VINTAGE POSTBAG, December 1984




“Romulus” and other matters

Bill Morris has got it all wrong again! What D.S. J. and I were protesting about all those years ago was “Romulus” being raced again — not other E.R.A.s and historic racing cars. “Romulus” had a unique record and this was destroyed when it was dragged out of retirement and made to run again.

Captain J. F. C. Kruse who has been mentioned several times recently was, I believed, connected with the Dade Mail in Paris. He was a prolific letter writer to the motoring press in the late ’20s and early ‘300 and was very pro-Rolls-Royce and anti-Bentley.

Re motor racing musicians: Buddy Featherstonhaugh was not a iau singer but one of a Britain’s leading saxophonists.

Clae’s band were the Clay Pigeons. On the classical music side how about Hugo Rignold who had one very successful Brooklands meeting, George Weldon who drove an Atalanta at Le Mans and in speed trials, and Antony Hopkins who had a lightweight E-type Jaguar? Incidentally — Featherstonhaugh was the first British driver since Segravc to win a “big car” race abroad (Albi, 1934 in a 21/2-litre Maserati). Finally, may I point out that Cyril Paul and John Dunfee won the 1931 BRDC “500” not 1930 as stated in your November issue. Stockport DAVID L. GANDHI