(Top, left) HIGH UP IN THE WORLD.—E. S. Berry (in beret) ascending the notorious Brixton Hill in the 1895 4-h.p. Lutzmann Victoria, during a very wet Brighton Run. With him is E. K. H. Karslake, sampling some more of the motoring of which he writes. (Top, right) PRESS CAR —Francis Hutton-Stotts 1902 16-h.p. de Dietrich carried three Pressmen on the ” Brighton.” R. Barker, Editor of the V.S.C.C.’s ” Bulletin,is driving, W. Boddy, Editor of MOTOR SPORT, is seated on the step in the role (inappropriate !) of racing mechanic, and behind Boddy is D. C. Field, who

edits the Veteran C.C. ” Gazette.” The occupant of the tonneau, behind Barker, owns an Edwardian 90-h.p. Napier. (Bottom) ROYAL BACKGROUND.—” Brighton ” competitors in strong action, with Buckingham Palace in the background. On the inside is Major j. W. Mille 1899 31-h.p. Star Vis-o-Vis being overtaken by W. Pilmore-Bedford’s 1901 4.1-h.p. de Dion, while P. C. Bath’s 1903 White steamer, with closed bodywork pursues a more modern Rover.