That Brasier



That Brasier

There was a brief mention in the October issue of an Edwardian Brasier that was present at the Bishop’s Castle steam frolic. This car is ours and it indeed has much later wheels and tyres. Actually the wings are wrong as well but I am confident that the rest of the car is genuine as the chassis number is stamped on a number of the body parts.

We would very much like to have a contemporary photograph of a similar car in order to establish what tyre and size of wheels were fitted originally and also the shape of the wings. The car is the 9cv (650110 mm) 4-cylinder model they made in 1914, chassis and engine No 154. The Motor Car Index (1923 issue) suggests that the tyre size was 760 x 90 and that the wheels were “wire detachable”. There is hearsay evidence that this car was used by the French army as a staff car in WW1.

Any information, particularly photographs of this model Brasier, would be most welcome. It is proving remarkably reliable after a more or less cosmetic restoration. Bristol M. E. A. MANNING