Cherished Numbers


I have been a loyal and devoted follower of your excellent magazine since early childhood, but have only now been prompted to write to you. This is not because of your controversial opinions over important topics (e.g., seat-belts, speed-limits, etc.) but rather because of your lack of them.

It seems to me that the one thing that will pass quietly away, without a murmur of dissent or disapproval from Motor Sport and its readers, is the emotive subject of Personal Number Plates.

No mention has been made in Motor Sport at the way their transfer is being quietly but firmly refused and it is just a matter of time before they go the way of the so-called “temporary” speed-limits. One day we will realise that we can no longer retain our cherished number plates, which we may have possessed for many years.

I personally feel this is very wrong, but would be willing to pay a reasonable transfer fee to retain the number, but what do other readers think? I am sure there are many who would not begrudge paying a more realistic fee to sec their plates transferred rather than not at all, which is what will happen if nothing is done and the civil servants are allowed to have their way.

Once again thank you for an excellent magazine—still the best and the best value for money in these inflationary times.

Leamington Spa MARK SHEARS

PS: Yes—it was in “Vile Bodies” by Evelyn Waugh that the references to Motor Racing are found.

Also for all Morgan lovers who find time to read in between rebuilding their Mog this winter (especially “proper” Morgan owners), then “Have His Carcase” a Lord Peter Wimsey story by Dorothy Sayers contains many references to a Morgan, presumably three-wheeled as it was written in 1932, which suffered varying mechanical disorders!