"CV 1860"




I always enjoy reading accounts of modern sports cars but cannot help wondering where progress, if any, is shown. The Morgan Plus Four in the Editor’s

hands gave 39.2 m.p.h. average with 28 m.p.g.

A contemporary journal gives 30 m.p.h. average over 500 miles and 25.6 m.p.g. or, when economy was sought, 38 m.p.g.

Last week end I decided to see what my M-type M.G. would do. The results were : Portsmouth to Romford in 3 hours 40 minutes, including stops (100.7 miles). Running time 3 hours 15 minutes. Petrol consumption just over 2i gallons.

Return journey 3 hours 10 minutes running time.

Total mileage over the week end 276.6, petrol eight gallons exactly, equals 34.55 m.p.g. The remaining 75 miles were in and around London. Oil consumption was high, about If pints. Troubles nil.

In view of ” Emma’s ” age I feel that this performance for a young lady of 2E4is very creditable ; furthermore she has done this fairly consistently for me for the last year. I am, Yours, etc.,

London. “CV 1860.”

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