A New Chassis Grease

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G.N.P.C., who supply those useful grease-nipple protector caps which keep grease-nipples clean for greasing, have introduced their own molybdenum disulphide grease, for which they claim very high resistance to pressure, heat and oxidation, great film strength, effective bonding to metal surfaces, a low co-efficient of friction, and other qualities. They state that, used in conjunction with their nipple caps, the period between greasing can be doubled, an especially useful attribute to-those who grease their own cars or when greasing is normally stipulated every 500 miles or so, which can be tedious when touring, This G.N.P.C. grease costs 7s. 6d. per lb. tin (postage 6d.) and the nipple caps are priced at 3s. 3d. per dozen. They are obtainable from Halford depots, etc., or direct from the manufacturers, whose address is 89, Saxmunhdam Road, Aldeburgh, Suffolk.