Horstmann and Ruston-Hornsby


I have been a reader of Motor Sport for over 20 years and am a great admirer of your style of writing and capacity for calling a spade a spade. In the October issue, two matters particularly interest me. On page 1086 there is a picture of a 11.9 h.p. Horstmann tourer. I owned a two-seater model in 1926 and had a lot of pleasure with it. It was the only car I owned with a kick-starter, which gave very little trouble, incidentally. You also write about the Steam Engine Rally at Bishop’s Castle and Ruston-Hornsby stationary engines. I served an apprenticeship at the Grantham works starting in 1920 and later was the R-H agent in Northamptonshire for 40 years.

You may be interested to know that Hornsby gas engines in Northants, were serviced by mechanics riding 2-1/2 h.p. Premier motor-cycles (chain-cum-belt drive) from 1910. After 1918 various machines were used, including Douglas, New Hudson, NUT and Francis Barnett. Other vehicles used were Reo and Overland lorries, ex-1918 war stock and Calthorpe, Clyno, Belsize and Ruston-Hornsby cars up to 1939.

C. PACK – Higham Ferrers.