BLMC spares supplies


With regard to the letter of Mr. Disley (September Motor Sport), I feel that I must comment.

I own a 1967 Morris Mini 850 c.c., which I use for rallies. I obtain all parts for my car, both standard and competition parts, with no bother at all, from A. & D. Fraser Ltd., Glasgow, and find the staff very helpful. I have only had to wait for a part once, and then only a matter of three days, but who expects a dealer to stock a competition distributor in the first place? My experience was that this company telephoned BLMC and the part was sent that day.

I feel that a lot depends on the dealer in the first place, and certain dealers just could not care less after they have sold you a car, but this goes for many other makes dealers as well as some of BLMCs.

THOMAS N. WATSON – Hamilton.