Back on the books front, enthusiasts for the more modern motorcycles might like to receive “A Million Miles Ago” by lifelong motorcyclist Neale Shilton, about his Triumph days, about servicing these machines, and travelling all over Britain and the World in connection with selling Norton Interpols, and later BMWs, to Police Forces. This Foulis imprint is priced at £9.95. Fine sporting photographs fill Geoffrey Nicholson’s “Eammon McCable — Sports Photographer” (Aurum Press, 11 Garrick Street, London, WC2E 9AR, 126 11 3/4″ x 8 1/4″ pages, £9.95), but I am sorry to see that only one motor-racing picture is included among all the fine action and personality shots (and that of a crash, Tambay in a McLaren at Long Beach in 1979), and to learn that the great camera-man was waiting for one to happen. . . (Apart, that is, from a Cockpit Study of John Watson, taken at Silverstone in 1981). — W. B.

Another one from Haynes is a Chris Harvey study of the Lotus Elite, Elan and Europa models, an Oxford Illustrated Press imprint selling for £8.50, and the Yeovil publisher also has a big paperback by Jan P. Norbye about “Automotive Fuel Injection Systems”. This technical guide to Bendix, Bosch, Chrysler, Ford, Kugelfischer, Lucas, Marelli, Rochester, Zenith and other methods of dispensing, with advantages, with the carburetter, costs £5.95 for 182 9″ x 6″ pages. — W.B

The prolific Haynes Publishing Group has many “goodies” for the festive season’s reading. Their latest titles include “The Anatomy & Development of the Formula One Racing Car from 1975″ by Sal Incandela, in which this racing-car engineer uses 200 9 3/4″ x 7” pages (plus Index) to delve into the complexities of recent F1 cars, with chapters on their development, their tyres, their suspension and steeying arrangements, the brakes, transmissions, turbocharging, the all-important aerodynamics, etc,. after which there are accounts of the Tyrrell P34, the Ligier JS7/9, the Matra V12 engine, the Lotus 79, the Cosworth DFV power-unit, the Ferrari T4, the Fiat flat-12 engine, the Renault RE20 and the Renault Gordini V6 Turbo power unit. Masses of illustrations of several kinds back up this technical discourse and the Forewords are by Gordon Murray of Team Brabham and Patrick Tamba, with who the author has worked. This book, which costs £14.95, should make an excellent present for any race-interested person. —