Six of the best from the U.S.A



The six, outstanding cars for 1966 are the Oldsmobile Toronado, Plymouth Satellite, Chevrolet Caprice, Mercury Comet GT, Buick Riviera and Pontiac Tempest Sprint, says Car Life. The Toronado, to which the magazine has given its 1966 Award for Engineering Excellence, tops the list. The magazine says the Tortonado’s front-wheel-drive system, unique among American automobiles, provides good stability and traction, good handling and driving characteristics, and improved utilisation of passenger and luggage space. The Toronado’s 385-horsepower engine drives the front wheels through an automatic transmission coupled to a specially constructed differential and half-axles.

The Plymouth Satellite was cited for its 425-horsepower hemispherical combustion chamber engine fitted into a conservative body to provide both high performance and businesslike transportation.

The Chevrolet Caprice also provides luxury in styling, and top performance through use of a 390 b.h.p. V8 engine which ” loafs” -at turnpike speeds.

Mercury’s Comet IT is designed for the automotive enthusiast because it combines a 265-b.h.p. engine, sturdier than normal suspension and Ford Motor Company’s new body, designed for added strength.

The Buick Riviera was chosen as ” the handsomest car for 1966.” This newly-styled body encloses a 340-b.h.p. engine and a suspension system engineered or high-speed stability.

Pontiac’s Tempest Sprint was placed in the outstanding group by the magazine for its use of the new Pontiac in-line 6-cylinder overhead cam engine. With a 4-barrel carburetter, the engine develops 207 b.h.p.