Party Date

Owners of old cars made in any year earlier than 1953 may care to note that from April 13th-15th, 1973, British Transport Hotels Ltd. and British Rail, in conjunction with the RASC, are holding the Turnberry Veteran and Vintage Car Classic, based on the Turnberry Hotel in Scotland. The usual V-E-V classes are supplemented by two more of the RASC’s devising, for thoroughbred cars of 1931-41 and cars of any social strata made between 1946-52, if we interpret the announcement correctly—not that we approve of “unofficial” vintage designations. Driving tests, elegance contests, and a Burns country tour are visualised, with prizes and plaques. The entry fee of £25 per person covers hotel expenses (minimum two persons) and British Rail will provide a Motorail service between London and Girvan at £10 return for car and driver. The event is to conclude with an “Edwardian-style banquet” and entries are limited to 60. Details are available from The Central Reservation Service, British Transport Hotels Ltd., St. Pancras Chambers, Euston Road, London, NW1 2QR, on mentioning Motor Sport. — W. B.