Miniatures News, December 1982

GRAND PRIX models of Radlett have released two more metal kits of cars in the Ford GT40 saga. These are the basic P-car, with a wide-ranging set of decals to cover different racing variants of this model, and for the GT40 as a road car, to 1:43 scale. Each kit costs £7.95 in the UK. GP Models can also supply the Swiss Schmid miniature of the 4-litre V12 Sunbeam, also to 1:43 scale, for £40.25. The car is in the 1925 LSR form, with cowled radiator and faired-in front dumb-irons but could presumably be converted into a replica of the Sunbeam “Tiger” or “Tigress” to form another Brooklands car model. The tyre size seems more in keeping with the latter. GP Models have also imported a reproduction by Schuco of their 1936 tin-plate toy Grand Prix Mercedes-Benz. The old Schuco Company went out of business but the new company has found the original tin-dies and even the old art-work for the box in which these toys were delivered, and the correct tools to go with them. I was never very impressed with the authenticity in appearance of these tin toys, which reminded me more of midget racers than the mighty GP cars from Stuttgart, but like the detachable wheels with litho-painted wheel-spokes, the working differential, and the steering which also works. The originals apparently fetch around £25 at autojumbles, whereas the new ones sell for £10.45 post free from GP Models, 173-175, Watling Street, Radlett, Herts WD7 7NG.

Those who intend to play with Scalextric race-circuits over the Christmas holiday may like to know that a Brabharn BT49, of the kind which in full size made its debut in the 1979 Canadian GP and was driven by Nelson Piquet, has been added to the Scalextric range, in the Parmalet-sponsors’ blue and white livery, the suggested retail price of which is £10.50. We are told that the winner of the Eagle-Scalextric Model Motor-Racing Championship, by a narrow margin, was eleven-year-old Martin Collins, who won a trophy, £100-worth of Scalextric equipment, and a day at the European FF Festival at Brands Hatch with his twin brother. Which seems the right way to foster a young man’s enthusiasm. — W.B.