A gun for Soldering



The Weller Soldering. Kit, 8100D-PK, includes a 120-watt soldering gun, solder, cleaning brush, soldering aid tool, spanner and two spare soldering bits. The kit comes in a handy size carrying case, but the moulding that holds everything neatly in place has to be discarded as soon as a plug is fitted to the mains lead. Within seconds of pulling the trigger switch the tip is hot, and, providing it is not kept on for long periods, it quickly cools down again. None of those painful burns from accidentally touching a hot iron!

Two unconventional tips may be used with the gun, for cutting and smoothing thermoplastic materials. Floor tiles may be cut, toys mended and plastic bags sealed. A pre-focused spotlight, built into the gun, illuminates the working area around the tip, but unfortunately not the actual point that is being soldered.

This gun is too large and heavy for fine electronic work, but, with this exception, it covers the full range of soldering tasks that are likely to be met at home. With its comparatively high power and “instant” heat it is an ideal tool for the home handyman. This kit costs £3 12s. 6d. U.K. Sales and Service : Weller Electric Corporation, Horsham, Sussex