A Sunbeam's tyres


One hesitates to question any statement by so great an authority but I wonder if it is correct that Sunbeams were running on Dunlop tyres in the 1923 Grand Prix?

In Illustration No. 34 opposite Page 116 of "Motoring Entente" the make of tyre is just visible and appears to be Michelin. This photograph is stated to be taken at the conclusion of that race and from what can be seen of the number of the car it appears to be No. 12, which was Segrave's number.

It would be most interesting if you could throw further light on the question.

M. H. SCOTT – London, W6.

[This statement was made by "Dunlop Mac" in his book "Fifty Years with the Speed Kings", although we believe Adrian Bell, then of the Dunlop Rubber Co., prepared the list. The Autocar, however, stated after the race that Segrave won on Michelin tyres. Also, as Simon Moore reminds us, the 1924 Spanish GP was won by Segrave, not Lee Guinness, who crashed. – Ed]