Lane discipline




Your Editorial in the November issue on Motorways, bunching and the third lane prompts me to add: What about the slow lane?

During a comprehensive tour of France and Germany, it was noticed that they suffer from exactly the same idée fixe as many drivers here, i.e., as soon as you come to a three-lane dual-carriageway, move into the centre lane and stick there. Do not move to the nearside, do not look in your mirror. A two-lane carriageway does not seem to cause this behaviour and less bunching occurs. (Parts of the M4 and M1 give excellent examples of both.)

It seems as if authority is loathe to give a definite ruling on Motorway driving. Surely in this country we drive on the left on all roads unless overtaking? There should never be room on one’s nearside for another vehicle to pass unless you are doing some definite manoeuvre and signalling what your intentions are.

Even in towns, the roads would carry more traffic more quickly if drivers would exercise stricter lane discipline.

R. O. WILSON-KITCHEN – Beckenham, Kent.