C. R. K. Peal



Sir, 1 am interested in the recent comments in ” Vintage Postbag ” on the Bean. I have just acquired an excellent example of a 1927 open tourer from its original owner. The car is in beautiful condition and has obviously been well cared for. I should be very interested if any of your readers could give any information on petrol consumption of the Bean, and how it can be improved. My car is the 75 by

135 mm. bore and stroke Fourteen, with Smith live-jet carburetter, and like Mr., Whaley, I have the original instruction book, also the original tools and sidescreens. Why it is that Mr. Whaley does not consider his car “vintage in the true sense” I am at a loss to understand. I am, Yours, etc.,

Basingstoke, C. It K. PEAL. *****4011*

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