Quality Instruments

THOSE who remember the old, precision-made British-Jaeger chronometric speedometers and tachometers will be pleased to learn that these accurate instruments, which used a watch-like escapement mechanism to actually count the revolutions of the input drive (hence the somewhat jerky movement of the pointer or needle), are to be manufactured again. They were discontinued some years ago when Smith’s transferred the stocks of spares to their subsidiary company, Thos. Richfield & Son, who repaired these instruments.

Speedograph Ltd. of Darlton Drive, Arnold, Nottingham, NG5 7JR have now taken over Richfield’s from Smith’s and the company is again making these old-style instruments. Richfield’s, established in 1938, also continue their 24-hour repair service for these and other kinds of vintage and modern car-instruments, from Broadstone Place, Baker Street, London, W1H 4AL (01-935 0402). The Jaeger-type tachometers are being made in 3″ and 6″ dia. sizes. — W.B.