V.S.C.C. Eastern Rally (November 5th)

Eastern Trophy: R. A. Scates (1935 Aston Martin).
First Class Awards: D. T. R. Dighton (1928 Humber), F. E. Day (1929 Bentley) and J. W. Rowley (1927 Vauxhall).
Second Class Awards: C. P. Marsh (1925 Austin), J. D. Rogers (1923 Jowett), H. Clarke (1925 Alvis), G. R. Footitt (1928 Riley), P. M. G. Perrow (1934 Rolls-Royce) and J. A. Retter 0936 Riley).
Third Class Awards: D. W. Jopling (1926 Humber), P. J. E. Binns (1927 O. M.), C. Clutton (1928 Bugatti) and G. Liston-Young (1935/6 Fiat).
Team Award: Southern Team.

The next V.S.C.C. event is a Driving Test Meeting at Silverstone on December 9th. Entries have closed and this is virtually a private meeting.