A Versatile Hudson Straight-Eight


Reading your article on Hudson Essex cars brought back many memories of journeys and adventures in numerous Hudson, Essex, Railtons I have owned or driven over very many years.

About three years ago I bought a 1934 straight-eight Hudson, Reg. No. OW 5789, for a mere song and have used it practically every day since.

I have also towed my friend Jim Tiller’s well-known J-2 Allard to many hill-climbs, Firle, Wiscombe, Shelsley, etc., usually carrying about four or five people and loads of equipment and even towing, it takes a very steep hill to reduce it to bottom gear.

My son, aged 18, and I also use it as a “Competition” car, having entered it in driving tests, gymkhanas, Auto-cross, etc. (photograph below).

It still does about 85 m.p.h., has very good acceleration and excellent brakes (Bendix).

Apart from jumping out of second gear, cured with a bit of angle iron, the car gives no trouble at all. Who said American cars don’t last? I love ’em!

Wilfred L. Cripps.