100,000 miles in a FIAT 500F?


Regarding Fiat reliability (September, 1970), I have as my workhorse a 500F. This car was bought in March, 1968, since which date it has completed 52,000 miles. This includes two Continental camping holidays with it filled to capacity. On the first of these holidays we covered 4,000-plus miles in 24 days, and this last year completed 3,500-plus in less than 16 days, much of it in the Alps.

During this mileage we have had our problems—fan belt, distributor, starting, and a major one of valves. These were replaced at 32,000 (because a member of the family had used a questionable brand of petrol). The replacement was done in Southern France and the oil seals were omitted. Result, a second set at 42,000; this apart I am very satisfied and hope to reach 100,000.

These little cars are remarkable and I frequently complete a journey from St. Annes, Newcastle-on-Tyne via Skipton, in under four hours. I would have another but hope to be able to afford a Fiat 850 coupé in the future.

R. K. WOOD – St. Annes