Quite simply plug the Superspeed Air Pump into your car’s cigarette lighter socket or connect it to the 12 volt DC battery in your car or boat. Then this compact little workhorse with its high speed motor gearbox and piston compressor will inflate car tyres from flat in only minutes and airbeds, bicycle tyres, dinghy’s or footballs in next to no time.

It comes complete with rubber hose and locking valve connector, high pressure and cone adaptors plus a 12 volt power lead and plug — all stowed neatly inside an attractive and durable case measuring only 8 1/2 in. x 5 in. x 2 1/2 in. and weighing only 1.5 kilos. The tough nylon screw-in gauge designed to fit the Superspeed and produced by England’s leading manufacturer of pressure gauges has an easy to read dial. Made to stringent British Standards it can measure pressures up to 100 p.s.i. (6 in Bar) with an accuracy of over 99% (tested by ‘Which’ magazine). Only the Superspeed is covered by the famous “New Concept” no nonesense guarantee — don’t be misled by imitations. Buy the New Superspeed Air Pump and take the puff out of pumping. Inflates up to 45 psi.


You know the story. . . flat tyre, car on roadside, you’re in a hurry, and it’s probably raining. You think nothing else can go wrong until you come to that stubborn wheel-nut that just will not loosen. With a Smooth Torquer in your took kit this problem is solved. Being a geared wheel-brace. the Smooth Torquer will loosen the tightest wheel-nut with very little effort and is far quicker and easier to use than the conventional wheel-brace. Of course the Smooth Torquer can be used to tighten wheel-nuts and has a Pre-set torque limiter to prevent over tightening

Take the effort out of wheel changes. At only £13.95 its a small price to pay for convenience when you need it most.

You’ll raise more than an eyebrow

Getting a wheel off the ground has not always been easy but now with the Easylift Air Jack, your problems are over. Lift your car in seconds by simply positioning the air jack, connecting the hose to the exhaust and start the car engine. Safe, quick and clean, the Easylift Air Jack can be used anywhere from roadside to caravan site.

Constructed in tough PVC canvas, neat and compact for easy stowage, Easylift is fitted with a non-return valve to maintain inflation and is easily deflated through a hand operated valve. For the fastest, smartest, wheel-change ever, send for your Easylift Air Jack today. At only £27.50 it will justify the investment time and time again. You will wonder how you got by without one. Combining Easylift with the Smooth Torquer you will have a team that would put pit mechanics to shame.