Causes of Decline


Mr. Piggot says lack of use causes engine wear. In that case, there must be an awful lot of sad boat owners around, because most boats are laid up for about six months in the winter, and probably used comparatively seldom in the summer.

I have owned boats with both petrol and diesel engines, and have never known any wear due to lack of use to take place.

Chicester G. de JONGH

AA Continental Touring Kits


I was sorry to learn from Mr. Dexter’s letter in your November issue that the AA were not able to supply a continental emergency spares pack for his recent journey to Italy and back, but perhaps it is not surprising considering that he was driving a 1954 Bentley R-Type Continental Sports Saloon.

However, I would not like the impression to be left from the wording of his letter that the AA no longer has such a service. In fact we have spares kits covering over 600 different models and in any one year many thousands of spare part kits are hired to our members.

Basingstoke R. S. CAMPBELL Public Relations Manager The Automobile Association