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Herefordshire M.C. Rally Photographic (October 30th)
At the time of starting each entrant was given a list of map references together with a sheet of 20 photographs, each depicting a scene en route between the map reference points at each of which certain information had to be gathered.

An easy one was the number of a ‘phone box at England’s Gate. Much more difficult was counting the number of blades on a windmill (in motion) at Shucknell. The date on a house at Fownhope even caused the competitor who lives therein to stop and Look! Counting the number of letters on a signboard near Foy produced a number of varying answers, while the number of an A.A. box depicted at Lea was Simple.

The morning route led through the Bodenham, Mordiford, How Caple, Ross-on-Wye, Mitcheldean area to a lunch break in a pleasant spot near Coleford. Only three competitors checked in on time here, some being up to half an hour late.

A further list of map references was given for the afternoon section, the route of which was somewhat easier via Monmouth, Grosmont, Vowchurch and Madley to the finish at Hereford.

Southern Jowett C.C.
Thirty-three cars were entered in the Southern Jowett Car Club’s fifth annual Hertfordshire Point to Point run held on Sunday, October 30th. The event was divided into two runs, in the morning from Mill Hill to Whipsnade and from Whipsnade to South Mimms in the afternoon. The total Mileage was approximately one hundred and the number of places to be visited during the day totalled twenty-one. At each point was a concealed number which had to be recorded on the record sheets and in many instances it was the time taken to find these numbers which influenced the final placings. The final rendezvous point was at the Eight Bells Restaurant, South Mimms, where, after a meal, the results were announced and prizes awarded.

Newport C.C.
This new club has been formed in the Newport. Monmouthshire, area, and has already attracted over sixty members after the initial meeting at the King’s Head Hotel, Newport. Those interested in joining should contact T. W. Edward, of 2, Edward Park Road, Newport, Mon.