Renault 5 Finale

Thirty-one cars and 250 personnel were shipped out to Estoril in Portugal by sponsor Autotrans for the final round of the Renault Elf Turbo UK Cup.

Winning at 77.38 mph, David Gibson netted £1370 from the various awards donated by Philips, Elf, Renault UK, Renault Portugal, Renault Loan, Michelin and Straw — this is lucrative racing!

As usual the 12-lap race was eventful. Oldacre and O'Dell collided at the first corner, the former landing upside-down. German's GT-Cars Renault broke its throttle-cable, Martell retired with a faulty gearbox (a similar problem delayed McGovern) and Gregory and Head collided. Pownall set fastest lap at 78.31 mph.

Barrie Williams is 1987 Champion, but the other placings depend on the outcome of the Brands Hatch exclusions of Gibson and Martell.