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The newTriumph Dolomite Sprint is luxurious, quiet and utterly civilised. It’s also the fastest four-door saloon under £2250.

Back in June, we announced the Dolomite Sprint as a truly new concept in British motoring.

We thought the car good enough not to need any launch gimmicks Or razmataz. And judging from the response, we were right. But instead of us telling you why, let some of Britain’s leading motoring correspondents tell you in their own words.

First, general impressions

‘…outstanding value for money without a rival in sight at the price . . . a winner all the way’ MOTOR

‘AT-A-GLANCE: Sparkling performer, yet very tractable. Effortless cruising allied to good economy. Responsive handling and comfortable ride. Luxuriously appointed. Tremendous fun to drive’ AUTOCAR a true British challenger for the growing. market for real sporting saloon cars … does not rely on a couple of `G’1″ badges and gofaster stripes for its extra appeal’ DA I LY EXPRESS

DA I LY EXPRESS Did they like the performance?

`…asizzling 16-valve (4 valves per cylinder) overhead camshaft engine that pokes out a mighty 127 brake horse power at 5,700 rpm’ DAILY EXPRESS first time an engine with four valves per cylinder has been put in a high quality production saloon . . . a racing technique

for super-efficiency’ DAILY MAIL. ‘Its top speed of 116 mph and its acceleration to 6o mph in just over 9 secs compare favourably with the Italian and German two-litres’ FINANCIAL TIMES . . the BMW 2002 and the Fiat are no where in the running’ A LIOCA R

What about handling and road holding?

. . excellent . . . I was particularly impressed by the stability in strong cross winds’ THE TIMES ‘The steering is light and clean’ SUNDAY TIMES . . handling to lick any other European sports saloon in the price range for value’ LONDON EVENING NEWS

And comfort, luxury?

‘The car’s specification is comprehensive, with heated rear window, radial tyres, alloy wheels and reclining seats as standard’ GuAttotAN . . style and luxury normally associated with tar more expensive machinery. The standard of finish is excellent, . . roomy . .. seats are admirably comfortable … inside and out the workmanship on the car! tested was exceptional’ SUNDAY EXPRESS

Dolomite Sprint £1869.

After all that, is the price bad news?

`. . . up to ki,000 cheaper than makes such as BMW, Lancia and Alfa Romeo, with comparable performance’ Tau SUN . . considerably cheaper than its continental rivals but still offers the same performance’ FINANCIAL TIMES . . the two foreigners cost £1,000 more than the Sprint in its basic form, and neither is as comfortable’ MOTOR

Dolomite Sprint £1,698-67 ex-works, including car tax and fitted front seat belts, plus L169-87 VAT. Number plates and delivery charges extra.

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