A change of venue?

Now that Aintree and Silverstone are scrapping for the British Grand Prix, why don’t we take a decisive step and move to Oulton Park? Having neither gasworks nor wilderness, it would seem to be the obvious successor to Donington. The Gold Cup meetings should prove to sceptics that the Oulton organisers know how to run a meeting of Grand Prix calibre.

R. B. Morton.


Britain is the leading motor-racing nation in the world. We have at least four excellent race tracks. Why must the British G.P. be run on only two of these tracks? I consider Brands Hatch to be just as suitable for a Grand Epreuve as either Silverstone or Aintree. Crowd and pit facilities are entirely adequate, and the setting of the track is as pleasant as either of the “big” tracks. Why shouldn’t enthusiasts in the south of England have the pleasure of seeing the world’s finest drivers at work, instead of having to travel all the way to Liverpool? London fans would no doubt welcome a change. Anyway it would solve the dispute between the B.A.R.C. and the B.R.D.C. since “Brands” is a B.R.S.C.C. track.

A. J. Black.