Beta criticism


The criticism of the 1600 Lancia Beta expressed in your columns surprises me very much.

I bought my car in December 1974, trading in a 2200 Rover TC with 5,000 miles only and I was delighted with the comparative refinement of the Lancia. The Rover was the worst car I had ever owned, and this Lancia has proved to he the best. The equipment is unexcelled (for the price) and there arc few British cars that will comfortably exceed 100 m.p.h. with 1,600 c.c. with this kind of body, and give well over 30 m.p.g. average.

Further, there were no faults on delivery and the only fault that has developed has been in the speedometer which had to be replaced at 1,000 miles.

I bought the car as a result of the praise accorded by the Motor and the Autocar and Classic Car to this model; I would buy another car of the same type if I had to, and this is the best test.


[We have a feeling that Mr. Newey's car is a Beta saloon. Our staffman's is a coupe— chalk and cheese.—Ed.]