Reference Mr. Areher’s letter in your last issue condemning manufacttrers and Morgan ears ill partieular.

W’ho is this gentleman who seems unable to appreciate 111111111htOtirers’ difficulties, and who condemns a car about which so much praise has been written over the years by the Motoring Press. The steering dampers mentioned are

really friction plates carrying little stress. and ii»ny experience are most satisfactory. The jacking system is no more difficult to work than any other detachable type. and I suggest haste was no doubt the real reason for Mr. Archer putting the car on the floor. Why blame Morgan’s ?

Regarding steering, performance, etc., really, Mr. Archer, this is too much after all that tuts been written and done by UM; fine little car in racing, trials and the like. I can only conclude that you are not enthusiastic enough to give your car the attention which, it deserves, and if that is the case you May one day lind yourself passed by a well-conditioned autoscooter. I am, Yours, etc.,

Flixton. ” MORGAN OWNER, 14 YEARS.” [We have had three steering dampers break in less than 7.000 miles on a Plus Four: -Eo.l