CLUB AFFAIRS, December 1951





Would you like to take to the dance floor as the band begins to play “La .Cumparsita,” after casting an eye daringly at a dark beauty who looks as if she might hail from the Argentine ? Would you then like to enjoy a tango that you had previously danced only in your dreams, in which you can’t put a foot wrong, your steps liming an intricacy that you previously left to the professionals, and your partner knowing all about contrary body sway and all that ? You would, but never get the chance ? Never mind, for, according to “‘rite Scribe,” writing in The Autoccer of November 0th., this simile fits exactly the Bristol 401 !


The R.A.C. states that as the result of further negotiations with the appropriate Government departments, it has now been informed that a countervailing subsidy in respect of purchase tax will be paid to the manufacturers of the H.W.M. and Alta Formula It racing ears. When the countervailing subsidy scheme was first negotiated with the Treasury as an encouragement to the development of British racing cars, it was limited to Formula I and Formula III machines. This new concession recognises the merits of the achievements Miring 1950 and 1951 of the II.W.M. team of Formula II cars.

These ears have been invited to compete in practically all the Major international races of 1951 and have on ninny occasions run with great credit in Formula I events.


The last event of the season, a map reading point-to-point run was held on Sunday, October 28th. run, of the A.C. Owners Club and Singer Owners Club were invited to take part in the event and 23 entries were received. Starting at Mill Hill at 10.30 a.m., cars were despatched at minute intervals to the first map reference. Twelve further points bad to be located before the lunch interval at Custard ‘Vood Common near VVheathampstead. The afternoon section took entrants through Ayot St. Lawrence, Kimpton, Kings Walden, Knebv.vOrth Park to NVelwyn where competitors were checked in and a meal taken at The Cowper Arms Hotel. Results : 1st: F. Marino (Southern Jowett Car Club), 225 points ; 2nd : P. A. Bailey (Singer Owners Club), 225 points ; :3rd :

M. A. Bird (Singer Owners Club), 223 points. The maximum number of paints obtainable was 290. In view of the tie for first place the time taken was allowed for in arriving at the result. Awards were presented to the above winners by Mrs. N. Stranger at the conclusion of the meeting;

The Association of Bean Owners has come into being and would like to hear from owners of these cars; it knows of several sources of spares. Details from G. V. Ravenseroft, 102, Trelowarren Street, Camborne, Cornwall.

The Committee of the North-West London M.C. have arranged a new club permanent headquarters, and in future there will be regular monthly meetings on the third Thursday of ever?., month at the ” Mason’s Arms,” Maddox Street, Hanover Square, W.1, starting at 7.30p.m. At these meetings members will have the chance to get together with each other and the Committee at a “noggin and natter,” which events will be well interspersed with quizzes, flint shows, etc. The first meeting took place on Thursday, November 15th, and included a quiz contest against the Kentish. Border Car Club. The club looks forward to Meeting a large number of members on the third Timrsday in eaeli month.

The Allard Owners’ Club was pleased to see so many members at the very successful cocktail parties held at Clapham High Street during the week of the Motor Show, and announce that regular monthly meetings have been arranged from now on, probably at a different location each month. These will be notified to Members in advance and the meetings will take place on the second Tuesday of every month, from 7.30 p.m.

The Vintage Sports Car Club has raised the annual subscription for vintage, driving and associate members from 20s. to 25s. Overseas and junior members’ subscriptions remain at 12s. 6d. and 10s. respectively. The next fixture is th; Risky Rally on December 2nd, at 12.80 p.m., n.g. reference 41/895582. * * * A Vintage Aeroplane Club has been formed and will hold its second meeting at Denham Aero Club at 6.30 p.m. on December 1st. It is hoped to follow this with a flying and social gathering on January 19th/20th. and a major flying

meeting on May 24th, 1952. The subscription is 21 Is. per annum for full members, 10s. 6d. for associates. A news sheet will be issued. Details from : D. F.

p, Imperial Road, Windsor, Berkshire. * * *

The Castle Conabe Plate has been presented by Mrs. Kitty Maurice to the Bristol M.C. and L.C.C. and will be competed for annually. It is to be given to the club member who attains the fastest race speed in a sports car during a season’s racing. This year’s winner is T. A. D. Crook. Driving his FrazerNash he won the up to 2,000-e.e. sports car race last May at 77.02 m.p.h. * * *

Members of the Lagonda Car Club and the 2-litre Lagonde. Register have, by very large majorities, agreed to unite into one organisation. The new club, which will start off with substantial assets and about 450 members, held its first rally at Theme on October 21st, when the following details were agreed The name is to be the Lagonda Club ; the annual subscription will be 15s., with an entry fee of 10s.; the old Spares Register will continue to be conducted by Ivan Forshaw.

The address of the Hon. Secretary is A. Audsley, Greenways, Hedgerley Lane, Gerrards Cross, Bucks, and of the Competition Secretory, A. Jeddere Fisher, Apsley Cottage, Kingston Blount, Oxon. Northern Secretary: H. Coates, Hill Farm, Swine, near Hull. * * *

Arising from the summer visit to Wolverhampton of the Sunbeam Register, over 200 employees of the old Sunbeam Company met recently at the George Hotel in that town to recall old times. Amongst those present were the ex-works manager F. Ilowortli, L. Challis, T. Harrison, W. Perkins, Frank Bill and Mr. 13augh. Talks were given by Messrs. Howorth and Challis and votes of thanks tendered to the organiser, Mr. Lambrooke and to the Sunbeam Register.