverstose race, the li.rt.m. needs a long period of testing and modifications.

” The reputed horsclioWer 111 not actually developed as was shown yesterday and the B.R.M. Is actually inferior to our Ferraris and Alfa-nomeos.

“Conceived In 1944, this new British product Ins not been able to overtake the Italian products built in 1638.

” The BALM. was undoubtedis handicapped by Its drivers. %shoat skill fans far short of ours, Assert in particular, who hi today at the top of hIS form, but overall thOr B. It. Id. luta been handicapped by insiillicient preparation by as todirdepon, who do not possess the p.mwrient,0 of our tamareti, (mambo, Bassi and Means.. valiant collaborators of Ferrari.”

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