Government Liability


I have read Mr. Parkin’s view on seat belts in the November issue of MOTOR SPORT with great interest. Many of us are unconvinced that a victim of seat belts is unable to sue the Government where the seat belts cause injury or death. I would submit that not even the Government can grant themselves immunity from negligent mis-statements. Should it try to do so, then not only is the rule of law undermined, but is made nonsense of.

If a person loses money as a result of a negligent mis-statement from his solicitor or accountant, then he has grounds in tort to sue for the recovery of that loss.

As there is already good evidence to suggest that the safety of seat belts is in the balance, then I would further submit that the courts would take an extremely dim view of Parliament excluding liability for its own negligence.

Hereford R. L. MEREDITH, BA(Hons)Law