Secondhand Supercars


Your delightful article comparing the running costs of a helicopter to a sports car prompts me to dust down my pen. How I wish I could ponder such a problem. . .

I think the most interesting facet to the comparison must be the cost of replacement parts for the cars. Imagine the devastating effect on the owner of an early Boxer or an early ’70s V8 Aston when he discovers his new engine and ‘box will cost him anywhere between £13,000 and £25,000. Did you know a front wing for an Aston is over £1,000? Sometimes I wonder if these bargain basement secondhand supercars are a bargain at all. It must take the pleasure out of motoring to some extent to have these horrific parts prices hanging over one’s head.

You pay dearly for a pedigree, but I’m happy with my mongrel: a Jensen Interceptor. OK, it’s a heavy drinker but so are other cars in this class. And it costs buttons to service. Drawbacks? Well, it won’t fit in my garage! I would be delighted to hear the other side.

Incidentally, if a Ferrari 512BB costs £41,000 and its drive train costs £25,000, will they sell me a new one with no engine and ‘box for £16,000? The queue starts here. . . .

Southport G. H. GOLIGHTLY