Supercar Insurance


I refer to the article “Drive or Fly?” in your October issue and in particular to your correspondent’s remarks on insurance costs of the three cars mentioned.

In the interests of accuracy for your cost comparison table I give below annual quotations, with a leading insurer, for the cars listed based on the specimen driver details provided in the table:

Ferrari 512 BBi, value £40,000……………. £505.00

Aston Martin Volante, value £47,500……. £566.00

Porsche 928 S, value £25,250……………. £404.00

In addition to the annual premium being over £200 cheaper in each case, the policy excess applicable would be £100 only which, I submit, shows a substantial decrease in annual running costs.

I would add that far from preferring not to quote or endeavouring to avoid such business we are only too pleased to accommodate the owners of this type of motor car, both over or under the “magic age” of 25.

Bath R. E. ASKIN Fairfield Insurance

[We have received a number of letters underquoting the figures in the article, although these were a written quotation from a Lloyd’s insurer. — G.C